The Latest Trend in Denmark: Long-Distance Beheading?

Here’s the latest prank by those mischievous “youths” in Denmark: long-distance beheading. The young scamps hoped to execute a traditional decapitation without having to lay a hand on a scimitar or get blood on their Nikes. Their apparent plan was truly demonic, and tragedy was only averted by sheer luck.

It makes you wonder: don’t Muslims use the bike path? Or did the word go out through culture-enricher networks not to travel down that particular path on that particular night? Or did the perpetrators simply not care who encountered their trap?

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Insane death traps in Danish town: Random people risk getting their heads cut off

Photo caption: It was here between a tree and a light pole on a path in central Korsør that the three volunteers found iron wire that someone had strung up across the path at a height of one and a half meters [4′ 10″]. Two of them, Rasmus Erichsen and Janni Rasmussen were along on the evening they came across the wire.

The volunteers “The Night Ravens” in Korsør are used to a bit of everything when they, weekend after weekend, patrol the town of Korsør and its night life in order to help prevent violence and crime.

But the sight of what they found on June the 24th at about 11:30pm, was of a character that truly shocked the three Night Ravens on duty that night.

“I’ve never seen anything like that. It could kill completely random people” says one of the volunteers, 37 year old Janni Rasmussen.

On a heavily trafficked bike path next to one of Korsør’s major roads close to the center of town, a long piece of wire was tautly strung between a lamp and a tree. The wire is of the thick kind that is also used for fencing.

Photo caption (not shown): It was iron wire like this that young people strung across a bike path in Korsør. It is, amongst other things, used for fencing.

The iron wire was strung up at a height of one and a half meters and served as a so-called trip-wire.

A trip wire has the devilish effect that it does not give if you walk, run or cycle into it at high speed.

“It’s completely crazy and could have cost human life. Imagine bicycling, and it hits your throat. Then you would cut off your head!” says Janni Rasmussen, who, along with colleagues Rasmus Erichsen and Benjamin Erichsen were on patrol that night, and by accident discovered the iron wire.

The case follows in the wake of several cases of gross harassment against completely random people that have been in the headlines in recent years. First, it was random drivers who experienced being hit by concrete blocks, stones, and metal screws thrown from highway bridges. For a German family this ended in tragedy when a mother of a little boy was killed while the father ended up brain-damaged when they were inadvertently hit by a 30 kilo [67 lb] stone thrown from a Funen motorway bridge. The stone went through their windshield. Since then, drivers from all over the country have experienced wheel bolts being loosened on their cars so that they risk the wheels’ falling off while driving.

Lately it was a group of partying students who were attacked with fire crackers, bottles and eggs as they were out celebrating their graduation.

The wire incident also took place that same weekend.

And the iron wire was not the only meaningless destruction that the three Night Ravens encountered that night.

On a heavily-trafficked road, young men had thrown large concrete tiles on the road — most likely with the intent of harassing passing motorists or some of the student wagons (a Danish tradition of students partying and celebrating their graduation riding around town on trucks) that were especially numerous that Saturday evening.

And at the nearby Gasværk Street there was an ordinary cord strung between a lamp and a tree — the same principle as the wire. It was, however, strung somewhat more loosely than the iron wire.

The three volunteer Night Ravens managed to catch a glimpse of five or six youngsters leaving the place, but they were 200 yards away, so they could not see who they were.

“We could only see that there was a group of young people, but not who they were. However, we know that there are a number of maladjusted youths who make trouble. We are quite convinced that they are the ones behind these acts,” says Janni Rasmussen.

“It’s frightening. As I see it, it’s a form of terror that is going to hurt completely innocent people,” she adds.

Photo caption (not shown): On Gasværk Street a cord was also stretched between a light pole and a tree.

The three Night Ravens removed the iron wire, just as they removed the many tiles from the road.

Subsequently they contacted the police, who said they would send a patrol. Whether they did so, the Night Ravens don’t know. In any case, they didn’t see any police.

South Zealand and Lolland-Falster police confirm the events to BT (Berlingske Tidende).

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    • I don’t see any connection whatsoever with Islam in this piece, despite the innuendo about the scimitar, etc. Nor is there in the Danish original. Come on GoV, you can do better than this.

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  3. Wires were stretched across roads at night by the “fedayeen” in the Canal Zone in Egypt to kill British despatch riders. This was in the early 1950s during the State of Emergency.

    “Lay ambushes for them and go after them in every stratagem of war” – Koran 9:5.

    In response army Land Rovers were fitted with upright protector bars at the front.

  4. The wire across the road is an old islamic stunt. I first became aware of it when Egyptian militias strung wire across roads in order to decapitate British motor cycle messengers and drivers of open topped jeeps during World War ll.

  5. The Hell’s Angels use similar wires to decapitate pursuing motorcycle cops.

    Those who are doing this in Denmark require extensive parking lot therapy.

  6. They say they can’t create anything and they say they do not have an imagination.
    Well liberals can celebrate! Their pets actually shown some ingenuity… of course not the good kind, but hey…

  7. I’m not completely sure the object throwing thing has anything to do islam, unfortunately, over here there were cases of simply bored teens doing similar things. Doesn’t change the fact that such behaviour is unacceptable, of course.

    As for the wire thing, as far as I know it’s not possible to reach speeds fast enough to literally decapitate a person on a bike (something like a rollercoaster or a car would be needed for that), but it would definitely make enough damage to cause a person’s death or severely injure them.
    Do they not have cameras on the streets in Denmark? They should be able to find out who did it with that technology (of course, if it’s a person in a hoodie with sunglasses, this kind of information is pretty useless).
    Either way I do not understand this kind of humour, unless, of course, it was actually planned this way.

  8. I’m sick and tired of hearing “Oh imagine the horror . . . imagine . . . ”
    I want to hear “Remember the horror . . . Remember!”

  9. Love the idea of the Night Ravens. Seems like the Danes have the right idea Would like to know more!

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