Czechia Files a Complaint Against EU Gun Regulations

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from the Swiss news portal Les Observateurs:

Czech Republic lodges complaint against Europe

by Frank A. Leutenegger
August 15, 2017

In fact, the Czech Republic has filed two complaints, one directly against the European directive which makes unacceptable restrictions on the right to possess weapons, the other against the effects of this directive on European states, which are obliged to modify their national law by September 2018.

— Milan Chovanec, Minister of the Interior for the Czech Republic

“We are going to the Court of Justice of the European Union to ask for the abolition of this directive, possibly its suspension, or that an exception be introduced for certain member states and of course in particular for the Czech Republic,” said the Czech Interior Minister, Milan Chovanec.

“A punishment of the legitimate owners of weapons is unacceptable because the weapons legally confiscated and banned by the directive have no connection with terrorism,” Chovanec said. “Not only is this decision likely to destroy people’s trust in the EU,” he added, “but it could even have a negative impact on the internal security of the Czech Republic, because a large number of weapons could end up on the black market.”

Moreover, the Czech government relies heavily on the cooperation of legal holders of firearms in the event of an attack threatening the sovereignty of the Czech Republic, particularly in the event of a terrorist attack.

There are currently more than 800,000 weapons of all categories registered to 300,000 owners in the Czech Republic (population 10.6 million).

6 thoughts on “Czechia Files a Complaint Against EU Gun Regulations

  1. As a proud Czech and American as well, I hail the policies of the Czech government. Firearms and Czechs belong together, many of my friends carry on a daily basis. I have several firearms of Czech provenance in my gun safe.

    Veritas Vincit, says the inscription on the Czech Presidential Standard.

    Sense of realism permeates the whole society; the Czechs, Poles, Hungarians and Slovaks are now the West …

  2. This hunk of territory was very well fought over in WWII–first in one direction, then the other and LOTS of nasty in be tweens in–between.
    I suspect that LOTS of ammunition “litter” and whole piles of “lost” weaponry has been carefully cleaned, greased, oiled and stored away. This chunk of real estate has never been treated well by aggressors–so “just in case”, well–it’s just in case.
    (I know for a fact that was the case in North Bavaria when I served over there–that’s actually only a few miles to the West.)
    Frankly, were I the EU–I’d be worried about this UNREGISTERED stuff, and a lot of it is FULL-AUTO, to boot. If they get too froggy it would likely be used against what they laughably refer to as an EUarmy, and tear up their hair nets, etc.

    As for their modern (AND very good, I might add) production:
    What part of “NO WAY IN HELL” does Brussels not understand??

    • I doubt if an EU army would take action against a European country without the collaboration of NATO. Under a Hillary Presidency, NATO participation would be a real possibility. Under the Trump administration, use of overt armed force against a European country is probably off the table. Therefore, the independence of the Visograd 4 and East European countries like Poland depends on their own politics and resolve as much as on foreign threats. The willingness to live within their budgets is a prime manifestation of their passion for independence.

      The Trump administration is not going to last forever, and an intelligent East European government would do well to treat the EU and the constituent countries as potential enemies. This means, at a minimum, a network of intelligence agents in Germany, Belgium, France, etc, who more-or-less operate as if they were in actively hostile territory.

      • Agents in another country are worth nothing if you are not willing to use them.

        I think we can say with 100% certainty that Serbia had agents in various NATO states, but when NATO bombed them, they did not use them.

        If I had been in command of Serbian agents / Special Forces I would have activated them.

        Just think of making so much unrest in a country by just remembering everything is Just in time manufacturing and without power the fun starts.

  3. I don’t know how much legal, financial, or indeed, military coercion the EU has over individual countries, but the motivation for gun control and disarming the population is crystal clear. The EU is a bureaucratically-driven oligarchy which has the objective of perpetrating its own arbitrary rule, and of replacing the native population. In other words, the EU is a quite advanced tyranny.

    The possession of firearms is a very necessary component of the ability and willingness of people to take care of themselves and manifest independence of though and means. So, the possession of firearms is a primary impediment to a tyrannical government, bureaucracy or dictatorship. There is no very great mystery as to why the EU is exerting whatever power it has to disarm European citizens.

    Notice I did not say the people would use their weapons against the government. I said the people will develop a sense of independence, giving them the motivation to resist a tyrannical government through all legal means.

    I believe the EU was unnerved by the election of Trump. NATO is obviously not available for internal European enforcement, at least while Trump is in office. The EU is overextending itself; should the Czech government totally ignore the EU, the EU will look weak and stupid, as indeed is the best possible outcome. This is one of the unanticipated benefits of a Trump Presidency.

  4. Guns possession is the only right that can give people true power against an authoritatian regime. It is no doubt that EU fosters immigration and at the same time disarms its citizens physically and politically. EU is our enemy and must be distroyed, just like USSR.
    Never in human history people saw their rights removed to such extend, and that is because technology enables it like never before.
    Go on Cz!

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