All in the Culturally Enriched Family

This modern multicultural family drama near Dresden ended without serious injury, although it seems that the man of the house had to be restrained and perhaps sedated before being whisked away in an ambulance.

The report below, translated from Bild, was published earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form. Egri Nök, who translated the piece, says, “Nothing to see here — just your daily dose of the new normal in Germany.”

Mother desperately fights for her child
Man wants to jump from roof with baby

Caption: Ahmed E. (26) has already got one leg on the roof. He allegedly threatened to jump with the child. Photo: Martin Lacher

by Bernhard Schilz and Olaf Rentsch
August 14, 2017

Heidenau [near Dresden] — The picture is blood-curdling. A man is climbing out of an attic window, one leg already on the roof. He has got his eight month old baby in a carrier in front of his belly. The mother is pulling at it desperately. To prevent her child from falling.

A neighbour was photographing the scene: “I was walking my dog when I heard cries for help. The woman yelled, ‘Put the knife away.’ Then the man appeared in the window, with the baby.”

Shortly thereafter police storm the attic apartment in Haeckel Street in Heidenau. The officers pull the child back into the apartment, then the man. Earlier, before noon that day, police had had to remove Ahmed E. (26) from his partner’s (Daniela N., 36) apartment.

The asylum seeker from Morocco had to hand over the apartment keys, and — as he appeared to be completely beside himself — was taken to a psychiatric hospital. But he escaped from there, returned to the house, and climbed in through an open window of a ground floor apartment. The tenant was unable to stop him, he tells Bild: “He had a switchblade knife.”

Caption: Following the arrest, the Moroccan was taken to hospital. Photo: Marko Förster

An unsuspecting Daniela opened the door again for the father of her child, at which point he allegedly beat her and threatened her with the knife. Then he seized the child. Mother and child were taken to hospital. “I never want to have anything to do with this guy again,” says Daniela N.

On Tuesday it was announced that the prosecutor issued an arrest warrant for the 26-year-old on suspicion of dangerous battery, criminal mischief, trespassing, and threat. There will be an investigation for [attempted] child murder. But according to the spokesman, there are doubts that the man indeed intended to kill the child.

11 thoughts on “All in the Culturally Enriched Family

  1. His Islamic right to snuff his children has been violated. Thank God Germany has courts. This man has a lock-tight case and is about to become one rich Musselman who can afford a brace of new young lovely wives and can let the old bitch stew.

  2. These invaders are going to bleed Germany dry; of energy, of money, of all the resources a modern country needs to exist.
    Normal people everywhere know what must be done, but normal people aren’t in control. So, the question is how to take back control from the insane and the wicked?

  3. Yet more proof it’s a death cult….but the controlled media will simply write this off as another, “bad apple,” most likely with mental and drug issues.

  4. No sympathy for this german woman who thought it was a good idea to take up with one of these invaders.

    • However cruel this may sound … it might be better to end her genetic line right away than to allow her sort of high-cost theatrics which cost a few million Euros per shot.

      Too bad her hubby can’t get a quick dance with the needle.

  5. “…there are doubts that the man indeed intended to kill the child.”

    Nahh! The guy just had the kid strapped to himself as he climbed out onto a roof with, what; a 50* pitch, and threatened to jump. Nah; no indication that the child was in danger at all…

  6. Europe continues to be inundated with no-skill, low-intelligence losers who would be childless and ignored in their own societies, but who get a new lease on reproductive possibilities in the new world. They would likely be killed out of hand in their own countries, but set loose from the fetters of a tribal discipline, they revert to the hail Mary strategy of the loser gene: rape and violence.

    This Moroccan will have the benefit of a psychiatric evaluation, public paid defender, and social services: probably approaching a respectable fraction of a million dollars for a garbage loser from a different culture.

    I’m preaching to the choir, but when you get to the point of having to incarcerate, at public expense, a person like this who gets into the country, you’ve already lost the battle.

    • This loser is not the problem nearly as much as those who allow him to make a mockery of law and order, and who allowed him to enter the country in the first place. He is just doing what low-lifes do, while those who should know better are looking the other way, or allowing him to do it. Castration should be mandatory for such scum, since their proclivity for indiscriminate breeding and defective genes only pollute the gene pool.

    • Ronald-

      I don’t disagree. Westerns need to start showing some backbone soon.

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