Germany: More Dangerous Than Mongolia, But Not as Bad as Gambia

Germany is not as safe as it was in the past. In fact it’s dropped 31 places, according to a biennial security ranking of different countries.

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German Federal Republic ranked 51, between Mongolia and Gambia

The German Republic has fallen 31 places according to “Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017”, in their security rankings. The Republic of Germany has landed at 51, between Mongolia and Gambia.

Davos economy experts say that Germany is becoming increasingly unsafe.

According to a study that is published every two years, the “Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017”, which is published by the renowned World economy forum in Davos, the Federal Republic of Germany — in the category of security and safety — has ranked 31 places lower compared to the last report in 2015. It has been categorized at 51st place, between Mongolia and Gambia.

Finland is the safest, Colombia the most unsafe

In the category “Safety and Security”, the German Republic therefore ranks behind countries such as Rwanda, Kuwait and Tajikistan. According to the study, in terms of security Finland (1), the Emirates (2), and Iceland (3) are highest. On the lower side of the ranking are El Salvador, Yemen and Columbia.

Security perception has dramatically changed

After the many terrorist attacks in Germany and Europe within the past few years, so says the Davos study, the perception of safety and security has dramatically changed. The murder rate as well as terrorist activities have plaid a big role in the result.

Many economists are worried that because of the rising terrorism in Europe, the economy and their businesses will suffer. The report is seen as a representative survey among thousands of business owners worldwide which have rated factors such as the reliability of the police, the rising cost of criminality and violence and terrorism.

Here are the rankings in the category Safety and Security of the “Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017”:

1.   Finland
2.   Arab Emirates
3.   Iceland
4.   Oman
5.   Hong Kong
6.   Singapore
7.   Norway
8.   Switzerland
9.   Rwanda
10.   Qatar
11.   Portugal
12.   Luxembourg
13.   New Zealand
14.   Austria
15.   Estonia
48.   Poland
49.   Tajikistan
50.   Mongolia
51.   Germany
52.   Gambia
53.   Greece
126.   Philippines
127.   Ukraine
128.   Honduras
129.   Kenya
130.   Egypt
131.   Venezuela
132.   Nigeria
133.   Pakistan
134.   El Salvador
135.   Yemen
136.   Colombia

While the category “Safety and Security” landed Germany only on place 51, the German Republic in the overall ranking is still one of the best travel destinations, at third place. As far as “International openness” Germany is ranked at 20. In the category “Health and Hygiene” Germany is ranked #1. And in the category of “environment and Sustainability” Germany is ranked ay 7, and in the category of “Touristic Infrastructure” it ranked at 9.

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  1. Hmm, I wonder what has happened in Germany, to warrant such a drastic drop in security, and only in a couple of years?

    And such things as “Health and Hygiene” or “Touristic Infrastructure” will surely start there decline too. It is always “Safety and Security” that goes first, when a nation starts to slide into a multicultural cesspool.

  2. It is a loss worse than the author states actually- A lot worse. I have family there and they do not allow their women out alone anymore. Merkel and her cronies- a;; Communists should be under arrest. The same with Theresa May in UK. Utterly useless. London is “gone and lawless”to quote a Police officer I know. “We are crippled by PC rubbish and financial cuts. Somalis are the worst of all-90% illegal but the most violent and running the drugs. If we apprehend the little s*** we are the ones investigated. They even operate around Buck Palace yards away from the Royals. Can you imagine that? The Westminster mob don’t even protect the Queen. It is a ‘No Go’ zone across the whole city! If somebody acids the Royals will the 650 useless bunch of ‘w*******’ do anything? I doubt it! Nobody cares even about the Queen so what can we expect? Most of us are on the point of resigning! We are sick of it and the imported criminals! If people fully understood the daily state of affairs the public would storm Parliament.”

    My informant is 43 years of age and in the “thick of it”.

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      • You are not alone, every country that takes in refugees, are having the same problem. Our governments are to blame, the people have no say anymore. Deport anyone not a citizen and forget about them, we have a right to live safe, but are being forced into police states and militarization. whats worse, they want to take every ones guns so they can’t defend themselves. It’s a sad world we live in today.

  3. As someone married to a Colombian, I can assure that although Colombia has many problems with murder. Cologne style mass sex assaults and rapes are unheard of.

  4. It was not that long ago that Europeans looked down their noses at crime-ridden America. Don’t hear much of that anymore.

    • As well they should have. In 1997 I traveled in Austria and Zgermany, alone, and have never felt so safe in my entire life.
      The problem now is simply the disgusting scum who have been allowed in under the guise of refugee. They need to be eliminated, in any manher posdible. They ate NOT HUMAN.

  5. I agree that Germany is not as safe as it once was, but any list that says Rwanda is safer than Portugal and New Zealand is delusional.

  6. And Uk stands at 78. The muslim infestation is really paying off.

    The euro countries in the top 10 all have a low muslim infestation.

    • Between 15 – Estonia
      48 – Poland
      or 53 – Greece
      126 – Philippines

    • Explain, what are you trying to say? Every country in the world wold like the US To stay out of their affairs, so what are you saying?

  7. Crappy – to place Egypt 3 ranks above Pakistan, 3 ranks above Yemen is a joke.


    [Note from admin — Please, next time take your caps lock off. That’s considered SHOUTING.]

  9. My rear end Poland is 48th on the list. How many millions less third-worlders do we have than Germany (2-3 million?) yet we’re just a few spots above them? Rubbish.

  10. MUSLIMS…….if nobody else will say it I will. Churchill was right…Islam in a man is worse than rabies in a dog.

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