16 thoughts on “Matt Bracken: Where are the National Guard Videos?

  1. The more I read about this, the more it stinks to high heaven. And without exception, at least here in England, every radio, TV and newspaper article talks about ” white supremacists ” and only ” white supremacists “. I’ve not read, seen or heard any mention of the anti-fascist thugs who were there without a permit, who caused all the violence and who were not ordered to leave by the law enforcement forces who were there en masse and did nothing to protect the law abiding demonstrators.

    • And isn’t that interesting that one side had a permit and the other side did not.
      No matter how repellent you find the speech of the permitted assembly, they were acting under legal restrictions. The other side was not.
      I have found the news coverage of this to be absurd. Yes, the legally permitted came with defensive armor because they KNEW they would be attacked.
      I disavow both sides as lunatics but… here in the US we have a right to speak our mind without being attacked.
      I think we will find that the guy that drove his car into people was scared to death and didn’t want to be the next Reginald Denney. Lauren Southern was there filming and she spontaneously blurted “where are the police?” It took the police over 3 minutes to respond which tells you that they weren’t doing crowd control; they were not in the area of several hundred “counter protesters.”
      This is an American disgrace and I am heartily sorry for it.

      • I believe the truly chilling outcome of this debacle should only be civil rights violations and conspiracy to commit civil rights violations charges against the C’ville mayor and Gov. MCcauliff. They specifically denied a group which had a demonstration permit, upheld by a federal judge, acccess.to a barricaded part to exercise tbeir right to speak and assemble: this whole matter is a a blatent violation of the 1st am., and forcing the Alt-right protestors into the arms of the Antifa waiting like predators for prey: this was undeniably a violation of the 14th am. guarantee of equal protection under law. Regardless of how you feel about the message, the Alt-Right had a legal right to assemble, a constitutional civil.liberty, if not a right. A good precedent should be National.Socialist Party v. Village of Skokie, where avowed brown shirted Nazis were permitted to march through one of the most densly-populated jewish enclaves in the country. It is not an endorsement of their view to allow them to peacefully assemble, which the VSP undeniably did not.
        That’s the real tragegy.

  2. What video?

    Their cameras were all switched off, just like in the Minnesota murder incident?

  3. You have to wonder if the murder trial will get anything remotely resembling objective coverage particularly if the evidence reveals that the police standown was ordered. There is likely to be extensive drone, helicopter, remote video from satellite and more. The police and mayor can say a lot of things but the evidence will be hard to hide.

    • Wonder no more. Look at the recent “Bunkerville” trial in which the judge disallowed any mention of the Constitution or of the government snipers that were photographed overlooking the scene of the standoff.

      So far there have been three trials of this group, one in Oregon over the “Malhuer Standoff” and now two for the “Bunkerville” fiasco. Of these, the government has lost one on a “not guilty” verdict and one on a hung jury. This one is being deliberated by the jury as I type this.

      .gov is getting fidgety. Watch your six.

  4. Terry McAuliffe, of the Clinton Crime Family, lost his court case to deny the permit to Team White/Right. When he couldn’t win in the courts, he removed the local police from the scene, and the chaos ensued.

  5. When a big-shot orders the police not to interfere with ongoing felonious rioting and murder, it is the duty of every officer to arrest the big-shot.

    They can see that he is part-and-parcel of the mob, and complicit in the crimes.

    • Doesn’t work that way.

      Think for a moment – who is going to prosecute the man. The DA? Nope he’s a incompetent lawyer and a political hack like the mayor. He’ll release him asap and expunge any record of it happening with a call to the chief of police.

      Furthermore police don’t have to respond. They are protected by the law and can just sit on their rear ends while people die.

      Basically if things get real bad you are on your own. Just like in the Los Angeles riots where the LAPD and Sheriffs vanished and it took the Marine corps to restore order. Look at Ferguson where all the heavily armed cops let the thugs destroy and loot all the small businesses.

      Don’t ever think of them as your allies, they are not. They don’t work for you.

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