Minnesota Continues on Its Suicidal P.C. Path

Bring on the backlash, please.

From Sheik Yermami:


And so the questions just grow more intense. There is still no evidence that Noor is a jihadi or that this was a jihad attack. But this does seem to be yet another manifestation of the fear of “Islamophobia” charges resulting in a Muslim being placed in a position for which he was not qualified and was able to do harm to others. The quintessential example of this phenomenon is Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood jihad mass murderer.

[Yes, and he gave lots of prior warning to his Army medical peers but they kept it quiet out of fear for their own careers. — D]

with three complaints against him in two years, Mohamed Noor seems at very least to be dangerously reckless and/or incompetent. It is likely that Minneapolis officials were so anxious to have a Somali Muslim police officer they could showcase that they put Mohamed Noor on the force and kept him there when his obvious shortcomings would have had a non-Muslim officer fired or not hired in the first place.

In the U.S. legal system, he has the right to remain silent until he is arraigned and goes on trial. Even then he can remain silent while his attorney (already hired) appears in court to present his defense.

We can hope that his previous offenses, some of which he is being sued over in civil court, will be admissible evidence showing a pattern of impulsive, erratic and stupid strong-arm behavior. If this were, say, a regular old Minnesotan of Swedish extraction, he’d have been let go after the first serious complaint. Did he commit that one while still on probation? He’s only been on the force for two years, after all.

This “officer” shot an unarmed woman multiple times right through the door of the police car. His partner, named Harrity, was “stunned” according to numerous reports. Harrity has already been through an investigative interrogation. And why not? It must have scared the bejeezus out of him to feel those bullets whizzing by.

Enough Somalis. Who cares how the brain-dead Swedes in Minnesota want to ruin their state. Basta!

33 thoughts on “Minnesota Continues on Its Suicidal P.C. Path

  1. Of course, here we go again, “Muslims fear backlash”, the usual Islamic narcissism.

    Justine Damond has paid with her life for the city’s hare-brained PC recruitment scheme.

    • Maybe a lawsuit from Justine Diamond’s relatives will be coming against Minnesota? They do seem to have been reckless to keep him in the force.

  2. The outcry if the officer were a blond Swede and the victim a Somali women would be incredible. It would totally occupy the news and that officer would not stand a chance in a court of law, even if it was a accident or mistake. What is really incredible is the total double standard applied by the liberal biased press to the officer. I don’t know how we got to this level, but I am disgusted by the bias. We now have to celebrate Black supremacy groups, and violent minorities.

  3. So both bodycams and the cruiser cam were off?

    At 11:30 PM on Saturday night?

    Oh, that’s rich!

    Nope, no institutional cover-up and lying to see here, return to your homes and go back to bed folks!

  4. Usually, the probation period for newly enlisted officers is 12 months. Every cop will have complaints made against them over the course of their employment, but three, and complaints that appear to be serious concerns, in two years of service?

    As Noor has killed while on duty, the procedure by ‘crime scene’ would have had him tested for drug or alcohol use and to conduct a recorded interview to ascertain his version of what occurred – also, there would be the offer of psychological counseling – did Noor take that option up? That Noor has refused to undergo an interview, that is standard procedure in any investigation, is in itself problematic because he places his own defence into the realm of innuendo regardless of his right to remain silent, and I would guess, that this was done at the instruction of his lawyer or police union representative.

    I was once under investigation for the death of an armed robber and I can tell the reader it is not a pleasant experience to at one point be the defender of the public good from the criminal and then suddenly become the subject of an investigation into why the criminal was killed. And it does not diminish the angst and the uncertainty to know that what you did was the right thing to do and the only possible outcome from such a confrontation. I only point this out as a reference to what any normal person would feel and it is not my intention to mitigate anything that Noor has done.

    Noor’s partner at the time, has appeared to give his version of the incident, and investigating detectives – usually not from the same police station or area as the one that Noor was attached to – would be weighing up what charges they will be laying on Noor because Noor’s refusal to comply with this homicide investigation forces the investigators to rely on what Noor’s partner has already told them and what other ‘witnesses’ if any, at the scene of this killing saw or heard.

    My guess on the available information so far is that Noor will be charged with a murder charge of some degree.

    • But will he be immediately absolved of all guilt and freed, on the grounds that killing infidels is “part of his culture”? Such a defence is all too often disgustingly used throughout Europe to release back into the innocent population vile Muslim rapists. One disgraceful judge recently set a Muslim rapist free because “perhaps he viewed it as rough sex”.

      The mind just boggles. Not only are European politicians giving a free ride to Muslim criminality of the foulest sort, but so are the police and the courts. How anyone can seriously believe there will not fairly shortly be massive civil unrest, verging on war, throughout the EU I simply cannot imagine.

      PS: Given that the average IQ of Somalian Muslims is, I believe, about 64, how any authority can seriously consider handing one the responsibility, and gun of a policeman simply beggars belief. Whoever hired him should be hauled into court as an accessory to murder.

      • “Whoever hired him should be hauled into court as an accessory to murder.”

        I think this is the critical fact. Noor was hired and kept on the force for political reasons, even after it became apparent that he was unsuited.

        Any action to let Noor go before the tragedy would have run into the organized anger and opposition from the Somali community and political groups…and Muslims are very good at identity organizing. So, right away, you would need a bureaucrat willing to take the heat, which is a contradiction in terms.

        But, if bureaucrats know their cowardly negligence of their own duty just might result in valid felony charges, they might be a bit less willing to simply kick the can down the road and hope that it won’t blow up on their watch.

      • This incident has become international in its result. There is an upcoming civil suit against the city who employed Noor by the Australian family of the victim – if successful the outcome, apart from making the city a little poorer, may eventually result in the city picking its police recruits more carefully and not based on the insanity of affirmative action or gender equality.

        Noor is refusing to comply with the system, so the system has no alternative but to charge him with murder. As to whether he walks from court on the day of his trial is another matter altogether and best left to a time when ALL the evidence would come out as to Noor’s actions on the day.

        If Noor is not charged with any crime – and that would be a political decision, and one not made by investigating police – then the victim’s family can apply for a Coronial enquiry into the circumstances of the victim’s death that would have the potential to uncover any political interference or misbehaviour, taking into consideration of course, that the court system of the city in question is not also compromised by political expediency and correctness.

    • One thing to clarify — one has the ‘right to remain silent’ and the State can’t respond by putting him in prison, but they can certainly fire him as a policeman for not responding to questions in a disciplinary hearing.

    • There is an AP story floating around where Noor’s unnamed friends claim he feels ‘isolated and alone’ and has also blabbed some details about his version of events.


    • Once upon a time, long, long ago, the world of Humanity finally realized that the various races of Man could not learn to live together so went their separate ways.

      We today, are having to re-learn that experience all over again.

  5. There was a quote in the film “Black hawk down” from a leader of Aidids clan when being interorgated “You see all this general Garrison ,it’s just shaping the future”.
    Never a truer word spoken ,but I doubt if anyone believed it would be on U.S. soil.!

  6. My money’s on Noor’s being found to be ‘mentally ill’, probably as a result of having been traumatised by his experiences growing up in Somalia.

  7. Surely no one is stupid enough to believe that the EU’s self-destructive acceptance of muslim nutheads, & the nutheads’ enthusiastic exploitation thereof, could be kept out of the United States?

  8. This is a failure to understand Islam and be guided accordingly. This ignorance has put lives in danger time and time again and will result in future lives lost. Islam needs to be dealt with as an enemy.

  9. Something to note. None of Harrity’s testimony has leaked. It probably has, but hasn’t been published. Which means something is being covered up.

    • Actually, some of Harrity’s testimony has leaked. Someone in the police or the DA’s office has leaked a few little tidbits to the Strib or the local TV stations (can’t remember which). The reports about the “loud noise” and the bicyclist were based on those leaks.

  10. Point of order:

    The little p.o.s. only fired one shot.
    Everything else you noted is correct.

    FWIW, an officer with no complaints against him, probably isn’t doing his job.
    But someone with three in only 21 months on the job is probably screwing up.

    And his partner had only 12 months on the job. So MPD put two functional rookies, one or both barely out of their probationary periods, in the same car, rather than, for instance, pairing each up separately with multi-year experienced officers.

    And, shock of shocks, disaster resulted.

    Noor is on the short slide to suspension, prosecution for murder, and hopefully, prison, provided the district attorney and people of Minneapolis are brighter than the PC-friendly idiots at MPD.

    • Oh, and no “leaks” as such, have occurred AFAIK. All the facts were in the linked BCA press release two days ago, including the “loud noise” and “bicyclist” info-bits.

      Actually, after the initial stunned shock, most of the agencies and people involved (outside of murder suspect Noor) have been fairly forthcoming and timely.
      This story went international and worldwide in about a day, which has been rather helpful in that respect.

    • They are clever pols in Minneapolis. They’ve even got their own “Little Somalia” which has sent a few of its best to ISIS.

      • Can you imagine if it was a Caucasian policeman who shot a Somali
        Woman under similar circumstances?

        BLM, SJW’s and left wing ethnomasatistic, self-loathing, no borders
        Morons would have scorched the city to the ground by now!

    • The victim was killed by a single bullet. However, how many shot were fired is still unclear.

  11. Here’s a possible outcome: Noir is charged with murder in some degree, convicted and sentenced, the Somali community revolts and burns the city to the ground, raping and pillaging to exhaustion. The unarmed Swedes hide under the bed.

  12. I’m guessing there may be more to this. A bold shot, past your partners face, out the car window…loud noise or not. Wonder if there is a history here, if the victim had in the past been assaulted/confronted by Noor’s “people” in the area. I’d read elsewhere that Somali gangs work this city (as they do elsewhere) and maybe she had a case against someone?

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