Culture-Enriching Street Warfare in Catania

There was near-warfare between Italian and African street merchants at an open market in Catania, a city on the eastern coast of Sicily:

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating the accompanying article from the Italian daily Il Primato Nazionale:

Italian vs. African Street Sellers Clashes at a Market in Catania

Catania July 19 — Scenes of urban warfare in Catania. Hard clashes at the Fira o Luni market between Italian and African street sellers. The two groups, composed of a few dozen people each, confronted each other with blows using sticks, blunt objects, and the throwing of bottles. A trader, probably Italian, also tried to run over African antagonists with a van, overturning some (display) benches.

The video was released online by the website Chronicle Vera and has gone viral in a short time. We do not know the reasons that gave rise to the clashes; they may have resulted from issues related to workstations and licenses, since very often the traders, especially foreigners, are not licensed.

10 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Street Warfare in Catania

  1. It might have to come to blows to stop this invasion if the government is not stopping it. I suspect like when I was in Athens a lot of these African vendors do not have permits and are there illegally selling illegal contraband – use the military and deport them

  2. If you import a million 70-IQ savages who follow a barbaric 7th century murder cult into a modern nation, don’t be shocked at the results.

  3. This going on everyday in many cities, but yiu will know o about it, because media are refusing to publish it, they want you to believe everything is ok,
    That there is problem in islamising europe and genociding white peoples of europe.

    The evil is all around us, in the form of leftist marxist commie traitors!!!
    And liberal creeps who afe supporying iur destruction, anilation by these invaders, the war is real, its starting.

    • In fact, Italian media are relatively open about the problem. There is Il Giornale that extensively covers migration-generated problems. There is also a TV programme called “Dalla vostra parte”, which allows proponents and opponents of migration to have regular slanging matches and don’t they get emotional! Genereally speaking, both TV and printed media report crimes by migrants and do not make a secret of their nationality.

      French TV, by comparison, looks extra-sanitised. It is so politically correct that it seems unreal. And murderously boring.

  4. You have your Italians but then you have SICILIANS. This is where the civil war will start and where the rest of Europe will learn how to deal with Islamic invasion.

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