Viktor Orbán: We Will Not Change Our Identity!

The video below is a follow-up to last night’s clips about the recent EU summit. This one is a longer excerpt from a press briefing given by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán after the summit, in which he talks about Hungary’s stance on mass immigration and the discussions about it at the summit.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

13:08   Migration was the main issue
13:12   this morning.
13:16   Here is another meeting connected with it,
13:20   and this was with the chairman of
13:24   the Austrian People’s Party [ÖVP]: Mr. [Sebastian] Kurz.
13:28   I met with him — yesterday — and we thoroughly discussed
13:32   the issue of migration, which was a good thing, as today it was the main question.
13:36   In essence, I still have to say
13:40   the issue of migration ruled the
13:44   whole summit.
13:48   It is clearly visible
13:52   that we were finally able to discuss the issues we agree on.
13:56   Earlier the agenda items about migration always
14:00   ended up in antler fights,
14:04   because everybody immediately brought out their own weapon,
14:08   what they do not agree on, so had very little consensus on anything,
14:12   and no compromises, even on those questions
14:16   on which we had no major disagreements. So we turned this around
14:20   and didn’t discuss those questions we knew we would not agree on.
14:24   One of those question is, what to do with those
14:28   migrants — in my opinion, unwisely let in —
14:32   who are already here.
14:36   Well, there are countries that
14:40   think these are solidarity and technical issues;
14:44   they just want distribute them; they are waiting for someone to take those migrants
14:48   away from them — by the way, they let them into their own countries —
14:52   and there is another group of countries — Hungary is part of this second group —
14:56   that does not see this as a technical and solidarity issue, but
15:00   as a question of identity, and say it is impossible
15:04   that anybody else might want to determine our countries’ identities,
15:08   but we and those with whom we live: that is the identity of the country!
15:12   We must not let anybody else have a say in this issue!
15:16   We also never kept it a secret that we do not want to change our identity.
15:20   We understand there are numerous countries,
15:24   that have already changed; some member states
15:28   have other identities. They have different identities, unlike us in Central Europe,
15:32   for example Hungary, but that is no reason to follow them. We have the right not to follow them!
15:36   We are ready to help the refugees
15:40   where the trouble is,
15:44   … built a fence and
15:48   defend the internal territory of the EU.
15:52   We are willing to do many things, but not to change our identity!
15:56   So these types of questions were set aside today, because we would have again
16:00   ended up where we usually do [stalemate].
16:04   Instead we discussed the external dimension,
16:08   concentrated on the external correlations of the migration.
16:12   We agreed that the external borders must be defended,
16:16   and also that we must stop illegal migration,
16:20   and we must cooperate with the
16:24   countries of origin and transit countries.
16:28   Here we had a protracted exchanged of ideas about Libya
16:32   …The Hungarian point of view was
16:36   that the unified opinion of the
16:40   Italian and German Ministers of Internal Affairs is correct.
16:44   I think nobody supported them so openly today besides us;
16:48   Maybe the French President’s viewpoint was closest to ours.
16:52   …because the German and Italian
16:56   Ministers of Internal Affairs thinks we should go down to Libya.
17:00   It is of course important to train, pay and support
17:04   the Libyan border control force, too, but I think
17:08   — they share my opinion — that in the end
17:12   we must do the majority of the work. If we do not want
17:16   huge masses to start heading in the direction of Europe, then we must solve this
17:20   either on the southern or northern borders of Libya.
17:24   Hungary announced that we support the Italian-German proposal
17:28   that we set up checkpoints at the southern border of Libya
17:32   and introduce a control system. Hungary is
17:36   willing to participate in this, either with personnel or
17:40   with financial support.
17:44   Finally, we agreed that
17:48   we must attempt to define the list of safe countries
17:52   accepted by all member states of the EU. So far that has not succeeded;
17:56   we didn’t succeed today, either, but
18:00   we stated with a unified voice that we would like to succeed,
18:04   so we gave ourselves some time to compile this list.
18:08   I think the report of the Italian Prime Minister was important,
18:12   who stated that in Italian waters
18:16   NGOs and human smugglers are working together
18:20   and organizing the importation of illegal masses into EU territory.
18:24   The Prosecutor General — as I can see —
18:28   is releasing daily statements about this;
18:32   … the Italian Prime Minister
18:36   asked for help,
18:40   and we will not be proud that it — for example, those financial resources
18:44   required to train the Libyan border defense force —
18:48   is still not fully available.
18:52   The Prime Minister asked for more
18:56   dedication and solidarity, which we promised to him.