In Poland, Solidarity Takes on the EU

The demonstration shown in the following video was organized in Warsaw by the Solidarity union to protest the latest interference from Brussels in Polish internal affairs.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   As I said, we are waiting for signals that
00:04   the rest of groups are joining us.
00:40   Chant: “Solidarity!” Banner: “The retirement age: our law, our choice”
00:44   We cannot allow
00:48   a legal occupation of our country,
00:53   because for the last 27 years we have been a colony
00:57   for the old 15 [countries] of the EU. We were taken
01:01   advantage of, and we still are. And this must end!
01:05   Thank you very much!
01:09   We are saying loud and clear from here
01:13   in front of the office of the European Commission: Mr Juncker, Mr Timmermans!
01:17   It’s our law and our choice!
01:21   We respect Polish women, unlike you!
01:26   And this isn’t discrimination, but a PRIVILEGE!
01:34   We are here in Warsaw, but
01:38   if we have to we will go to Brussels.
01:42   Because the trade union Solidarity is above all an efficient union.
01:46   When we start something, we finish it.
02:03   Banner: “Our law, our choice”
02:19   …frustration because we know that the EU,
02:23   the European Commission… We invite you to this rally!