“Something is Seething in Germany”

The news report below shows the polarization in the crowd at a recent campaign rally for German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

A note from the translator:

That last sentence is very cryptic. I do not know what they mean. Do they mean to say that most who will vote in Berlin, will vote for others such as AfD? There’s no explanation for this, and comments are disabled on the original video.

Video transcript:

0:01   But there are also fans of the Chancellor present,
0:04   Merkel will not get votes from them,
0:07   but at least she’ll get applause.
0:10   After all, they have a lot to be thankful to her for.
0:19   “You know they don’t just whistle against Merkel,
0:22   they also whistle against us, they hate the refugees,
0:25   but that’s what I think, that’s my opinion,
0:28   that… they are dumb people. That is my opinion. Honestly.”
0:34   The division in the country…
0:37   It is very visible on the Thorgauer Market Plaza.
0:40   The peace and harmony of the Berlin Republic couldn’t be further away. (Poster: “Fully Muttiviert”)
0:43   Something is seething in Germany.
0:46   Unity is so yesterday.
0:49   “Asylum seekers out!”
0:52   “Right wingers out!”
0:55   [scuffle between pro and contra people]
1:04   Merkel only scores with a few here.
1:07   Those votes that matter will go to others.

9 thoughts on ““Something is Seething in Germany”

  1. Let’s hope that Germans come to their mind. Unfortunately there is no peaceful solution, the war has already been declared, just not officialized.

  2. What does “muttiviert” mean? Is it a pun on Mutti = mommy = Merkel ? Maybe also related to motiviert = motivated ?

  3. “Nur bei wenigen kann Merkel hier punkten. Die Stimmen, auf die es ankommt, bekommen andere.” = “Merkel can ‘score points’ with only few of those [present] here [i.e., most of those present here are firmly opposed to her]. *Others* [i.e., not Merkel and her ilk, but rather those in opposition to her policies – e.g., the AfD] will [instead] receive those [precious] votes [i.e., of those opposed to Merkel].” Not really that hard to understand – it’s more or less a tautology, or at least so obvious that it hardly should be placed at the end of the report as though that were an earth-shattering revelation.

  4. This young guy who is being interviewed is really offensive! He is insulting the very people who allowed him in and who work hard and pay high taxes in order to pay for the livelihood of him and his kind. This shows, in fact, that HE is th one being stupid. He is young and healthy, but too lazy and stupid to work or study, and too much of a coward and sissy to go home and help to rebuild his own country and defend the women and children in his country against islamist terror. If it is to be believed that Germans are “stupid”, it”s because they don”t throw primitive parasite types like him out of the country – for good!

    • People tend not to value things that are given away too easily.

      This seems to be a universal human trait, which is clearly manifest amongst the immivaders.

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