The Sex Hooligans From the Hindu Kush

It is by now a well-known fact that the new arrivals who have enriched German and Austrian culture over the past two years are responsible for most of the rapes and other forms of sexual violence in those two countries. What is less well-known is that Afghan “refugees” are more likely to be the perpetrators than any other ethnicities among the migrants.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this analysis from the Swiss daily Basler Zeitung:

The sex hooligans from the Hindu Kush

Sexual attacks on women by asylum seekers have increased.

[Photo of woman holding up poster that reads: “Frau Merkel… you have managed to make me afraid for my children and grandchildren!” Text under the picture: “About nine times a day a woman in Germany is sexually coerced, tormented, humiliated by asylum seekers. The image is from the aftermath of Silvester Night in Cologne.”]

When Chancellor Angela Merkel temporarily abolished state borders and therefore caused a gigantic wave of immigration, the “quality media” were jubilant, and so were most politicians — “We are being gifted people (pieces of gold)” — and a large portion of the citizenry. The newcomers who arrived on trains and in buses were greeted with applause, welcome posters and plush animals. As if the one and a half million mostly young men from archaic civilizations were a boy band and the world a John Lennon song. But all that seems like an eternity ago now. A sobering reality has in the meantime set in, and the glassy-eyed euphoria has evaporated. The anarchistic migration of 2016 has led to a “distinct increase” in “violent crime”, as the Minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maizière, had to contritely admit two months ago.

In the of “Criminal acts against sexual autonomy and self-determination” alone, 3,404 asylum seekers were registered as sexual criminals. About nine times a day somewhere in Germany, a woman, or a child, is being raped, sexually coerced, tormented, cornered, humiliated and debased by men, who — coming here allegedly seeking protection — have been taken in unconditionally and were given accommodations and everything else. That is what the official numbers say. But an estimate of unreported cases will most likely be much higher.

This is not just the case for Germany, but for all European countries which have permitted significant migration from mostly Islamic chaos-zones in the Third World. Another example is Austria. Cheryl Benard, the Austrian-American social scientist and feminist, has studied the phenomenon of an increase of sexual attacks on women by asylum seekers in her country of birth.

This insufferable list never seems to come to an end

Her report that was published in the July 11, 2017 issue of the magazine The National Interest describes a series of disturbing incidents in recent times. For example, the group rape of a fifteen-year-old girl that took place out in the open in Tulln, perpetrated by three young asylum seekers. Or the group rape of a Turkish student by three asylum seekers in a public toilet in Vienna. Or the attempted rape of a young visitor at the Donau Island Festival. She first was harassed and groped, and then after she tried to flee, she was pulled behind a bush where at the last second a policewoman saw what was happening and the girl was saved. Or the incident of the mentally-challenged woman in Linz who was kidnapped and brought into the apartment of an asylum seeker, where he raped her, after which she managed to flee to the bathroom and call for help through the window while her rapist was banging on the locked bathroom door.

This insufferable list never seems to come to an end. There is the young woman who was sexually attacked on a train by two asylum seekers and was only able to be rescued through the brave intervention of two fellow passengers. Or that young mother, walking with her two young toddlers in the middle of the day in a park above the Donau, when she was suddenly attacked by a man, pushed to the ground and choked. Thanks to her desperate resistance she could prevent herself from being raped. The offender, a young asylum seeker, was later found by a police K9, because the woman had ripped the hood off the attacker’s sweater.

The young men from the Hindu Kush are obviously inclined towards unbridled sexual violence

The one thing that is common to all these cases is the absolute brutality and the reckless disregard about any possible witnesses. Almost as if the offenders are completely unimpressed by the legal sanctions in their host country. Also common to these offenders is that the majority of them are from Afghanistan. They are responsible for half of all sexual crimes by asylum seekers. To put it in context: While Syrians, for example, commit “only” ten percent of crimes, the number of asylum seekers of from Syria and Afghanistan is about the same. It’s an interesting detail. Afghans, just like Arab Syrians, come from conservative Muslim societies, in which their women have a status of wards with no rights of their own, and yet the young men from the Hindu Kush are obviously more inclined towards unbridled sexual violence. But whatever the reasons may be for this, the primary duty of the State would be to protect its own citizens first. Asylum seeking sex hooligans should be deported from the country, whether to Kabul or to Mogadishu. Only in this way would potential copycat attackers learn to take local laws and people seriously.

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  1. If there were any western european men with backbones these subhumans would be hung from the nearest available lampost or limb, and any official who dared to intervene would be flogged. Hopefully a critical mass of men who are furious at what is being done to their homeland and their women develops, realizes their strength in numbers, and shows the state who is going to do what to whom.

    Europe is still too prosperous for there to be such resistance yet; alas, no one wants to give up their comforts and risk the wrath of the state to impose justice on Frau Merkel’s guests.

    • It’s not prosperity, it’s group think. We don’t have it anymore. A fight breaks out and people are more likely to crowd around and film it. There are few who are prepared to intervene. People are more interested in seeing something “interesting” than they are in upholding public standards of behaviour.
      Someone running around with a knife in public should be easily defeated by the number of people around them but our silo mentality means that we don’t act in a concerted way.
      Men who in times past would act are just as likely to be charged with assault today which limits interest in getting involved.
      Add to that the small army of pranksters and “social experimenters” out there and the mass of people are left wondering whether something is even real anymore.

      There are many issues at play here, egging on someone to risk their freedom is not the best way forward, you need people to come together to achieve anything.
      For example, guides from British Heritage recently staged a mass walkout after their employers demanded they wear LGBT badges or face exclusion from working at heritage sites again. The culture wreckers were forced to stand down due to the number of protests and then said it was a mistake anyway, the badges would be optional.

    • Your comment does not address the facts of a street scene, day or night, in an individualist Western country of lower birthrate than the colonists’ kin-based countries of origin.

      Already in the 1990s, the typical attack by non-Western youths in a European country upon the indigenous was in a ratio of 3 to 6 or 10, to 1 or 2.

      The 1 was a single young male, the 2 might have included his wife or girlfriend, or perhaps a male friend. And how long is it in western countries, historically, since six-packs of indigenous males were out and about?

      So “give up their comforts” as you write has to be replaced by “appear in strength”, and there do indeed seem to be some efforts in Germany to do so

      But the indigenous generally do not have the brothers and cousins and other close relatives and their friends who accrete into such (coloniser) attack packs.

      Such coloniser packs are internally linked by smartphones and can summon reinforcements rapidly. The indigenous men have not been born, however, and hence do not exist.

      Look at the stats, accurate or estimated, in 2017 for the no. of males under 30 by ethnic origin in Germany.

      It is easy for you to accuse an outnumbered solitary German man in a nighttime subway of having no backbone However, even a skilled martial arts man in top condition will not gladly attack 5 or 6 opponents all of whom may have knives.

      • Are you telling me there is nothing that Germans with their all their genius can do to combat this? If they attack in packs then adopt the same tactics. I could name any number of things that a motivated solitary male could do to exact vengeance upon these rapists and their fellow invaders and homegrown quislings who shelter them. But Baron would never allow it to be published here.

        What angers me is that excuses for inaction are just that. If it is dangerous to fight in a public setting against unequal odds then take the fight to a private one. And fight dirty and ruthlessly. But fight.

        I am fortunate that so far the troubles in Europe have not yet reached the part of the states that I call home. However, if the same kinds of events that take place daily in German towns and villages were to occur here in the states, men would have to take a number for the line waiting to exact revenge on any muslim scum who violently raped a local girl. And to me it looks much more like a character flaw on the part of German men for why they do not act than any practical reason of the invaders being stronger or smarter or the law being on the side of the invaders.

        • The young men of Europe have grown up in a culture of peacefulness. Little boys are discouraged from any roughouse games, they are never allowed to play out of locoparental vision. Day nursery, school, university and the media promulgate gentleness and peacefulness. Anyone who shows anger is vilified. It’s uncivilised don’t you know! They have been conditioned. I am not blaming women, but again culture has forced it into male skulls that it is wrong to champion a women, that it is patronising. And young women have bought into that as well. I hope very much that this social engineering and the Islamic invasion are not connected, but the vertibratectomy of the male has certainly enabled the latter.

        • First of all, German males have been brianwashed out of their minds (and courage) by generations of feminist teachers, second, if any German even looked aggressively at an invader he would be indicted, lose his Job and be punished out of his existence.

      • Correct. Knives and numbers change the balance entirely. It requires the stranger to step it and defend the stranger against the mob. A big ask, but not an impossible one.

    • You’re overlooking the fact that the system will destroy any Westerns who take matters into their own hands.

      Just going to prison on such charges is a death sentence due to the massive Muslim gangs presence.

      Only those with very little to lose are likely to take action in the current environment.

  2. This is who they are.

    This is what they do.

    This is the current reality.

    Unfortunately, the West’s leaders and a large plurality of their people no longer live within the confines of ‘reality’ because they are ‘progressive’.

  3. He who fails to provide for his household has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel. The provision includes secure surroundings and circumstances for one’s family members. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the faith has been denied, along with the birthright, for a bowl of lentil pottage. Esau sought his birthright with remorse, regret, and tears and yet was denied it as he had denied it previously. The same appears to be in the offing for Europe, sadly.

  4. The Mahommedans are like packs of hyenas. They come for the litle girl, and the little boys, the young naive teenager and her friends, the young woman with her boyfriend, the pregnant woman who can’t run fast enough, the old woman hobbling down the street.
    And finallly, when employed as healthcare assistants (!) they will molest and abuse the invalids in their bed.
    How often must we reiterate: they are pack animals who will attack the weak and defenceless and the Western states have done their utmost to turn their citizens into frightened and helpless nitwits. People also know that when caught defending themselves they will most probably be charged by the police, sent to prison and fined.
    As we no longer have many strong manual workers (fishermen, miners, steel-workers…), new generations are expected to work in call-centres, or as teachers, or youth helpers etc…These young males will thus no longer develop a strong body, honed by a life of danger and hardship; they will not develop a sense of bonding with their mates….All of it is coming together as a perfect storm. We were warned about it even before the 30’s.
    It has been hammered into people’s head, since childhood, that we are all human beings, brothers and sisters and all that, so when people see others being attacked, there’s that second of mental meltdown when the brain screams: Does not Compute!.
    Many Western Males have been bred to morph into slightly moronic fluffy rabbits that are now being caught in the headlights of the incoming Behemoth of an army of jackals and rabid hyenas. The near Future looks bloody with strips of gore on the pavement.

    • Agree that there are far fewer Western men in professions that create toughness.

      That said, desk jockies could be building themselves up quite a bit with 3 to 4 hours of efficient, vigorous exercise per week.

    • right,Nathalie! When I was young some 55 years ago, there were workers in any bar or pub we went to .These guys were strong and fearless and would fend off any malevolent attacker even without being involved themselves.Glorious times.

  5. The Muslims of the Hindukush region (Pakistan’s NWFP and Afghanistan) — largely pakthoons or pashtuns — are notorious for the perversities (esp. P******ty) mentioned in this article. An extremely repressed, fanatical, tribal, male dominated society. Bringing them into the [your] Western world… well its like the proverbial bull-in-the-china-shop.
    Because you used the term “Hindukush” just to clarify this name came about because of the huge number of Hindu slaves who perished in the mountains of Afghanistan as they were being carted away by their Muslim [Turks / Afghans] slavers, right upto the 18th century. “Kush” loosely means killer in Persian.

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