Warning: Don’t Subtitle Any Counterjihad Videos While You’re in Finland

Below is an interview (in English) with Junes Lokka, a Finnish city councilor, who is being investigated by the police for subtitling a video of an Islam-critical speech by a foreign visitor to Finland

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for recording the interview and uploading the video:

8 thoughts on “Warning: Don’t Subtitle Any Counterjihad Videos While You’re in Finland

  1. Kiitos! Hyvva paiva,

    Great, i lived in finland for 8 years, from between 1989 and 2000,
    Used be a super place, but in 1993, it all began to change.

    The ussr had collapsed and finland lost a major amount of trade and the economy tanked,

    At sane time ariund 93, 5000 somali bogus refugees entered into finland via russia, and claimed asylum.

    This together with the economic recession, caused uproar and outrage, abd finland over night turned into a anti foreigner nation, and it suddenly became extremely unpleasant to be any type of foreigner living in finland.

    There was lot of hate, and resentment, this was the beginning, as i see it of the islamisation, invaders, breaching the barriers, and this somali hoard of freeloaders split finland down the middle.

    Finland is now a marxist socialist hell hole, choc full of feminists man haters and lesbian types, even president is a feminazi dyke, tarja halonen, finland wikk go same way as sweden, its run by pc brainwashed commies, and they will follow the pc doctrine to the letter, like turkeys voting for christmas.

    After 1993, finland turned into a gay tourist scene, with rotten night clubs like, “dont tell mama” and lost and found” appearing, to spearhead the gay homo lgbt advance, sick!

    Finlands beautiful country, 27% bigger than the uk, has over 200,000 lakes, and was a really great place to live before 1993.

    The leftists nazis are well and truly entrenched in finland,
    If the finnish people dont wake up now, fast, abd vote in the true finns party, they will become another colony of islam.

    I prey for the finnish people, vote out the leftist socialist nazis who afe destroying your culture, and country with the multi culti lies!!!

    • As a current resident of Finland, I can sadly verify that everything you said is true. I just want to add that in 1995 Finland joined the EU and that has only accelerated the downward spiral of the country.
      I’ve noticed that pretty much all the wealthier and well educated people are moving abroad, unless they have a very lucrative business to operate here.
      I’m already so old, that I’m only looking forward to work for a couple of more years and then retire to some tropical island. That’s a very fashionable thing to do. And it doesn’t mean Finnish people are rich, but this happens because Finland is simply too expensive for many pensioners. Finnish tax rates are ridiculous and one gets much better life in better climate for far less.
      The situation regarding free speech seems to be about the same across the EU. Very Orwellian.
      This is absolutely not where I want much kids and grandchildren to live, so the only hope for anything better is a total collapse of the EU.
      But as you pointed out, this rotting did begin already before Finland joined, so something else has to change as well.

    • Uh, what?
      I’m a Finn, and while some of your observations are correct, I don’t recognize my country from that.

      “Finland is now a marxist socialist hell hole”, no. Venezuela is a marxist socialist hell hole, we are a long way from that. There is a political system in place here, which for the last decade has been virtually paralyzed by weak leadership and PC nonsense, but the True Finns- party has shaken that status quo. The feminazi president, Tarja Halonen, has been out of the office for several years now, and is currently known as the worst president in Finnish history and widely ridiculed. The current president Sauli Niinistö, is a much more realistic person, often calling for sense and reason rather than just PC emotion.
      The islamisation is an ongoing problem in Finland, but nowhere near so bad as in Sweden, Germany or France. The sense of nationality and pride is still strong in Finland, and the muslim immigrants are widely disliked, even hated by most Finns. Because we came fairly late in to the muslim invasion, we don’t have the kind of problems that most western countries are now experiencing. Yet.

      “finland turned into a gay tourist scene”? Uh, what again? Yes, we have our gay-clubs and the annual gaypride parade, but thats just about it. Nothing that most countries don’t have also.

      In a recent poll about 90% of Finns were against the forced muslim immigration. It’s just like everywhere else, leadership and the cultural elite is hostage to the PC mindset, but the common people are mostly opposed to it.

  2. If your 90% figure is correct then True Finns would be in power everywhere by overwhelming majorities. But they are not and it is my prediction that Finns will ensure that they remain a tiny, ineffectual minority. Just as the French will sideline Le Pen tomorrow, and the Dutch did the great Geert Wilders recently.

    It’s great that Halonen is no longer president and is seen as you describe. However, such a creature was still elected and was hardly keeping her views secret during the election(s). It’s great that Mona Sahlin is now unlikely to be the leader of Sweden but that fruit cake is even now hardly even remotely out of step with the dominant Swedish geist. So “out and disdained” hardly exonerates the electorate.

    I’m guessing that even now, despite the putative reasonableness of Niinistö, immigrants are arriving in unacceptable numbers (greater than 0) and not one Finnish politicians has paid or will pay a penalty.

    I see Niinistö is devoted to “gender equality, equal opportunity, and human rights” so I don’t see that the nut has fallen very far from the tree. The cynic in me these days tends to see “human rights” as what the leftists love to call the dog whistle of destruction of all white nations.

    As for people who mewl about “gender equality” when Western women are the most fawned over, catered to, pampered, worshipped, pumped up, entitled, deferred to, and legally empowered mammals on the planet behind only baby Chinese panda bears, I have to wonder if they take Will Farrell’s proverbial “crazy pills” each day upon arising from their beds. I can think of 25 immense problems that need solving in this world and “gender” equality isn’t one if them. If it is I’ll eat 100 gallons of skark’s Finn soup.

    I recall a book I read on the Winter War that described how Finnish communists did their utmost to hamper efforts at military mobilization. I doubt that Finnish communism missed a beat thereafter. As with all things communist and subversive, I suspect that Finland and the West are paying the price for failing to pursue a de-communisation campaign. Soros’s money has everywhere fallen into grateful and sick hands.

    • “We need a female president”. That’s how Halonen got elected twice. Women voted for her because she was a woman, despite her Stalinist past or her abysmal track record on all things. I have female relatives who voted Halonen because, and solely bacause, she is a woman. Go figure.

      President Niinistö is not a hardliner, no, but he is light years better than Halonen was. At least Niinistö is not openly advocating open doors policy, he is actually, in a moderate way, suggesting that we take a more cautious approach to immigration. (Cue in “racist, fascist” screams from the green-left.) This is a big improvement.

      Winter war. Yes, THAT war, the most epic time in our humble history. Some hard-line commies did sabotage the war effort, but for the most part, winter war was the great healer of the Finnish psyche. During the war, communists, capitalists, farmers and industrialists all united in the trenches in a common cause against the Soviet onslaught, thus healing some of the worst mental wounds that had plagued the Finnish society after the bitter and bloody civil war. It was only during the 60`s and the 70’s that the rotten communism of Halonen and others began to take hold in the Finnish politics.

      On everything else, especially your view on the “pampered western women”, we agree.

  3. The hateful side effects of hate speech law is that it absolutely suppresses necessary conversations. In this instance, the police call was to intimidate not to arrest, thus the police were acting as the political the arm of hate of totalitarianism.

  4. Well, I should say that there is more freedom of speech in Putin’s Russia than in supposedly democratic Finland.

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