Fratelli d’Italia: “Sharia Will Never Rule in Italy”

The following video features Giorgia Meloni, the leader of Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), an anti-immigration party in Italy. Ms. Meloni and the Brothers recently staged a demonstration to protest an illegal mosque in Rome. A young couple was recently assaulted in front of the mosque for engaging in a public display of affection.

From the background on the video:

Flash mob organized by Fratelli d’Italia on Via San Vito. The protest is in front of an (illegal) Islamic center closed in recent months; it housed an illegal nursery school. The rightist party decided to mobilize after Sunday night, when a young engaged couple was passing in front hand-in-hand exchanging kisses, and was attacked outside the Islamic center. The aggressor, a 24-year-old native of Mali, shouted at the couple: “You cannot kiss in front of the mosque,” and pushed the girl, striking her and her fiancé with kicks and punches. The man [the Malian], who at the moment of being arrested was not very lucid, was arrested on charges of causing injury and resisting a public official.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Here’s a report on the flash demo from Corriere della Sera (in Italian).

Video transcript:

00:02   So, I will explain to you what is happening. We are doing a symbolic demonstration.
00:07   Right now they are kissing each other and embracing each other,
00:10   because we have come to denounce what happened here yesterday
00:13   in front of an illegal mosque, in front of which two young people were assaulted
00:19   because while passing [Unintelligible] they embraced and kissed,
00:24   and they were attacked and manhandled because someone here
00:28   from the illegal mosque maintained that there could be no
00:31   embracing and kissing, because this was a lack of respect for the illegal mosque.
00:34   So we have come to say that the illegal mosques should be closed,
00:38   and that sharia will never rule here, because we are a secular state here,
00:42   where people are also free to kiss and embrace each other in public.
00:47   And therefore we have come to ask for respect for our culture,
00:51   respect for our traditions, and if ever,
00:54   we say zero tolerance for those who don’t respect our rules.
00:57   Obviously, you would have done the same thing if the mosque had not been an illegal mosque;
01:02   you have maintained that it is illegal. —Of course, of course — but it’s the same.
01:07   A specific case, a specific case. —Moreover, it’s illegal. A specific case —
01:11   We will also continue to ask them to close an illegal mosque, like so many others in Rome.
01:15   This is a mosque that Fratelli d’Italia has for years fought to close,
01:19   and nothing happens. Moreover, besides an illegal mosque, we have people who
01:23   are allowed to manhandle our children because they are permitted to hold hands
01:27   while they walk. It seems to me that we are, let us say, exaggerating a lot.
01:31   There is a real problem with the progress of the Islamization of Europe,
01:35   which we want to combat because we are proud of the level of civilization that we have reached,
01:39   proud of the freedom of that civilization, already taught
01:42   and regulated, and we don’t want to go back.
01:45   Wait, wait, Meloni, I want to know from Maggazina,
01:48   if he would like to make a gesture of solidarity with Meloni.
01:52   by embracing Cantone, I don’t know, for example. Do you want to express yourself with an embrace?
01:56   [Unintelligible] a problem, but… —They are embracing, Meloni. They are embracing in the studio.
02:01   [Unintelligible]
02:07   Embrace (each other) I don’t know. Everybody embrace.
02:10   [Unintelligible] —Meloni, exactly. [Unintelligible] embrace
02:14   —Perfectly in agreement — Me too. I embrace everybody symbolically. An embrace to all of them.
02:20   To manhandle or to do something to the two who were hand in hand is wrong in that case,
02:26   as it was wrong in a previous (case) when two girls who came
02:30   to school holding hands were suspended.
02:33   That is, let’s distinguish from, how to say, the question of the other type,
02:37   it is wrong simply it is stupid, whether I do it at a school
02:41   or I do it at illegal (mosques) in a section of Rome.
02:45   Meloni?
02:48   Well, yes, in sum, two things. I don’t know [unintelligible] because the problems is that
02:52   Here, in the case of what happened here,
02:56   it happened because we know that by now a constant spread of fundamentalist theory
03:01   that is at the base of the openings of many cultural centers,
03:04   of many illegal mosques or not (illegal),
03:07   in my opinion need to be contested. We cannot deny that
03:10   Saudi Arabia, which is a fundamentalist nation,
03:14   in which the Wahhabist interpretation of the theory of Koran rules,
03:17   according to which there is the death penalty for homosexuality, the death penalty for apostasy,
03:21   adultery, zero rights for women, in that nation,
03:25   together with Qatar, which is no better, has financed the opening of these mosques.
03:29   And therefore, it is normal that if these theories are victorious and
03:33   also spread here in our country, and prevail, sharia will rule, but here sharia will never rule.

8 thoughts on “Fratelli d’Italia: “Sharia Will Never Rule in Italy”

  1. And why havent these illegal mosques been closed down??

    Who are the individuals who are supporting them to stay open?

    Some left wing marxists in local council??

    These are scum who are enabeling our nightmare, you shiukd have gone to their homes and exposed the left wing trash who enabels these killer breeding temples to continue in undermining us all.

    • Actually, they seem to be on the right track.

      A muscular demonstration in front of the illegal mosque, mocking them and doing exactly what they don’t want, providing public pressure to officials to put even more effort into removing the mosques.

      A frank, blunt TV show on the Islamist viewpoint, which you will NOT see on any mainstream TV or cable channel, even Fox.

  2. As far as I’m concerned all mosques and all muslims are illegal. Their Sharia law is against our Constitution and our law.

  3. Good for the Italians.

    As far as I know, there have not been any islamic terrorist acts on Italian soil.

    Maybe they are afraid of the Italians reaction if one was to occur ?.

    If so, there is a lesson to be learnt here.

  4. Fratelli d’Italia: “Sharia Will Never Rule in Italy

    Someone should tell the anti-Christ … er, pope Francis about this important news.

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