Criminals Released From Jail in Tunisia Set Sail for Italy

It seems that there is a tradition in Tunisia of pardoning prisoners during the holy month of Ramadan. Based on the following report from Italian TV, during the most recent Ramadan the Tunisians emptied their jails so that the Ramadan parolees could take a boat to Italy as soon as possible.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. A note from the translator:

Tunisia was also celebrating their independence. They pardoned 1,600 people who were in for drug-related crimes and property crimes. They say half of them may already be in Italy.

Video transcript:

00:06   They arrive unnoticed from the sea and land without anyone intercepting them.
00:10   Once ashore, they’re stopped and given an expulsion order, which establishes that they must
00:14   return to where they came from on at their own financial expense, but no one obeys.
00:17   That is why they’re called ‘ghostly disembarkations’. It’s estimated that almost 4,000 migrants
00:21   (mostly Maghrebis) have landed on the shores of southern Sicily in the last few months with
00:26   almost daily frequency. This is one of the 80 shipwrecks discovered on the Argrigentine beaches
00:33   that were abandoned by the migrants who, once ashore, vanished without leaving any tracks.
00:37   Some however, have been able to catch a glimpse of these ramshackle fishing boats coming
00:40   from Tunisia while they’re approaching our shores, and even manage to film them in some cases,
00:45   like the volunteers of the environmentalist association “Mare Amico”.
00:48   It’s a peculiar migration. It’s got nothing to do
00:52   with the one coming from Libya. These are Maghrebis.
00:56   90% of them are Tunisians. They would have no hope or chance
01:00   of staying in Italy. What’s even being said
01:03   is that many of them came right out of Tunisian prisons after
01:07   a recent pardon [a Ramadan tradition] they had…
01:10   What can be said… this whole thing certainly isn’t reassuring. Then we have these boats that
01:15   just lie on the beach. Often they’re on the very best beaches of Agrigento Province for months
01:20   and for years. They pollute, the sea tears them apart… it’s a disaster.
01:24   Numerous mayors from the Agrigento province have written to Minister Minniti to express
01:30   their citizens’ ever-growing fear and concern. “What we have here” they say,
01:34   “aren’t refugee families who are entitled to receive protection.
01:38   They’re young Tunisians who have no interest in being identified or welcomed.”
01:41   This phenomenon has exacerbated an already existing situation.
01:45   Siculiana has had a shelter for four years.
01:49   What’s remarkable is that Siculiana has a population of 4,600… and we have about 400 people who
01:53   stay overnight at the shelter every day. We clearly have
01:57   a disproportion between migrants and the local population.
02:00   Therefore we can’t even attempt to do what’s necessary to try to integrate them.
02:11   Raffaella Daino for Sky TG24, Siculiana (Agrigento)

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  1. Will the real Scilians reach between their legs, grab their [manly appurtenances], and DO SOMETHING??!! This is embarrassing for any & all things Italian. 🔫

  2. This is why you’ll never hear a peep about the current situation from the Maghreb.

    The Maghrebi states love being able to dump their filth in Europe, they love having that filth remit free European tax money to their families back home, and they love that the filth work to expand Islamic colonies in Europe.

    They are well aware this situation is a win-win-win for them.

    • It might sound like ‘fake news’ (well to those used to a diet of Glozi* propaganda anyway) but I can attest when borders go down, authorities can see it as a welcome opportunity to get rid of their prison population.
      I was in Greece when the Iron Curtain fell and some of the first waves of immigration, included much of the Albanian prison population, with predictable results….

      * “What is a Glozi?

      “Glozi is short for Globalist Socialist, compare with Nazi short for: National Socialist – Nationalsozialist.”

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