African Asylum Seekers Marching Through Brügg

The following video shows several groups of African migrants marching through the town of Brügg near Biel/Bienne in Switzerland. It’s unknown why they are marching, and their destination is unknown, but it’s only 92 kilometers from there to the German border.

The language spoken is Bernese Swiss Schwyzertütsch, or Bärndütsch. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:10   Okay, we are here in Brügg.
0:14   In Brügg, we see an invasion going on.
0:35   There’s a huge party
0:38   We are now right by the Braderie [largest city festival in Berne Canton, from June 30-July 2].
0:46   They’re right by the Braderie here, that’s just great, ay ay ay…
0:59   It just won’t quit!
1:09   There’s more coming, oh my gosh.
1:32   There are even more now, here.
1:38   And here are more of them coming. This is an all-out out an invasion of Biel now!
1:44   Maybe one of them is gonna jump on my hood now.
1:49   Wow it’s not over yet! [Kid’s voice: There’s a lot more there.]
2:02   I have to steer around them.

20 thoughts on “African Asylum Seekers Marching Through Brügg

  1. Speechless……Now the women come too. The men must feel confident Europe is theirs. The EU Eloi are timid so they just mach in and take it.

  2. Switzerland is a lot richer,per capita,than Germany… so if theyre marching to Germany, then that begs the question – are these just economic migrants, or are they after something more? Like welfare? (Which AFAIK Switzerland doesnt have much of)

  3. Where is the military with several hundred convoy trucks to take them straight back to the nearest port? How can anybody think that this situation will manage to resolve itself peacefully. The Europeans have lost their collective minds.

    “Rivers of blood”, doesn’t even begin to describe the future.

  4. Confident is the correct word. And more so with every day that passes.

  5. Truely astonishing – how often in one’s time on this planet do you get to witness an ancient civilization collapse and be over run before your very eyes.

    And make no mistake – that is what you are bearing witness to. Europa is committing suicide.

    • Europa is committing suicide.

      You left out the “joyously”, “enthusiastically”, and “irrevocably” parts.

      Other than that, carry on.

    • Oops – I just read in the comment section of PI that the people in the video are most likely Eritrean Christians…

  6. History is not on our side. We’re allowing ourselves to be invaded and conquered and so will die, as history has shown. In “The Strange Death of Europe”, Douglas Murray writes about guilt and tiredness, and I believe it is so. Our politicians are traitors but the people vote for the same ones again and again. Wilders tells the truth but isn’t elected; Merkel doesn’t but is very likely to be re-elected. I believe it is, then, that we, the peoples of western Europe, do subconsciously wish to hasten our own demise, in a word, to die. We cannot say this out loud; instead we find excuses such as ‘pity’ and ‘compassion’, say ‘we can’t let them drown’ and pretend we can save the whole world. Can WE just walk into a country because we think it would be nice to live there and then be fed, housed, clothed, given pocket money and treated for the diseases we take with us? Of course not, and we wouldn’t expect to be. But if you’re black, or brown, you can. History will regard us with puzzlement. Why did a people who “had everything” so easily roll over and relinquish it? In part, at least, through guilt and tiredness.

    • They will be nothing about it in history… The Qur’an does not have such chapter, so it will not be taught.

    • Joe-

      I just read an excellent opinion piece titled, “The Barbarians Will Solve Us” on this very topic.

  7. There are at least 2 shots in this video at ca 1m30 sec and 1m43 sec showing the Africans holding large crucifixes. I also spotted a big placard, of a saint? So I suspect a Christian procession for a feast day of a saint or similar? It may be that these are East Africans from e.g. Ethiopia; female head covering is not unique to Islam and these are not hijabs/burkas/niqabs, or chadors.

    This does not gainsay the argument that CH has no jobs and hence no ability to integrate any number of unskilled non-German-speaking Africans who, (with or without cousin marriage as with Arabs), increasingly constitute a pre-Modern kin-based bloc in an individualist European society. This leads to the familiar corruption and nepotism over time, not to mention ethnic bloc voting for eager soi-disant “leftist” parties such as the Swiss SP or British Labour Party.

    But I would point out that they may be better Christians than most Swiss.

  8. In its own way the sight of this confident, non-violent swarm of predators and parasites is more disturbing than the well-documented atrocities of ISIS and its ilk…what we see here are the victors – in an American sense, the ‘carpetbaggers’ – surging in to avail themselves of the spoils of war now that those they have invaded have unconditionally surrendered. Europe as we know it is finished.

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