AfD Member Encounters a “Refugees Welcome” Activist in Münster

Martin Schiller is a member of the AfD in Münster. He attempted to have a conversation with a “refugees welcome” person, who may also possibly have been a member of Antifa. Their encounter is recorded in the following video.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   Hello! Good morning. My name is Martin Schiller
0:03   from AfD Münster, and today
0:06   we’ve put up our info booth here,
0:09   I’ve started to hand out flyers,
0:12   to chisel away at some of these
0:15   preconceived notions against the AfD.
0:24   And now the moment has come where our friends
0:27   from the Left have arrived. I find it a bit cowardly
0:30   because he’s hiding behind his cardboard poster.
0:33   Good morning, a hearty welcome!
0:36   I think it’s great that you engage yourself,
0:39   that you have an opinion. I have a lot of respect for that!
0:42   What did you write on that poster? —Don’t push me! I have a yogurt in my bag! FCK AFD!
0:46   That’s your favorite hobby, isn’t it? —What hobby? —To push people who protest!
0:50   No, no, we are friendly and nice, we don’t push people! —I have had totally different experiences!
0:54   Were you pushed yesterday? —Nah…
0:57   Or how about last Saturday? —Nah, not last Saturday either.
1:00   Nah?
1:03   What does FCK mean anyway?
1:06   FCK… uh, does that stand for football club?
1:10   Uh, maybe, communal football club?
1:13   But why are you here alone today anyway,
1:16   why isn’t there one of those wonderfully beautiful
1:19   human chains?
1:27   You weren’t there either, the actions around our last booth,
1:30   that beautiful human chain…
1:33   those were others, no?
1:42   And wow, a photographer is here too.
1:45   Why is he shaking like that? Hey why are you shaking like that?
1:55   Well you have me on camera too.
1:58   Well yeah, we want — we want to have a small conversation.
2:01   Nah nah nah! —You don’t want to, that’s just sad.
2:05   And why — why are you so few, I don’t get that?
2:08   Why just one person?
2:11   [Shrugs shoulders, walks away with photographer.]

16 thoughts on “AfD Member Encounters a “Refugees Welcome” Activist in Münster

  1. I can’t make out what is on the handheld sign at 0:35. It seems to be “Bitte ! Habe einen Joghurt im Beutel!” (“Please ! Have a yogurt in the pouch!”) What’s that all about? Is he standing in front of a yogurt shop, urging passers-by to stop in and buy a container of yogurt to take home in a little bag? (Beuteltier = marsupial)
    The Refugees Welcome silhouette logo on his shirt seems to be copied from the U.S.-Mexico border:

    • Yes, his sign says “please don’t push I have a yogurt in my pouch”. And below it says “FCK AFD”.

      He wants to drive the point home that HE is the victim, because evil AfD keeps pushing him. However when he’s asked by Schiller when he was pushed, he keeps saying “nah”. LOL

      I’ve come to the conclusion that the young protester might be slightly “slow”, if you know what I mean.

      Schiller handles him with the subtle humor that I so used to love in Germans, and especially Austrians. But nowadays it’s a wonder Schiller was able to treat this kid as humanistically as he did without being put in front of the EU court and facing a trial for hate crime.

      Yes the refugees welcome logo is basically the mirrored version of the US Mexico border warning sign.

      • Auto-correct has struck again.

        I meant to say: “Humoristic” not humanistically.

    • By the way, I originally wrote:
      ==QUOTE== It seems to be “Bitte [illegible]? Habe einen Joghurt im Beutel!” (Please [unlesbar]! Have a yogurt in the pouch!”) ==UNQUOTE==

      except that for the left bracket [ I wrote a less-than sign . Apparently the software than handles comments deletes anything that appears between a less-than sign and a greater-than sign. This is a (fixable?) error in the comments-handling software. Commenters are forced to remember: Don’t use less-than and greater-than signs as delimiters.

      • Grrr! When making my explanation, I used less-than and greater-than signs, but everything between them got deleted! Bad software design!

  2. It says:
    “Bitte nicht werben. Habe einen Joghurt im Beutel! Please don’t advertise! [I] have a yogurt in my bag!” I guess, that means: if you continue advertising for your party you’ll have my yogurt on your face.

    • advertise…as in, “push”. So: “Please don’t push! I have yoghurt in my bag!” It’s an allusion to his claim that AfD is physically aggressive and that they’ve pushed him when he participated in past protests.

      His sign might be funny–if it wasn’t so pathetic.

      • The poster says “Bitte night schubsen” (Please do not push). And that is also what Schiller says when he reads the poster out loud.

        Agreed on the poster being an allusion to his claim that the AfD is aggressive. But it’s quickly proven he’s just full of… yogurt.

  3. Paid by Soros “activist”.
    Hi got his photo and 50 Euros for “herbs”.. Photo guy as well…Life is good..
    Here in Poland we have thousand of them.. from “Democracy” fighters thru “climate warriors ” to heavy stuff :-)) “green warriors”
    They are paid low wages thru all kind NGO “foundation”
    The most fearsome and accordingly paid are “rainbow warriors” :-))
    Local kids after school kick all of them butts for fun..
    Hard to be a “freedom fighter” in 95 % conservative Catholikstan Poland :-((

    • I think your explanation is closest to the fact. This person and the photographer were shills. The question is, what were they trying to accomplish?

      My view is that whoever paid them did not fully inform them, but the real objective was to see if they could get a video of European nationalists bullying a lone, unoffensive advocate of more immigration. His paymasters would be delighted if he were physically attacked by the nationalists.

      Since AfD are peaceful and advocates of freedom, all that happened was, he was challenged to a debate. As the protester was simply being paid and probably didn’t care one way or another, he and the photographer simply packed up and walked away.

      • They did this “photo session” for next anty AFD MSM propaganda stunt ..You will see it next day in local German newspaper and TV..All been staged ..

  4. Pure coincidence. The placard holder is trying to create a safespace from the crowd to protect his lunch, he covers his face with the placard to signify his impersonal representation of yogurt transport in public. The fckafd part is easily explained, it is a symbol of his frustration at not being able to express himself fully on the necessity of lunch protection , as he is not used to writing phrases like *#%** because he is maybe not computer literate, which is no crime, he simply… well…pfffgghj.

    Oh, his shirt, it is about yogurts also. He is saying he has space on him for more yogurts keen to escape the crowd. The cameramale (+ gender if known or exists) is shaking because he/she/it is laughing to him/her/itself.

    Please forgive the use of “it”, it is a modern term for people promoted by those who don’t want to be labelled by anything other than a completely bland impersonal objective that is all inclusive.

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