Pforzheim: Not a Culture-Enriching Rape, But Attempted Suicide?

Yesterday we posted a translated article from Bild about a woman who was injured in a fall from a 20-foot height in the German city of Pforzheim. The women told police that she had been sexually assaulted by a dark-complected foreigner before falling or being pushed over the railing.

Now it seems that the police are treating the incident as an attempted suicide, with no assault involved. Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this follow-up article, also from Bild:

Police do not believe it was a crime

June 22, 2017

Pforzheim — The woman (29) who was seriously injured on the bank of the River Enz in Pforzheim probably WASN’T a victim of a crime, in contrast to what the police initially reported. Meanwhile, the officials assume that she wanted to take her own life.

A local woman found the 29-year-old in the middle of the night. At that time the woman was still conscious and complained about a man who followed her, sexually assaulted her, and finally pushed over a six-meter [20-foot] drop (BILD reported).

However, the police don’t believe the woman, who sustained severe back injuries. “There are strong indications that the young woman might have fallen over the six-meter-high wall to put an end to her life.” The investigators were only able to detect “accident-related injuries”.

According to the police, the 29-year-old is still hospitalized. “Her condition is still serious,” said a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office in Pforzheim.

The exact circumstances of the incident will be looked into by an investigative group of 15 officials.

Hat tip for the Bild update: Mark Spahn.

10 thoughts on “Pforzheim: Not a Culture-Enriching Rape, But Attempted Suicide?

  1. This is such an old old problem of outright sexism: Common sense tells us that women don’t make up these kind of ridiculous lies. Why would they?

    Still, a woman won’t be believed if it serves a purpose.

    • I think this is even worse than outright sexism: this poor young woman is being offered up on the altar of Merkel’s (and her string pullers’) political ambitions.

  2. It would seem that parts of the koran are now being used in investigative policing.

    and call upon two of your men to act as witnesses; and if two men are not available, then a man and two women from among such as are acceptable to you as witnesses… (koran 2:282)

    The verse goes on to explain the reason for seeking testimony from two women in place of the testimony of one man, by saying “…so that if one of them should make a mistake, [err] the other could remind her” (koran 2:282).

    There will be other parts where a kaffir’s word should also be ignored, as even the kaffir police can be righteously guided, that is InShaAllah, ‘God willing’.

    If any one says a bad thing of a muslim or islam, they will offended, so automatically that is slander.

  3. no one would jump from a 20 foot wall to end his or her life, not even a blonde

  4. German woman walking the street alone… The days of going anywhere without a male (husband/brother) escort is over. This islamic tradition is now a way of life in Germany. This is what Germans have voted for. Therefor I conclude it is her own fault. She should have adopted this third world mentality and she would be ok.

  5. A few random thoughts.

    1. I’m a German, living outside of Germany.

    Would I believe ANYTHING that comes from the “Authorities” under Merkel? NO !!! I would, however, allow the quoted police, who are probably not high up in the hierarchy, the “Nuremberg Defense” (

    2. There is another reason why I would believe the rape victim anyway: Projecting and assuming that things have not changed, essentially, since my youth: there is less “shame” in confessing to depression/suicide attempt than to rape.

    3. Merkel has had a stasi-like grip (literally with her friend, Ex-Stasi Kahane in charge of “security”) on what information the hapless Germans are allowed. And now, 3 months before the election it becomes even more urgent to keep the Volk in the dark. I think you will find a pretty obvious clue in the Bild Article you link to above where you can read the advert:

    “Berichterstattung zu Selbstmord
    BILD berichtet in der Regel nicht über Selbsttötungen, um keinen Anreiz für Nachahmung zu geben…”

    “Reporting of suicides:
    As a rule, BILD does not report suicide, so as not to give an incentive for imitation … ”

    a) BILD is not the only one with this praxis

    b) Where possible for the “Merkel Authorities”, they will from now on report culturally enriching rapes as “attempted suicides”…… least until the Election is in the bag.

    You may call me a cynic.

    • “there is less “shame” in confessing to depression/suicide attempt than to rape.”

      I agree, Rita, I know a woman who was raped at night on her way to the subway, and she never reported it to the police, she was too ashamed. Instead, she told herself “it was my fault, I should not have taken that shortcut through the park”.

  6. Contrast this to this real story, that happened just last month to a friend of mine. They’re Brazilians but his wife and kids have also Austrian citizenship and his father is Italian, so he could have Italian citizenship as well if he wished. He is a reasonably wealthy man and has a small mechanical equipment industry in Brazil. He traveled alone to Italy on May/2017 to visit relatives in the Bologna region and also visited a few companies he would like to partner with and a couple of trade fairs. So far so good. Then he decided to fly from Italy to Germany to visit a trade fair. He was stopped at Immigration, his belongings searched and he was questioned for about one hour. Needless to say the guy is white and Christian. Conclusion: all this is by design, and Germany is lost.

  7. All I can say is, you can’t draw generalizations from one case. If the woman did attempt suicide, it would not change the fact that immigration poses serious risks for women. There is plenty of material to support a case against immigration in Europe. So, it’s an error to focus prematurely on one case which may or may not be substantiated. If it’s not substantiated, using it gives ammunition to immigration supporters. If it’s substantiated, it doesn’t really add that much to what we already know.

    My conclusion is that it’s better to wait for substantiation to publicize negative acts associated with immigration.

    • Good point.
      Not to make an issue, but do watch !, take note and independently record !, to make sure the investigation is thorough.
      See if a pattern develops.

      I think we see the plague of what happened in Rotherham, and other towns, with the thousands of girls being groomed, for 20 years, with the authorities covering up, in fear of coursing outrage in the muslim community.

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