Fahrenheit 451, Version 2.0

Mein Kampf is the notorious autobiography written in the 1920s by Adolf Hitler, in which the future Führer laid out his plans for a revived Reich and the expansion of the German Volk into new territories in the East.

Last year the Bavarian government’s copyright for the book expired, and it became legally possible to print and distribute it again in Germany (as I understand it, it has never been illegal to possess or sell the original edition of the book, provided it is not used to promote right-extremist views).

However, it’s not legal for government employees to read it, not in public. That’s what an unfortunate public employee in Berlin discovered when he pulled out a copy of Mein Kampf to read in the break room. Now he’s out of a job.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from B.Z.:

Mein Kampf in the break room: Job termination legal

An employee of the municipal public order office read Mein Kampf during in the break room and his job was terminated. Now, the labor court has ruled the judgment legal.

A uniformed employee represents the country and cannot show Nazi symbols: Because he took out of his backpack a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf with a swastika on the cover, a long-term employee of the municipal public order office has been terminated from his job.

The labor court in Berlin-Brandenburg rejected his appeal. He felt he was fired unfairly: Martin B. (39) has been employed since 2008 in the public order office in Berlin (€3,000 per month). As such, he wears a uniform for the Reinickendorf district. For €3,000 gross income per month he went after parking violators and dog owners.

In the break room he took out the book with the swastika

August 11, 2016. In the station’s break room, Martin B. grabs a book from his backpack. It’s the propaganda work Mein Kampf, author: Adolf Hitler. Original edition, swastika on the cover. “From the flea market,” he said. “Can’t read that here,” the shift superintendent intervenes. After twenty minutes of back and forth, he puts the book away again.

“A jackassery,” he says today, adding contritely: “I have no interest in Nazis.” To back up his claim he presents his clean army credentials. Nevertheless his employer terminates him immediately, then officially sends him a legal termination of employment for December 31, 2016. “Use of right-wing extremist symbols,” he cites.

The municipal employee had sworn an oath on the Basic Law. The Hitler book might be read, but not in its original print with the swastika on the cover, and especially not in public; that would endanger the peace of the workplace. Human services agreed with the termination.

And now the labor court as well. In their statement the court states that: “The employee is walking around in a uniform as a representative of the district of Berlin, and he is therefore particularly obliged to stand up at all times for the liberal-democratic basic order in the sense of the Basic Law. With the public showing of a swastika, an unconstitutional symbol, he went against this obligation in a severe manner.”

Thanks to Nash Montana for suggesting the title of this post.

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  1. You think that’s bad.., last night some German guy I know only from online( long story) emailed me an old Hitler speech where the Fürer angrily talks about how the Jewish community is taking over their entire Germany society, corrupting every branch of it, etc. After about 3
    to 4 minutes, I had to turn it off out of sheer horror and I told my computer “friend” so. But he then told me he likes to listen to Hitler’s
    speeches as “the guy tells the truth unlike the politians of today. ” Moral of the story? Not sure…, –maybe that there still be lots of them there Nazis out there!!

    • One time, I spent a whole day listening to Hitler speeches, trying to get myself into the headspace to understand what was going on.

      Hitler actually reminds me of myself when I’m extremely angry. The difference is that I keep it up for 20 seconds, and he keeps it up for hours and hours.

      After several hours of being immersed in Nazi propaganda, it started to make more sense, in a strange way. Not the underlying “theories”, but the practicals of how people “fell for it”. For a start, these guys really were masters of grandiosity. You have to give them credit for that.

      • Strangely enough, there was one brief passage of forceful, emotional delivery by AfD’s Alice Weidel making a speech in a video here on GoV a few days ago that had me wondering for a second when she would start pounding the side of a clenched fist into the palm of her other hand. I suspect it’s just a German thing when they get worked up, and my own ’60s childhood years of exposure to the cadence of Hitler’s delivery on old newsreel footage…

      • Yes, Hitler had what we now call ‘charisma’, he reached out to people’s emotions, to their subconsciousness, to their vague fears and urges. Many successful political leaders, irrespective of the nature of their particular ideology, act in the same way, though not all with comparable success. Leaders of totalitarian sects do the same.

        They create an atmosphere which is very infectious. It is hard to resist it. This atmosphere was, for example, very successfully created in the Maidan revolution in Kiev, in 2013-2014, though without using a single charismatic figure. It was a textbook case of mass madness. Even well-educated, reasonable people succumbed to it in large numbers, losing all power of rational thinking and wallowing in a sea of emotion.

        We all should be very watchful not to lose our sobriety, as the modern world is full of little Hitlers of every ideological hue. Antifascists can be as bad Nazis: the women’s march against Trump was a perfect example of such mass hysteria and Ms Cicone aka ‘Madonna’ was as bad as Hitler in her own way (but, thank God, less intelligent and less politically ambitious).

    • Gretel, with disgust, I suspect there are yet, classical nazis out there, both a few originals left, and there sons, around the globe, the ones who could brainwashed anyway. I have a friend, of just that situation (i.e. being raised by a nazi father, (in a dysfunctional household, otherwise)), who didn’t accept the brainwashing, and walked away from a small fortune, but had a good, long, hard working business life, of his own, disowned, due to not accepting any part of Nazism. His father, an original nazi, was no picnic, to be raised under.

      Not the first time I’ve heard that kind of thing. I know this friend quite well, he’s a conservative, and did mention that the hard core nazis, would quietly gather at each other’s houses on hitler’s May birthday, to celebrate it often behind drawn blinds or shades, quietly. This would include the sons, of course, who bought into the loser’s lack of independent brainpower.

      Frankly, the revelation of that reality, kind of shocked me, definitely a come down, and I know a lot of “breathtaking” realities.

      • sorry, but living there for 71 years today, I have never heard of such events. And I have been around a bit, believe me.
        As for ” the book” : as was customary in wartime weddings, my parents had one given , second row in our bookshelves, which in the early sixties I took to a small second hand bookstore who could sell it under the counter and in exchange, I traded an german-english dictionary. Permanent A grades at school. As you see, I am still reaping les fleurs du mal.

        • OK, sloppy memory, on my part, for April 20. Neither I nor he were anything on such evils, I, not he, just recalled, after several years, falsely, May, not April. And the reference was to various parts of the globe wherein such original and apparently the neo-nazis too, delve into such sicknesses. And if you want to see the public celebrations of hitler’s birthday, bing “hitler birthday celebrations” It is a sickness.

          • As a rather side offshoot to this conversation. It is long tradition of many groups to co-opt dates for other than their original purposes. I had a good friend who was a Christian survivor of NAZI Germany (arrived in USA in 56, born in 34) He and I used to do a faux celebration of der Fuhrers Geburtstag, we both knew it was done in a comedic way, though few others understood. One of the things we used to ponder is how the date had become something rather important to those who consume marijuana. Practically anyone in the USA can tell you 420 is an important date.

    • It’s odd. I get a lot of that “Hitler had it right” BS from people on social media, from so-called “conservatives” and people who call themselves “constitutionalists”, and people who would be offended if I called them anti-semitic.

      When I shoot back at them, how exactly did Hitler get it right, by his collaboration with the muslim brotherhood to exterminate the Jews, or by his hunting down everyone that wasn’t blond and blue eyed, or by his destruction of almost an entire continent?

      The muslim brotherhood collaboration STILL has many people baffled. I had to learn and understand that a lot on the right, and the left, are longing for an authoritarian figure that tells them what to do and to make them feel safe. It’s kind of a phenomena I have picked up here and there mostly on Facebook, people get really dictator-ish, outright wishing for a new Hitler.

      I support President Trump in most of what he does, I am convinced that he could be one of the best presidents ever, if he only were to kick out all remaining obama people and the traitorous GOP. But I am not gonna sit here and expect Trump to become a dictator that will govern willy nilly, like the last guy. A lot of people on the right feel like now that their guy is in charge, it’s pay back time for the past 8 years, and so they get really nasty calling for Trump to pass EO’s on every little thing they want.

      The ignorance with which the Chapter Hitler is being treated on both and all sides of the aisle just boggles the mind. All this Hitler nonsense has to stop at some point. More and more people these days turn weapons grade stupid. I really can’t understand, and don’t want to understand, anyone that says “Hitler had it right”.

      • Hitler ” collaborated with the Muslim Brotherhood” to exterminate Jews? Exactly what presence did MB have in Eastern Europe, where the killings took place.? I wpuld have thought Killing Jews was down to the Nazis alone, plus some Eastern European collaborators. I know of no Holocaust scholar who sees Muslims having a significant role in that event.

        And had Hitler died in early 1939, – a big if, admittedly – I think he would be fairly fondly remembered- say like Attaturk in Turkey. You know, the guy who got the country back on its feet after war and depression.

        • A regiment of the SS, the Handschar Regiment, was established and recruited from among Bosnian Muslims in (I think) 1942 for the purpose of rounding up Jews in the Balkans.

          The Nazis did not find the Bosnians to be very competent soldiers. They were, however, full of zeal for killing Jews.

      • Let’s not forget that people of Jewish decent were not the only ones targeted. Gypsies, people with birth defects, mentally ill, people of color (not white). When the Germans were in Africa, they only treated muslims with enough respect to have them suit their purpose. After the final “living room” was achieved, they would have been exterminated, just like all the others.

  2. Anybody who brings a copy of Mein Kampf to read openly in a workplace break room deserves, first, a written reprimand. If they do it again, they should be fired! True in Germany, the United States, Japan, UK….etc. Acceptable in Egypt, Jordan and other pathological moslem countries.

    I’m supposed to have sympathy for this putz, or see this as (another) example of hyper-censorship in Deutschland? Sorry, not here!

    • workplace break reads are detective stories.Period.This guy was looking for trouble and possibly a bit off track.
      Not even for my history studies did I accomplish more than a few pages, let alone a full lecture of this unreadable BS.

    • Welcome to hell…

      Alexis de Tocqueville – Free Speech

      Book 1 Chapter 11

      If anyone could point out an intermediate and yet a tenable position between the complete independence and the entire servitude of opinion, I should perhaps be inclined to adopt it, but the difficulty is to discover this intermediate position.

      [All] liberty of speech must therefore be destroyed as well as the liberty of the press. And now you have succeeded, everybody is reduced to silence. But your object was to repress the abuses of liberty, and you are brought to the feet of a despot. You have been led from the extreme of independence to the extreme of servitude without finding a single tenable position on the way at which you could stop.

  3. I spent much of the the 1990s travelling in India and Pakistan. Mein Kampf was prominent in the bookshops in both countries, particularly in Delhi, Bombay, Lahore and Peshawar.

    • I spent much of the the 1990s travelling in India and Pakistan. Mein Kampf was prominent in the bookshops in both countries, particularly in Delhi, Bombay, Lahore and Peshawar.

      Lahore—the name says it all!

    • In fact, Nazis were interested in Oriental spirituality. Remember the Annenerbe expeditions to Tibet? In the Nazi hard core, there has always been a strong neo-Pagan streak. They were understandably curious in old Germanic Paganism, but also in the occult and in ‘Oriental wisdom’. In fact, they were in a process of building a new pagan religion to replace Christianity, which they considered a subversive doctrine invented by Jews to enslave Aryans.

      Thus, it is not surprising that Hindus, being Pagan themselves, find something congenial in Nazi teachings. Despite their outward diversity, all Pagan religions have the same basis. As for Muslims, they might like Hitler’s anti-Semitism and the sheer brutality of Nazism, for Islam has great respect for brutal force.

  4. This is a personal tragedy for the man dismissed from his position. Anybody should be permitted to read Mein Kampf anywhere. Especially Germans. Only by reading it can one truly understand what a disturbed man Hitler was in the 1920’s and a very poor writer – I got about 30 pages into a translation of it a couple of decades ago, then started skipping through it and then gave up entirely. It seems the swastika on the cover of the book was the aspect of the affair that caused the guy to lose his job.

    • Anyone with half a brain would put a book cover on a book with a prominent swastika on it, even in the US. Why buy trouble when it is there to be had for the asking?

  5. should have been smarter than that, most likely not qualified for the job either, anyway smart people work in the private sector, right?

    • He forgot to take into account the hysteria and ignorance of others, to wit, their belief that the Gestapo will rise from their graves en masse if a National Socialist symbol or gesture appears like a crocus in the snow.

      According to this thinking, what Peter, above, saw in his travels guarantees that India and Pakistan would become full-blown National Socialist states. Pakistan does not lack for fanaticism and obscurantism so it would seem inevitable that the magic words would have that evil effect. But they didn’t.

      Whatever “postmodernism” is, it does seem to entail an hysterical belief in the magical power of certain words (e.g., “niggardly) to utterly destroy a frail person’s peace of mind, even life.

      Thus do adult, white Westerners sail the rough seas of the globalist nirvana.

      PS – I was once one of those retards who worked for the government.

  6. A uniformed employee represents the country and cannot show Nazi symbols: Because he took out of his backpack a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf with a swastika on the cover, a long-term employee of the municipal public order office has been terminated from his job.

    Welcome to post-WWII Germany’s crippling phobia about its (most despicable) Nazi past that currently disables any and all “right wing” responses to the sort of brutal reprisals required against their current crop of Muslim invaders.

    This reminds me very little of “A Clockwork Orange”, where Alex DeLarge’s “rehabilitation” leaves him [SPOILER!] totally vulnerable to the “ultraviolence” he was once so fond of.

    Germany’s unwillingness to violently oppose its ongoing Islamic invasion will be an undoing of monumental proportions.

  7. I own a Koran. I have a copy of The Book of Mormon. This does not mean that I buy into either of these ideologies – I don’t. Interestingly, it appears to me that Joseph Smith admired Islam as much as did Hitler, he certainly borrowed much from Islam as he defined his Mormon dogma: death for apostasy, plural marriage, the religious sanction of piracy and taking of booty, the concept of an immutable text residing in heaven relayed to himself as a singular prophet by an angel, and much more. As regards the Koran and as I told one person who questioned why I owned a copy my reply was, “If the enemy makes it that easy to obtain a copy of their field manual, you get a copy.”

    I am not swayed in my thinking by such books. However if I’m told a book is forbidden then that makes me want to read it that much more. There are many buying choices for Mein Kampf on Amazon, but the US is not Germany.

    • Joseph Smith might have borrowed things from Muslims, but essentially Mormonism is a sort of romantic Paganism draped in Biblical imagery. And it is so artificial that it reminds me of many modern ‘do-it-yourself’ sects established to satisfy their leaders’ lust for power and money.

      Oddly enough, Mormons whom I have met, seem very nice and basically good people, despite being brought up in such a phony religious tradition. But I have never known any of them really closely.

  8. Whereas displaying hammer and sickle, wearing a T shirt with the picture of the communist mass murderer Che, openly reading anything by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao, Stalin, will get you a smile and a pat on the back …

  9. You can’t read Mein Kampf about killing Jews but you can whip out your Koran while eating your Schnitzel and read about exterminating Jews.

    Perfectly logical – got it.

    Deutschland ist fertig.

  10. Not a very smart action on this employee’s part considering all the “good citizen” informers around. Still, the German people need to start learning how to intellectually handle this Hitler stuff. Maybe less of a brainwashing education system, and where a philosophy curriculum is mandatory. “Use of right-wing extremist symbols,” ? I always thought Hitler was a socialist, a left-wing extremist, like today’s left-wing reincarnations, Antifa.

  11. I have a copy of Mein Kampf, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and the Koran on my Kindle app that I carry with me everywhere. I still intend to read Mein Kampf, I have read the Protocols several times, and I can never get past the first page of the Koran without getting so bored I have to give up.

    I suppose I would be considered irreparably damaged in Germany, although possession of the Koran might be a mitigating factor if I claimed to take it seriously. German authorities seem to feel that even a brushing contact with any unapproved idea or philosophy will migrate over to the listener like treatment-resistant cooties. I guess German bureaucrats feel the general population is as weak in the head as the bureaucrats are, who are grossly uncomfortable with actual ideas.

    For the record, I found the Protocols to be ridiculous. It purports to be the transcript of a conclave of Jewish elders who are discussing the progress of their plans to achieve world domination. The Protocols were actually a creation of the Czarist secret police, so by purest of coincidence, the Protocols has some very nice things to say about the Czar. By the way, there is a crying need for someone to author a manuscript entitled “Protocols of the Learned Founders of the European Union”. Now, that would be worth reading.

    Having said that, taking a book out with a prominent swastika on its cover is a massive display of poor judgement. Use a book cover. There’s something to be said for not wanting an employee to openly display a swastika at work. A simple request would have been sufficient, unless the employee out-and-out refused to cover the swastika. But firing at the first incident: this is a reminder to the Germans they’d better stay in lockstep or else!!!

    The reason I hate the Nazis, by the way, is not the German nationalism, but the glee in killing Jews and other people in pursuit of living space and, later, slave labor for German enterprises. When I see someone displaying a swastika for purposes of identification, rather than incidental like the book incident, it says to me they are fine with killing Jews (and others) for no reason except that they’re Jews. It’s different from anti-Semites, who can dislike Jews all they want, but don’t necessarily want to injure them. Generally, the people who display swastikas say: 1) the holocaust never happened; 2) too bad they missed some; 3) we won’t be so careless when we take up where they left off.

  12. Such extreme evils as are the ungodly nazi’s, the islamics, the Japanese pre-war, in Indo-China, and Korea atrocities, and intra-war atrocities with American troops, Kim of NK, a filthy bastard of the ilk of the worst of all vermin of civilization whom these groups each represent, of pure Godless filth, (at least to we who deeply do understand God and His Christ) worthy of eternal hatred as the ripest of evil. (Fat boy Kim murdered his uncle with nerve agent, did countless more atrocities, and I suspect pithed or electroshocked or magnetically, or chemically scrambled Warmbier’s brain, prior to sending him back as a message to USA.) All of these, including mao’s communist China’s atrocity rich mass murder period of evil, and all of leninist-marxist’s always failures, communism’s and socialism’s genocides, and mass excruciating deaths, and totalitarian mass murders by any means, all, had no Divine God, just one or other form of atheism, Godlessness, or pseudo-God satanic figureheads, or near paganism, if you examine carefully, with a broad exam and open mind.

    Atheism, as with globalism and central planning and control of any sort, frees the human beast, unlimited by admonitions and examples of the God, and Christ, to allow those atheists the potential of maximum evils. God provides advice and guidance, among many benefits of limits on mankind’s worst potential behaviors.

    Under God, the best goods are possible, without God, the worst evil is achievable. How difficult is that reality, to convey to every person, eternally. Perhaps only less than 40% can actually get it so far. Thus the need for the presence of Christ, and his whole story, the teachings of God. Mankind has only around 10k to 50k years to go, having been around, about 50k years, so far, according to astrophysics….

    Democrats appear to be going down, as they have never had the presence of God, and in their conventions, eschew God, evidence of the most recent DNC convention on video, and the behavior pre and post-civil war of constant racism. They have committed continuously, much evil. The historic truths are finally coming out easily, for all who seek it in this golden age of learning ability, offered by the easy internet access to both real and true history, and revisionist and fake news and history. Among the worst deviates, degenerates, and schemers of internet education sources are these: al jazeera plus, the young turks, vox, buzzfeed, occupy democrats and among the many best and finest accuracy is PragerU, Hillsdale College, et alles.

    In a thankful emotion filled event, today, democrats’ latest would be assassin’s bullet victim, Steve Scalise, returned to grateful appreciation at Congress today, from the nearly dead, saved by the Grace of God, multiple edgy miracles one after the other, holding him fortunately from the brink, to become an achieving symbol for good, as it does appear today. Some similar miracles, I am familiar with myself, by the Grace of God.

    One way to understand the cosmic relationship of creation of the universe, and God’s works of the Bible, is to see it revealed by the astrophysicist, Hugh Ross, with many stimulating lectures, revealing the very latest in the rarified world of astrophysics, and even more rarified, the relation to the Creator. God is scientifically, mathematically provable, and lives. Here is one superb lecture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7972UNfp1Ho Dr. Hugh Ross Science And Faith Are Miracles Madness? 1hr. Introduces massive details of existence, climate, ice ages, agriculture, tectonics, etc.

    Opposite spectrums of existence are represented, between lucifer’s grand devils of filthy civilizational vermin, and the stunning revelations of the most advanced sciences of Hugh Ross. Similarly, when one studies the whole of medical knowledge, looking inside a human body, of the equivalently stunning relationships of electricity, biochemistry, timings, relationships, structures, organ systems, and their related interconnected continuum, of limited lifespan, a similar magnificence of no accidental chance is imaginable, proven with scientific calculations, other than a magnificent Creation. For a deeper reminder of such perspectives, go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfSNxVqprvM Cosmic Eye HD Image worth spreading 3 mins. View a Face of God, intimately… Of course, you can believe any or no part of these points of views, and facts, or conclusions, but the trip will be worth it, anyway.

    NB Steven, you may be onto something, as I recall my German friend noted once, he didn’t like the music of Richard Wagner.

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