The Third Mohammedan Invasion

The following essay by a Polish scholar living in Hungary examines the migration crisis in Europe as it relates to the push for “global governance”.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this piece from the Hungarian daily Magyar Idők:

The Third Mohammedan Invasion

by Konrad Sutarski

The writer is a Polish historian who lives in Hungary

732, 1683, 2017: Now With Help of the Globalist Elite They Would Destroy Europe

Europe is in an uproar from migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos’ announcement that the European Commission has begun infringement proceedings against Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, the three EU member states who refuse to take in migrants from outside of Europe. At the same time, it may be surprising that the Commission has made an exception for the fourth Visegrád country, Slovakia. In September 2015, Slovakia, like Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania, also voted against the mandatory quota decision, which was adopted on the basis of the majority vote of the member states before many terrorist acts had been committed. (Poland, which at the time was still governed by the liberal Civilian Platform, voted for the proposal.)

In their lawsuit at the end of 2015, Slovakia and Hungary also attacked the mandatory migrant distribution for all EU member states at the European Court of Justice. In addition, at summits of Visegrád countries the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, repeatedly emphasized the unanimous position of the cooperating Visegrad states on this issue. Still, there is nothing to be surprised about, if we take into account the amazing inconsistencies of the EU’s power bodies on a variety of matters.

Not Just the Visegrad Countries Are Blocking Distribution

Virtually all the EU Member States passively resist to the initial transfer of migrants, whose number has already grown from 120,000, to 160,000 — which is formally only made up of people who are victims granted refugee status, but who are still from a large culturally and generally religiously alien group of people. Up until now, only a small number — 21,000 people — have been distributed.

According to the most recent report on June 9 of this year, Austria and Denmark have not officially taken in anybody from Asia on the Balkan route or on the route from Africa to Italy. Austria, which gradually moved away from the Germany’s “open gates” (Willkommenskultur) politics, promised to take only fifty people in this May. In this context, a Polish political journalist remarked ironically: “Juncker’s European Union is like an army in which the commands must be received with a loud and obedient “YES, SIR!” (Jawohl!), but they no longer need to actually execute them”.

Slovakia was left out of the countries that were reprimanded in the second half of last year, when it held the EU presidency; it received a huge “number” of migrants from Iraq, a total of 16 (!). The above-mentioned statement indicates that the Czech Republic also accommodated 12 refugees, mostly Iraqi Christian families. Would there be a substantial difference between 12 and 16? Otherwise, Germany — whose political leadership (Chancellor Angela Merkel) is most supportive of the EU’s efforts to provide human labour in such a destructive way with a mass invasion of foreign nationality, culture and religion — has so far formally accepted only 870 people. That’s just 0.54 percent of the 160,000 people, or a fraction of what Germany committed to in 2015. Therefore, under the standard used for the countries of the Visegrad Group, Germany and the other member states should also be subject to the same procedure, as emphasized by Jadwiga Wisniewska, a member of the reform-conservative Law and Justice party that currently governs Poland, in his speech in the European Parliament.

Merkel Has Failed to Comply With the Maastricht Requirements

MEP Hans-Olaf Henkel, one of the leading politicians of AfD, a Eurosceptic party in Germany, when interviewed recently by Anna Rybinska, made remarkably impressive statement in the Polish portal’s article. He argues that the proceedings against Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary are, above all, the “roar of the European Commission’s hypocrisy. I do not recall,” the EU official said, “that the EU initiated proceedings against Germany for breach of EU law, when it first violated one of the Maastricht criteria after the introduction of the euro, that the budget deficit should not exceed three percent of GDP.” The Maastricht Treaty has been violated at least a hundred times in other respects. “And nothing happened,” Henkel went on, “and suddenly it turns out that the rejection of the reception of refugees by the Poles, Czechs and Hungarians is a terrible misdemeanor … It is too transparent and a totally inconsistent reaction.”

To the reporter’s question about why the European Commission decided to proceed in this case, the representative said, “It happened under pressure from the German government. Berlin is so isolated in Europe with the asylum policy it advances, that ultimately it must force it onto its partners, to support solutions they [the Germans] benefit from. Even the French Government also expressed openly that it does not support Angela Merkel’s asylum policy. Sweden closed its borders when Germany opened its doors … There is not a single member state in the European Union that would support Berlin’s open border policy … With the initiation of the European Commission’s infringement proceedings against Poles, Hungarians and Czechs, Merkel is merely diverting attention from Berlin’s asylum-related stance.”

The Citizens of the European Union Do Not Want To Be Dictated To

This opinion is rife in a statistical survey carried out by the Pew Research Group of the Washington Research Foundation, published recently on June 15. The study presents the attitude of the population of many European Union countries about the where the responsibility for the refugee issue belongs: the EU authorities, or the country’s own government? According to the results of the investigation, 74% of the public took the stand of the EU countries and want to retain national competence.

Not only Hungary and Poland (where the results were 82% and 77%), but also in Western European countries. France, Germany and the Netherlands also had surprisingly many — approximately three quarters of those surveyed opposed central EU competence.

The Spaniards and the Italians were the least trustful of their own state (62 and 54 percent), but in the latter two cases the majority still opposed putting the fate of their country in the hands of the overbureaucratized EU power and in the hands of international big capital interests.

The analysis of the EU attack on the three Visegrád countries, even if it is as tight as possible, is definitely worth undertaking in a broadened and historically deepened perspective, that is, to assess the system of events that are of global political significance for changing the current nature of Europe and the world.

The last century — the totalitarian system following on the heels of communism and fascism: globalism seeks to obtain domination over the globe by than other than the two earlier trends. It does not openly fight with fire and sword; it does not threaten with powerful, heavily armed armies; but it is spreading in a number of different, less obvious ways, which I wrote more about in my book published last year (Poland and Hungary are the bastions of Christian Europe in the past and present, publisher Méry Ratio, Budapest, 2016).

The power of globalism is based on the uncharted dominant position of self-serving wealth that the large international corporations accumulate in the military industry, which is artificially expanded via the system of the international financial community (the banks). The methods of conquest: by extending loans on the financial-economic plane, they force states to become politically and economically dependent; on the cultural plane, they spread spectacular but aesthetically shallow mass culture to convert communities to spiritually superficial societies. They seek to alienate people from the humanitarian commitments of religion, and they relativize the value system to destroy morality. As for Europe, which is based on Christian foundations, they try to flood it with people: millions of culturally and religiously alien migrants from other continents.

In the latter case, the goals of the globalist financial-economic elite are close to the intentions of the Islamic warrior (Medinan) version, which was created in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century BC. Since its beginning, its unchanged goal has been world domination. This Arab-Mohammedan invasion was stopped for the first time in 732 on the battlefield of Poitiers, which is currently in France, in Western Europe, and was achieved by the Frankish troops under the leadership of Charles Martel (the Hammer). The other great Islamic conquest against Europe was finally arrested in Vienna by the Christian armies under the command of the Polish king Jan Sobieski in 1683. The third major attempt to Islamize Europe is currently underway. This third Mohammedan invasion is proceeding under the wings of globalism.

Europe Does Not Learn From History!

Islamic forces, like globalism, are expanding without large armies because it is enough for them that the masses of refugees (mainly from Asia and Islamic countries in Africa) are leaving, where the international large-scale military industry supplies weaponry to both sides to keep the conflict alive as long as possible. These refugees are joined by overwhelming number of economic migrants. Their delivery to the heart of Europe is directed and financed by the local networks of the global elite.

There are plenty of potential terrorists in this very mixed mass of people. Immigrants who come to this continent are settled in a wider region of Europe, especially in the Balkans and the West, as if they were already in the Islamic sphere of influence;, and the unexpected terrorist attacks that could be linked to the Islamic State — to that illegally-established, bloody Islamic State, which was not destroyed by international armed forces because they did not want to defeat them — creating a sense of intimidation and misgivings among the populace of the continent. The destructive action which always existed among Islamists is used by the globalist international economic elite, who continue to exploit and madden them, as Tamás Fricz has discussed in the Hungarian Times: the bigger the chaos in Europe, the more destabilization occurs, the greater the chance that a weakened Europe finally will give itself over to the Shadow Power [Deep State] and accept their unlimited rule over the earth.

In an investigation of events on such a wide scale, the attack against the Visegrád countries may seem like an insignificant episode. At the same time, the Visegrád countries are the main force of resistance against global power, which, in turn, seeks to enforce Orwellian obedience to world rule, and it is so powerful and loud — irrespective of the fact — that no consistency can be discovered. In this context, it is essential for our besieged countries and our nations to further strengthen our unity and to support our civic movements. In addition, it is imperative to widen the unity to other countries, to awaken the Western population from its passivity, to activate national feelings in civilian movements there, and to create national-minded governments.

The fight will be long, and the globalist forces are ruthless.

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  1. A more or less established (conspiracy) theory/fact in the Hungarian blogs, that originally the Germans wanted to do the same thing with the Middle-European countries like they doing it now with the Italians. Flood them with people, “store them there” and pick out the better ones for themselves. But the plan did not work out well for them, Hungary (Orbán) closed the borders and now Western Europe is full of migrants, while the V4 is free of them. They are sooooo pissed, you can see the angry distorted face on the talking heads preaching about “solidarity”…

    • Yes, the difference will be more striking as those countries that welcomed the muslim invaders suffer slaughter and destruction. That is why the V4 must be brought to its knees. They make the EU look bad and the truth is not pretty at all.

    • I can see a problem with that theory. Once the refugees have official papers, they will be free to travel anywhere in the EU. That will mean they go to the wealthiest countries with the most benefits, which again mean German, England, and perhaps France and the Netherlands.

      On a slightly different note, Trump’s speech in Poland seemed to give support to the East European nationalists. The unfortunate part was where he hit Russia for destabilizing the region by supporting the Syrian government.

      The best outcome I think think of for that situation is that when Trump and Putin get together, they agree that Russia will continue to support Syria, the US will quit interfering with the Syrian government, on the condition that Syria leave its ties and support from Iran, which is, of course, the main threat for the established governments in the region.

  2. Finally, if transported by force the political and economic muslim scum will be treated poorly and given almost nothing in the Vishegrad countries.
    if merkel tries force, it will come out pretty bad especially that now USA is in the eastern europe .
    Nothing will come of it.Just stupid western countries that will ingest all that muslim retards(apologies to retards) and the beautiful multi culti that will be embraced by all…
    Western countries had it very well under the USA protectorate that they did not appreciate and never actually respected.
    Ah, the big bad wolf of USA !!! They take over all… and they fight for all.
    Not now, not now.
    Now, western europe will have to prove that has life left over in the veins; or die.
    For the die part I am not sorry one bit.
    We say in my country ” The way you make your bad you lay in it”

  3. The Third Mohammedan Invasion

    How is it that everyone keeps on forgetting who it is that holds all the nuclear weapons.

    Islam will continue to be a thorn in Western Civilization’s side … until it isn’t.

    • Once they take over in France (one of the most infected country), they will have nukes too…

      • Pakistan already has nuclear weapons, supposedly under control of the military. Terrifyingly, their state intelligence agency has far too many links to the MB, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, etc.

        Even more scary is the rumor that Saudi Arabia has a standing order with Pakistan for the delivery of a quantity of nuclear devices if the House of Saud feels sufficiently threatened.

        • Your assessment is correct. Saudi has a standing order with Pakistan for the delivery of nukes as and when required. Pakistan is strapped for cash and provides nuclear weapons to islamic states. Saudi is awash with money.

          Abdul Kadir Khan stole the formula for nuclear enrichment from his European employers and went into production when he returned to Pakistan. Since then, Pakistan has been responsible for large scale nuclear proliferation, selling their technological skills to North Korea, and Iran. Pakistan was also providing nuclear technology to Gaddafi in Libya as well as Saddam Hussein.

          One thing confuses me, though. Why hasn’t Iran declared its nuclear weaponry as Pakistan has been providing them with expertise and components for over a decade?

      • That’s why both France and Britain represent tipping points with respect to Western intervention. Muslim invaders in those countries cannot be allowed to take possession of the French or British nuclear arsenals.

        As to Pakistan, no better illustration exists as to why the partitioning of India was the biggest post-WWII geopolitical blunder of the last century. All the civilian deaths they were trying to avoid by partitioning India happened anyway and one of the world’s most dangerously dysfunctional nations was created.

        The Pakistanis are so terrified of US Special Forces confiscating their nuclear weapons that they move them around in unarmored floral delivery vans to constantly changing locations.

        What could possibly go wrong?

        See: Pakistan Carts Its Nukes Around In Delivery Vans

  4. A good article that says it as it is. But a disagreement with the author’s number of Great Jihads the West has and is now experiencing.

    1. Battle of Tours 732

    2. Battle of Lepanto 1571

    3. Gates of Vienna 1638

    4. Present situation, and not just in Europe, but throughout the whole West or what used to termed, Christendom.

    For those who would like to research further into how ‘Globalism’ has become the latest form of Fascism with which to return us all some kind of feudal system, those of us that could survive such a deprivation that is, Joseph P. Farrell and Jim Marrs have a number of books devoted to exposing how the Nazis were able to set up an international system of Banking prior to the German Military defeat of World War Two and are books that I highly recommend as invaluable learning tools in exploring exactly what it is that we are all up against and that the author of this article has lightly touched upon.

    • The numbering of the jihads is actually based on the regime or dynasty that waged them. The #1 victory at Tours (Poitiers) was against the Cordoba Caliphate of the Umayyad Dynasty. Lepanto and Vienna were both fought against the Ottoman Empire/Caliphate, so they are part of the same jihad, and are both assigned #2.

      That puts us in the middle of the Third Jihad.

      • Well Baron, regardless of the count they’ve been at trying to conquer Europe for nearly 1300 years. I’ll bet that fact alone would upset a few Lefties.

      • There was another battle during the Second Jihad, the battle of Zenta which was one of the most one-sided and decisive battles in history. It is as important as the Ottoman defeat at Vienna, however it appears to be almost forgotten in the West.

      • «…The #1 victory at Tours (Poitiers) was against the Cordoba Caliphate of the Umayyad Dynasty.»
        Sorry: Cordoba Caliphate was from 929 to 1031.
        Battle of Poitiers was in 734

        • I guess I should have said, “What became the Cordoba Caliphate”.

          In any case, what distinguished it from the Second Jihad is that it was not Ottoman.

  5. 732 is wrong.
    Moslems invaded Iberia (Spain 711; Portugal 713) and were beaten 1st time in 718 at Covadonga.

  6. I don’t know how they’ll do it, but, I suspect that the Roman Catholic Church will find a way to use this self-inflicted liberal crisis to regain the cultural hegemony that they used to have, say, 500 years ago.

    Maybe, Pope Francis will be the last Catholic pope to sit on the throne of Peter and the first I don’t know what, maybe become Imam of Rhum?

    • «…Pope Francis will be the last Catholic pope to sit on the throne of Peter …» -according to prophecies yes he will be.

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