Bad News From Bad Kreuznach

The town of Bad Kreuznach in Rhineland-Palatinate is a friendly, attractive place — or it used to be. Now there are nightly riots in the park by culture-enrichers — Afghans and Turks. And is anybody surprised that the women of Bad Kreuznach are afraid to go out alone these days?

The social worker responsible for migrant welfare is so disturbed by the situation that she is willing to talk about it on camera.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   For all intents and purposes, it should be a beautiful, tranquil park, inviting to relax in:
00:04   The Kirschstein park in Bad Kreuznach. It should be.
00:08   But during the night, foreign groups riot here.
00:11   There is massive disorderly conduct and violence.
00:15   Annette Bauer of the city’s migration board looks after the integration of young refugees.
00:20   But even she is fed up by now.
00:24   “These are real street fights. And when these fights take place here,
00:28   people over there, in all of ‘Klein Venedig’, can’t get any sleep.”
00:35   Recently, the locals have repeatedly approached Annette Bauer.
00:38   She knows her clientele, after all.
00:42   “At the moment, the riots are Afghan groups.
00:47   And Turks, along with them. The problem is the lack of respect these young men show,
00:55   for the police when there is a brawl;
00:58   the profanities they use, verbal excesses, and:
01:02   ‘You have no say here, we are the bosses here!’ — this is inappropriate.”
01:06   Police have intensified patrols of this and other parks.
01:11   The things that happen here are no bagatelles, as is confirmed by
01:14   the deputy chief of the police office Bad Kreuznach, Arndt Hebel:
01:19   “As one of the highlights, what must be mentioned is the incident
01:23   at Kirschstein park on Wilhelm Street; it was an attempted homicide.
01:30   It originated from a previous brawl on the Naher Bridge.
01:35   Investigations are ongoing.”
01:38   The groups are increasingly aggressive towards the police.
01:42   “There is a lack of respect towards the police.
01:46   For example, identification papers are thrown on the ground in front of the officers’ feet;
01:53   Spitting and insults,
01:56   when a measure, such as a prohibition against returning to the place, needs to be physically enforced;
02:00   or others join in, and attack the officers —
02:05   we do joint patrols with the municipal public order office.”
02:10   At the Kornmarkt, in the heart of in the city, the aggressive men have also rioted.
02:14   Currently, there are the ‘beach weeks’ by the organizer Andreas Schnorrenberger.
02:19   Even he was attacked by the men.
02:23   “There are six boys, 20 years old, or 25, I could not even look that quick,
02:28   there was — not from behind, as was erroneously reported in the press, but frontal —
02:32   a kick, which I did not see coming, and a bottle hit my face.
02:36   The men also harassed other guests, according to Andreas Schnorrenberger.
02:40   Visitors stay away; women especially don’t feel comfortable.
02:46   “I’m sure others feel threatened. They contact me, say and write,
02:51   that they love the fact that there are high quality events like this in Bad Kreuznach,
02:58   and that they would like to come, but that they feel too uncomfortable, due to the situation.”
03:02   “It is a slap in the face. So many people have been trying their best
03:07   to help people make a home here; and
03:11   there are groups who are full of ingratitude; in the sense of
03:15   treating police, and women, to such a negative extent.
03:22   It — yes, it consternates us. It truly consternates us.”
03:27   The first measure is a nightly exclusion order from the Kirschstein park,
03:31   as well as on Fischer Square and Schloss Square, which was issued early this week.
03:36   Besides, police intensified their presence in town and in the parks.
03:41   The locals hope that in this way peace will soon return.

14 thoughts on “Bad News From Bad Kreuznach

  1. Hope all you want – peace will not return. The only thing these people respect is force, painful, blunt and immediate.

  2. “Crush your enemy, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women”. -Conan the Barbarian

    This is what they are doing to us now.

    This is what we must do to them, if we are going to survive.

  3. Notice that the nightly exclusion order from the parks affects everyone, locals and the new troublemakers, indiscriminately.

    Such is the state of affairs in Germany. Early 2016, Merkel famously said that it was neither possible, nor desirable, to protect the country’s borders.
    Instead, there now are nightly curfews, and fences and roadblocks around the fairs and cathedrals.

    I am still waiting for someone of the decision-makers to explain how that is an improvement.

    • improvement?

      In summer 2005, before Merkel first time became chancellor, someone dropped a leavlett from the socialdemocrats into my postbox. I happened to read it and remember some of its contents.

      They reported “chancellor Kohl’s girl” had met one of the really big boys, a globaliser, and asked him: “What to you think of when you hear Germany named?” Reply: “I don’t think about Germany; I rather think about China!” Merkel’s comment: how great would it be if such a great man would think about Germany. (A nation state would be considered a nuisance; something interfering with bussiness.)

      How do you call a women who sells herself?

    • Correct. The external borders are being replaced by lots of little internal borders but there can never be enough of them to perform the same function.

  4. Many years ago I spent a week in Bad Kreuznach on a wine tasting tour. It was a delightful place. My wife wants to visit Germany next time we go to Europe. What do I tell her?

        • Portuguese wine is also very good and it’s cheap. And, as an added bonus, Portugal is full of nice Portuguese people, not Muslims or other angry Third World immigrants, which makes all the difference in the world when it comes to a nice vacation. I was just there and it was fantastic, the opposite of being here in Brussels (25% Muslim) where I, unfortunately, live.

          • Yes, Portuguese wine is also excellent and great value. Anything from the Douro River valley is highly recommended.

          • I like Slovenian whites. Very slightly effervescent, similar to Portuguese Vinho Verde (which is superb).

            The Slovenian whites used to be available here in supermarkets (they were very cheap) until Slovenia became a full member of the EU. Then the EU cartel’s export rules kicked in — with the EU calling the shots, the French, Italian, Spanish and German wines got the most favorable transatlantic treatment. Or so I’m told.

    • I would go, but avoid large events. And be prepared to feel sad when you visit the larger towns like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne. Take certain precautions on public transport.

  5. Today a small city park is occupied.

    Ten years from now it will be the floor of the German legislature.

  6. Milosevic was the last realist in Europe. He had to go so the Globalists could set up their heroin running hub in Kosovo.

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