Culture Enrichers at Italian Resort Gang-Rape Polish Woman, Beat Up Husband

As many of our readers may have heard, over the weekend a young Polish woman was gang-raped and her husband beaten at the Adriatic resort of Rimini in Italy. The suspects the police are searching for are “dark-skinned” culture-enrichers, but in most media reports one would have to read far down in the news articles to discover that fact— if the swarthiness of the perpetrators were even mentioned at all.

Below are two Polish reports on what happened, and an Italian editorial about the incident. Many thanks to Ava Lon for both translations from the Polish.

The first is from the weekly Catholic newspaper Gość Niedzielny:

Police are looking for perpetrators of violent assault on Poles in Rimini

August 27, 2017

Italian police are looking for four perpetrators of a brutal attack on two Polish tourists on the beach in Rimini, where a 26-year-old woman was raped and her husband beaten. The Italian press on Sunday is calling the attack on the Poles “bestial” and “inhuman”.

As the newspapers underline, the first findings based on victims’ accounts show that the attackers were probably young foreigners. The attack occurred on the night between Friday and Saturday.

The daily Corriere della Sera writes that perpetrators may have originated in North Africa.

The police are confident that this is a very brutal group that, as all the evidence indicates, and which was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It turned out that after the attack on the tourists from Poland the group also attacked a transsexual from Peru. They abandoned him, wounded, by the side of the road.

The daily La Repubblica reports that the organized group of Polish tourists, with which the young couple had arrived, left to return to Poland.

The beaten man was discharged from the hospital and will testify.

His wounded wife, who is in shock, is still in the hospital. According to the rules of conduct in rape cases, the woman will also receive psychological support.

The Italian media quotes Rimini police chief Maurizio Improty, who said of the attackers: “They were acting with inhuman violence.” “I hope they will meet a nightmare now,” he added.

Local police have set up a special group to deal with this case.

A representative of the city government visited the victims of the attack in the hospital and offered them all the support and assistance, according to the press agency Ansa.

The follow-up report is from the conservative Catholic site The translator includes this background:

Polish law allows the government to demand extradition of perpetrators who commit crimes against Polish citizens abroad. This is why Polish investigators have already arrived in Italy. The Polish government (and public) want to judge and incarcerate them in Poland. They would face NO LESS than five years.

The translated article:

Husband of raped Polish woman: They were like beasts

August 28, 2017

The 26-year-old Polish woman attacked on a beach in Rimini was probably raped by drug-traffickers. As the Italian police say, investigations into this matter will be very difficult, because although the officers have surveillance recordings and fingerprints of perpetrators, they will have to look for them in the complex environment of immigrant criminals operating among thousands of tourists along the coastline of the Adriatic Sea.

After a while the woman’s husband, badly beaten himself, testified about the brutal rape. The man said that the two perpetrators had an “olive” complexion, the other two slightly lighter. They were speaking in broken English.

“I tried to understand what they wanted. When I realized what was going on, it was too late. I got hit in the face with a bottle,” said the Polish woman’s husband in a media interview.

“There were four of them, and they were like beasts. They beat me on the head until I lost consciousness,” he added.

[Polish] Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro expressed the hope that the perpetrators will be severely punished after this incident; Polish investigators have already been sent to Italy.

[Polish] Deputy Minister Patryk Jaki commented on this in even harsher terms, stating that perpetrators should be subjected to the death penalty and torture. In an emotional entry on Twitter he wrote:

“For #rimini there should be the death penalty for these bastards. Although for this particular case I would also bring back torture.”

For an Italian perspective, here is an editorial from Il Giornale. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation:

It is forbidden to say that the suspects are foreigners

Even in the face of the horror of a group rape against a girl, political correctness softens the blow.

by Alessandro Sallusti
August 28, 2017

Even in the face of the horror of a group rape against a girl, the politically correctness softens the blow. Rape is an infamous crime, regardless of who commits it.

But the point is: why not say who, or rather who is being sought as the alleged persons responsible, as is happening in the case of the girl raped on the beach of Rimini? Readers of most of yesterday’s daily newspapers and news broadcasts, which have also reserved a lot of room for the matter, do not know or have the slightest idea, reading between the lines, that the police are hunting for three Maghreb (North African) immigrants.

Will they be the guilty ones? We do not know, but the news is that investigators are looking for them. So why not say it? Why not give public opinion the identity of the possible killer, as in all cases of black chronicles since the (beginning) of time? We are confident that if the raped girl and her wounded partner reported being attacked by Italians instead of dark-skinned people, there would not have been all these precautions and silence. And the titles would have been more or less: “A gang of blonds rape a young tourist.”

Again, today no one knows the truth, but investigators know well who they are looking for; journalists know the track beaten by investigators, newspaper editors know well what journalists know. Everyone knows, but no one dares to say and write clearly. We are so concerned that immigrants, compared to us Italians, be not only protected by the system when they occupy a home, but also when they are suspected of raping a girl.

It is the damned virus with which the [Laura] Boldrinis [journalist and president of the Chamber of Deputies] and [Roberto] Savianos [journalist] have infected the country, a reverse racism that is even protected by the Order of Journalists, which investigates and punishes those who dare to vaccinate themselves, that is to call things by their own name.

I recently was under investigation for an article: “They try to kidnap a child, the police clean out a Roma (Gypsy) camp,” which faithfully reported the facts. I claim the freedom to inform you that the police, according to the facts from Rimini, are looking for three immigrants, which means nothing more and nothing less than what is happening in these hours. We will not be politically correct, but professional, yes. And that’s enough for us.

32 thoughts on “Culture Enrichers at Italian Resort Gang-Rape Polish Woman, Beat Up Husband

  1. Anyone reading GOV or any counter jihad web sites has heard this so many times that we are approaching numb.
    Please call back when the perpetrators are captured and castrated.

    • Perhaps people should boycott ALL tourist resorts in
      Europe (including cruises) and hit the countries stupid enough
      To welcome/endure these third world ambassadors for
      Medievalist barbarism, where it hurts most, in the pocket?

      Hitting their economies would exacerbate the drain placed on
      Their economies by these third world invaders, who bring
      Nothing to the table, apart from mayhem and shocking

      God knows how this poor Polish couple’s lives will ever
      Return to any sort of normality, my heartfelt sympathy
      Goes out to them.

  2. The death penalty should be sufficient. Bibblical law allows it for rape, idolatry and bearing false prophecy.

  3. I think what amazes me is that so many of these European countries just lie down and take it. Why don’t they at least defend themselves? Oh, they were disarmed long ago and can’t, unless they are good at knife work. Knife work, from what I understand, takes skill and not many have it.

    And this is why Americans will never give up their guns.

    Furthermore, I am an immigrant to USA (but a citizen) but I appreciate the gun rights; even if one never has to use them, it is good to know they are there when or if needed.

    A people who are not allowed to defend themselves is pathetic. Everyone should have the right to defend themselves. I feel sorry for Europe because they were disarmed and now are unable to defend themselves, which must be why the murder and rape rate is so high. . . just guessing. Maybe they should learn knife-work? It’s not an easy skill, but if a girl pulled a knife on one of these rapists, I’d guess he might have run away.

    In case nobody noticed, I despise rapists as the scum of the earth, along with a few other choice beings but that’s enough for one day.

    • Having a gun for self-defense encourages a sense of self-reliance and independence, which is threatening to a totalitarian mega-state like the EU. Independent citizens speak out; disarmed citizens of welfare states are dependent on the whims of the state for not only security, but view basic necessities as handouts.

    • Knife laws are nearly as restrictive as gun laws in the US. Heck, “club” laws in the US are ridiculous, even for improvised bludgeons like golf clubs.

      I shudder to think how bad Euro knife laws are.

      • yes, I always carry a full set of clubs in the trunk of my car, but for selfdefence my choice would be a seven iron with graphit shaft.Who ever hit a tree when swinging a steel shafted iron knows, that it does not stand a severe blow. Btw, my putter is quite solid too.

    • I feel for the people in the EU. I conceal carry at all times. My 9mm is sitting next to me on my end table as I type this reply. No one I am with will be hurt if I have a means to do so. Everyone has a God given right to defend themselves regardless of any laws!

      • Exactly! Overturn the 2nd amendment and most gun owners won’t turn them in. Why should we? If you don’t have the right to protect yourself and your friends and loved ones, the other rights have no meaning.

        • One might suggest, but couldn’t possibly do so, of course, that American gun owners who are not yet required to declare ownership of weapons do not do so when their states request they do. Confiscation will follow as sure as night follows day. This was the procedure in Australia: state level registration and issue of ‘lifetime’ licenses with no new restrictions on gun use, followed a few years later by federal bans and confiscation, administered by the states, with revocation of ‘lifetime’ licenses and issue of highly restrictive renewable state licenses with no interstate reciprocity.

  4. ““I hope they will meet a nightmare now,” he added.”

    I hope they are erased from the face of the Earth. This crime, as with the Pakistani Muslim rapists of England, makes me nearly physically sick.

  5. Polish Woman & Husband, Beat Up and Gang-Rape Enrichers at Italian Resort

    There, fixed that.

  6. Kudos to the Polish police who at least had the concern that they went to country of the crime. Imagine had they been Swedish or Dutch? They would probably be blaming the victims for being out so late at night. This poor women will be affected by this for the rest of her life. Tragically, Europe is just importing thousands more of these beasts.

    • It’s sad we live in a time when a nation looking out for its citizens is seen as exceptional – that is the convent and entire point of citizenship!

  7. There’s yet more “enrichment” in the aftermath to this story…

    (ANSA) – “Rome, August 28 – A 24-year-old apparently Muslim ‘cultural mediator’ for an Italian migrant-reception cooperative got into hot water Monday by saying rape was “a worse act, but only at the beginning, when the willy goes in, then the woman becomes calm and you enjoy it like normal intercourse”.

    There were calls for the man, Abid Jee, to be sacked over the Facebook post, which caused a stir despite being quickly removed.

    Jee was commenting on the Friday night rapes of a Polish tourist and a transsexual prostitute by a reported North African gang of four in Rimini.”

    • […]rape was “a worse act, but only at the beginning, when the willy goes in, then the woman becomes calm and you enjoy it like normal intercourse”.

      it’s like saying: relax and enjoy the ride!

      • That he sees no difference between the passivity of a rape victim and a wife’s sexual response speaks loads about ‘normal’ intercourse within Muslim marriage.

    • This mediator’s comment sounds like he has first hand knowledge of the topic.

      Sounds like grounds for immediate ejection from the EU!

  8. Africans were promoting racial harmony & interracial love & understanding. Anyone who would call this rape is obviously a racist bigot who doesn’t know what true love is

    Am sure that the fat unloved Polack cow & her cuckold husband are now filled with joy, peace & contentment. When they get home to Poland they are inviting these loving youfz to share their home & spread the Love to all Polacks.

    In fact, if Poland continues to refuse mass immi-invasion & does not accept at least 10,000,000 ‘fugee’s then the Justice League of Europa, our heroic NATO, should invade Poland from the West, Germany & the South

  9. It’s ludicrous to think that the illiterate, sociopathic, highly-impulsive Middle Eastern and African Muslim refugees will be affected in the least by any punishment handed out to the gang that committed the rape and assaults. The only possible effect of draconian punishment would be to rally the Polish (and perhaps Italians) to a more active resistance to protect their own security.

    Which is not to say draconian punishment should be off the table. Just that such a punishment would not solve the problem. The only way the sociopath Middle Easterners will not commit crimes is if they are not in the environment in the first place. In other words, once they’re in the country, the battle is already lost.

    • Draconian punishment won’t solve the problem 100%, but it would have a significant deterrent effect.

      • I recall reading of one East European country where, after an incident, that same night, gangs of East Europeans went to the refugee center and beat up the immigrants they found. Deterrence this close in time to the act itself probably does establish the association and have some preventive effect.

        But, any Western court has such a long delay between committing the act and any punishment, even a life sentence, that the punishment itself likely has very little effect on crime prevention.

  10. This incident is exactly why collective punishment of all invaders in the area is necessary.

    Send them all back, [redacted].

    • The day when summary executions of the first four culture enrichers nabbed in the area where such atrocities occur is not far off. And good riddance too. At least the Poles show that their are still real men remaining in Europe. I hope the Polish Deputy Minister gets his wish. Maybe they can hold a lottery for the men who will carry out his wishes. I certainly would be game for it.

      • Certain and sure political carer in Poland ! “ordnung muss sein”…
        hmmm looks like we Poles are good and smart students ;-))

      • this is following the example of the Thai hotel owners on Ko Samui in the early eighties, when the resorts were permanently haunted by a gang of robbers. The police were inefficient, maybe being in the game or blackmailed.
        So the owners rented a posse and dropped 8 corpses in front of the police headquarters.
        Since then nothing has been heard of criminal acts in hotels and elswhere.

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