“Racist” Finnish Bus Driver Fired for Calling Out Somali Fare-Dodger

When a young Somali woman got on a bus in Finland, she told the driver that she had bought a ticket earlier, but her phone battery had died so she couldn’t show it. When the driver saw through her subterfuge, the Muslima asked if she could pay for the ticket now. He said, no, you lied before, get off my bus. And he recorded the whole thing on his own phone.

After the incident, the driver had the misfortune to encounter two official manifestations of Politically Correct Multiculturalism: (1) His superiors did not back up his actions, and in fact maintained that his behavior was “racist”; and (2) he learned that he was not in fact allowed to record such fare infractions — at least not when they were committed by culture-enrichers.

You’re probably not surprised to learn that the driver was later fired from his job as a result of this incident.

First, the video. Many thanks to KGS for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

And now the report from Tundra Tabloids:

Bus driver surprised after being terminated because of social media videos: “I have been a conscientious worker”

July 14, 2017

A redundant bus driver Gleb Simanov says to Iltalehti [Helsinki tabloid] that he had intended to raise the overall problem.

Booted bus driver Gleb Simanov is surprised by the decision by his employer.

According to the employer, Simanov engaged in describing immigrant young people without tickets in an “inappropriate and racist behavior”.

Simanov was a municipal election candidate for the Finns party [anti-immigration party] and says he had intended to bring out the problems he encounters in his work.


The operator, Nobina Finland, gave notice to the driver on Thursday, who filmed people trying to board the bus without a ticket.

The ending of the work contract was justified due to an “inappropriate and racist behavior”. Young people with an immigrant background were filmed, and the video circulated in social media with racist comments.

Simanov shared the videos on Monday on a Facebook page and on Tuesday received a request from his employer by telephone that he remove the online videos .

“The employer said that by removing the videos I would be let off easier. I promised to remove the videos by Tuesday evening; I couldn’t do it during working hours while I was driving,” Simanov tells Iltalehti.

He says he acted according to the wishes of his employer and removed the video immediately on Tuesday evening.

Simanov says that he was aware that the pit area must not be filmed, but he did not remember having heard of the ban on buses. He says he had intended to work continuously with videos to show the problems they encounter in order to develop the system.

“In our work we face issues like these problems on a daily basis, and no one wants to take it seriously. I never thought that by describing it, it would harm the company,” he says.

Although the videos increased the fuss to some degree, Simanov did not expect dismissal.

“In a way, it came as a surprise, as well as to my shop steward, who was involved in the discussions. He said that at the most, I should be given a warning,” Simanov says.

Both Nobina and HSL emphasize that the terminating of the employment was generated by the transport operator, and HSL has had no role. According to Simanov the dismissal came from “pressure by HSL”.

Video transcript:

00:00   Bus Driver: What are you telling me?
00:01   Somali woman, my cell phone died…
00:02   Bus driver: Don’t lie…
00:03   Somali woman, my cell phone died.
00:03   Bus driver: Oh the cell phone died because
00:05   Somali woman, my cell phone just died now.
00:06   Bus driver: Show me your ticket.
00:07   Somali woman, my cell phone died.
00:08   Bus driver: It just now died…?
00:09   Somali woman: Yeah, it just died.
00:10   Bus driver: It just died. Yeah yeah, ok, right…
00:12   Bus driver: Hey, I just said that you can’t get on the bus
00:14   it’s the wrong ticket.
00:15   Bus driver: Show me, (sarcastic) yeah it’s really fine that you’re lying to me…
00:18   Show me your ticket (to other woman), show me the ticket.
00:21   I’m not going to show you anything.
00:22   Show me the ticket.
00:25   This is a public place I can film this situation because you’re lying to me
00:28   I’m asking you to leave…
00:29   (Unintelligible voice in background)
00:33   You have to buy one because you don’t have a ticket!
00:35   Don’t you understand?
00:35   Bus driver: You come with a screen capture of some ticket and lie about allah and everything.
00:41   Bus driver: and I don’t understand what for.
00:42   Bus driver: You don’t pay anything, you’re leaving
00:44   you can pay on the next bus.
00:45   Can we pay with money?
00:47   Bus driver: I want you off the bus
00:49   I’ve already told many times get off the bus
00:49   You come without a ticket and lied that you already paid
00:55   We paid…!
00:57   You lied…you said that you had a ticket, and your cell phone did not die, don’t lie…
01:02   Somali woman: I’m not lying…
01:03   Bus driver: Show me the cell phone.
01:05   It died (shut itself off)
01:05   Bus driver: Show me the phone…
01:07   Show me the phone and let me see if it’s on…
01:09   and see if it’s off or not…
01:10   We want to pay
01:12   Bus driver: I have already said get off the bus
01:14   Don’t you understand the Finnish language?
01:15   Both of you!
01:16   (unintelligible) you’re crazy, call the police, what are they going to do, someone can pay.
01:18   Of course I can call the police…
01:24   Bus driver: Ok, I’m calling the police then…
01:26   Somali girl: go ahead and call…
01:28   Bus driver: Ok then…
01:33   Of course I’m going to film such dishonest people who won’t pay for their own ticket
01:40   Bus driver: Girls take a picture of their own ticket with a phone
01:46   and then show me that…and refuse to leave regardless of how many times asked them to leave
01:52   This is such an everyday happening…

23 thoughts on ““Racist” Finnish Bus Driver Fired for Calling Out Somali Fare-Dodger

  1. I’ve been kicked off a bus by a driver annoyed that I wasn’t using the transfer ticket at the closest possible correspondence point (I prefer to walk 1/2 block than to cross the street, even though it’s a bit farther – in distance, though not in time).

    99% of drivers were quite cool with my behaviour and didn’t even need an explanation. This one was just a jerk, a mindless enforcer of petty rules.

    It never occurred to me that he was racist or anything like that, though!

    On the other hand, this woman seems like a straight-up liar. What’s amazing about these types is that unlike most Western-types, they don’t back down when caught. I could imagine trying to pull the same stunt, but you can bet your bus ticket that I’d be slithering away and waiting for the next bus at the first sign of pushback!

    • you’ ve got a crucial point there! When caught lying, they turn on you aggressively ” how can you dare”?
      You can pull a pickpockets hand out of your bag and he will react : this is not my hand. As Nicolai Sennels, the danish psychologist, pointed out, they have no ” inner locus” , a selfreflective conscience of guilt and responsability like jews, christians and buddhists have. Typical for a supremacist culture.

  2. Several more targets for Project Mayhem re my earlier post on the previous article…

    Such people as the bus management apparently consists of cannot be reasoned with rationally, the [redacted] is the only thing they understand.

  3. Here’s yet another video, by Finnish vlogger Tiina Wiik who further explains the incident, has a translation of her own (which is rather good as she fleshes out the extremely difficult to understand ramblings of the Somalis speaking, as well as showing another incident of Somalis (two young men) pulling the exact same stunt as the two Somali girls.


  4. Thus, skirmish by skirmish, and cowardice by cowardice, is European culture eroded and destroyed.

  5. I was in Leipzig a few weeks ago and boarded a bus with a friend of mine. There were 5 middle eastern men, twenty something, at the front of the bus by the door. The people who check tickets happened to come on the bus for this trip. Two of the men got off immediately before the door closed. The other 3 stayed. When the first ticket checker reached them they started looking through their pockets like they were trying to find the ticket. I told my colleague they were biding their time until the bus stopped, then they would make a break for it. The bus stopped, and they ran. Western Society requires a population with a certain amount of honor and virtue. Too many of these new arrivals do not have either. So sad for the West. This it the shape of things to come. To manage a population with no honor or virtue you must use fear.

    • To manage a population with no honor or virtue you must use fear.

      There is no way to overstate this. Those who love terrorism will respond only to being terrorized in return (or attaining room temperature). Islam demands payment in kind and those who are foolish enough to abstain out of fastidiousness, supposed moral superiority or just disdain for stooping to conquer are merely low-hanging-fruit for the jihadists.

      Soon enough, the West will come to learn that—in order to be effective—its own (overwhelmingly disproportionate) retaliation must exhibit the same lack of upward limit on brutality that all of these jihadists so often crow about.

      Until then, it will be an endless game of whack-a-mole with a side dish of utterly inappropriate criminal proceedings to provide the thinnest pretense of success.

      • Quite. Isn’t that how we managed to beat Hitler?

        How could we have done that without beating him at his own game? I’m profoundly sorry for those who sacrificed life and limb, and perhaps even more seriously, their peace of mind in suffering ever-after the guilt that was all the returning Peace, which they won against the monstrous evil of Naziism, brought to them. Nights of waking in sweat, screaming; days of loathing yourself. And little honour from the smug ignorance of reborn innocents who never surrendered their very SOUL IN SACRIFICE ON THE ALTAR OF PEACE!

        Victors are often fatally tainted by the evil they confront. But that is only a more painful encounter with the original sin of the entire species. Many committed suicide on the eve of the last World War – not because they were physical cowards, but because they couldn’t bear to descend into the moral Heart of Darkness they saw looming over civilisation. They simply died when the moral centre of their universe was vapourized as the morning dew of their sweet dreams was rudely exposed to the relentless dawning of Hell over the real world.

        The French couldn’t face another such War last time. Can we, now? Are these the sort of wars that can really be won? Or are they always doomed to be existential defeats for all humanity?

        The Christ is an uneasy ghost who cannot exorcise our own undying guilt. We are in Hell. We always have been. Our Earth is one big angry volcano, and Pluto is our Lord. Our entire life is just so many caricatures of horror, grotesquely petrified in the ashes of useless memory.

        Our anger and resentment and fear are just the screams of pathetic simians in the overwhelming darkness.

        These brute facts always have a way of cornering our unreal pretensions, in the end – for the simple reason, which we always choose to forget, that life is, after all, just a cul-de-sac. This is where the chase ends. Invariably, in another bout of homicidal madness, up one of history’s dark alleys.

        The suicides simply refuse the indignity of that.

        They are probably the best of this degenerate human race. They have been give their ticket-of-leave from Hell.

        They probably exhibit the greatest wisdom, those who take the ultimate quietist path to pacifism. But I am a mere fool, who will not believe the iron words my brain compels me to utter! I merely live, continuing to dream in irrational contradiction of our general fate.

        Hopeless struggle comes easier to us than a decisive surrender. When it comes to Death, we can never stick to the point. We avoid the issue – if necessary, by killing others.

        There’s the spinning brain of Hamlet –

        ‘And thus the native hue of resolution
        Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought,
        And enterprises of great pith and moment
        With this regard their currents turn awry,
        And lose the name of action.’

        We’re too civilised to survive the harsh penetration of real life. But still we’re too comfortable just yet to die at our own hand. And where would we fly to for escape, that isn’t deaf to our fears? We’ll all stay just as we are and be hideously murdered, like the Tsar of Old Russia with his children.

        Murder is the way that history has always been born. So we cry, Long live Murder! – – – even if it is our own. Murder makes the world spin. It is a cosmic game of Russian roulette, which everyone who plays loses sooner or later.

        So our enemies lose as well. Unfortunately, this provides no consolation.

        The spinning world was loaded against us from the very start – – –

  6. Its not about the ticket, or lack of it. Its about the drivers affiliation with a political party that the powers that be do not like. He did his job, and they used that as a reason to remove him. He was an “unemployed man working” to paraphrase the situation. I’m afraid Europe has more in common with Russia in the 50s than it should. In the computer age, any sympathies with out-groups will be known, anything that can be named as an infrigement will be used to remove you from your job or prosecute you.
    Remember Winston Smith?

  7. Please explain how one pays to ride a bus in Finland. Is the “ticket” only an image of a ticket, and must one carry a special (and expensive!) electronic device to display the ticket image? Does the bus company sell these ticket-display devices? Are paper tickets not used?

  8. The worst thing is the double standard that officials are keeping in dealing with crimes or trespasses.
    As white Europeans you can get in serious trouble – with your the officials of you own government- for handing in a tex declaration too late.
    Non-white, especially muslim immigrants (invaders) can even get away with horrendous crimes, like murder and rape.
    A muslim can call us pigs, call our women for whores, declare to kill all Jews and gays, and it’s ignored or even condoned by the officials.
    If we warn against the dangers of “religion of peace”, or of mass-immigration from countries where this poisonius ideology is prevalent, even if we do it in a very civil manner or only mention the obvious facts, we get arrested for this.
    We have become second-class citizens already in our OWN countries.
    It;s our OWN governments, who should represent and protect us, who betray us an throw us to the wolves.
    How long are we Europeans going to remain too paralysed by fear and political correctness to do something againstthis injustice being done to us on a collective scale?
    It’s urgent to change this now!

  9. Correction of typos (my apologies):
    -“tex declaration” should be “tax declaration”.
    – “…the dangers of “religion of peace”.. should be…”the dangers of THE “religion of peace…”
    – “an throw us”…should be “and throw us…”

  10. And there u have it!

    This is how it goes in, and will go on until we stop and destroy these pc beauracrats who afe going to surrender our countries, culture and people
    To islamisation out of being politically correct,so as to be seen as nice and not to offend the invaders, lest be labeled as a racist and lose your goverment job, or company job.


    its way past time to being nice to people, you found iut want kill you,
    And these jobsworths [epithets] who are helping in the murder of us all.

    Insane situation, this frankfurt school brainwashing guilt trick has infected large % of the sheep.

    These sheep are attempting to force the rest of sheep to becreal sheep like them the main heard.

    We must push these leftie liberals aside, push them out the way, [incoherent obscenities redacted].

    Finland has been under control if pc feminazis since early 90s.

    I got out of there a long long time ago. Luckily.

    I knew there was something wrong with finland way back in 90s, now i know what it was. The feminazis taking over.

    Tarja halonen, [epithet] of finland.

    Mannerheim was last real leader finland had, since then its been finnish traitor ussr lackys, [toadies], and there non nato non agression pact with russia, they gave 27% of finland to ruskies as payment for peace after the 2nd finno – russian war (continuation war) nth east kareila,

    Finns sided with nazis, but fell out later, when they realised they had backed the wrong horse, they asked german army to leave, the germans burnt down half of lapland as a thankyou note.

    Finns are 2 faced losers, and now they afe letting there country suomi, be handed over to islam muslim rapists abd killers to satisfy the egos of finnish green party socialist communist marxist traitors.

    Where are the finnish men now???? The type of men who dirned white ski outfits, and in small numbers fought off russian army battalions of hardened russian men???

    Where are the real finnish men???

    U probably find them in “lost and found”, or dont tell mamas”
    Wearing a bit of eye shadow….. I reckon.

    Finland, u need to wake up and drag the marxists and feminazi traitors out before they get u all killed.

  11. Just great, fired for doing his job.
    I`m sure all his colleagues have understand the message.

    Finnland, like so many other countries is rotting from the top down.

  12. The bus driver’s union should all walk off the job . The company cannot operate without the drivers. Stick up for the driver who was trying to keep his employer from being ripped off by those unfortunate and thieving people.

  13. Love not hate, kindness is contagious so is hate…. which makes your spirit feel better?

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