Tommy Robinson Ambushed in Rochdale

Aftab Hussain is the Labour Councillor for Smallbridge and Firgrove, a ward in Rochdale, in the North of England. Mr. Hussain went to bat for one of the notorious “grooming and pimping” suspects, who was eventually convicted, and is now a guest in one of Her Majesty’s custodial institutions. Mr. Hussain, however, has continued his political career without interruption.

Tommy Robinson took a trip to Rochdale to interview Councillor Hussain for, and met with violent resistance from some Muslim bully-boys before he even got out of his car:

Fire Hussain

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

20 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Ambushed in Rochdale

  1. A number of Muslim men in Rochdale are, as I write, presumably, helping police with their enquiries into offences such as criminal damage.

    Or is criminal damage not an offence if you’re Muslim?

    Just asking, as they say.

  2. There’s a programme on British TV called “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away” – it follows debt collectors as they go around England collecting monies owed to people. Anyhow, last night there was an episode where the two agents had to collect 13 grand from a car dealer – owned and operated by two Muslim brothers.

    They immediately got on the phone and had a gang of their co-religionists on the street, in the premises, threatening the agents, the police etc. The bobbies were filmed on the radio saying please send everybody available round here, pronto!

    They were nothing more than a pack of wild, violent animals.

    So this footage does not surprise me. What kind of culture these beasts come from I don’t know and don’t want to know. The pseudo-intellectual idiots, aka “politicians” who think that all cultures are somehow “compatible” ought to be horsewhipped and banged up for a decade in a wing populated by these animals, who have no place in a normal, civilized society.

    • I saw another case, where the debt-collectors call police because of a recalcitrant debtor but after the police learned it was a large (probably polygamous) Muslim household, told the collectors ‘just to leave it’.
      This can play out at a much larger level, for example, the investigation ‘operation Ghadfly’ into what was reported as possibly the ‘biggest fraud in Scottish criminal history’ relating to Pakistani criminal networks, was dropped for reasons of political correctness.

      ‘Enrichment’ doesn’t come cheap.

  3. Btw we are going to have to organise a whip-round to get Tommy’s car repaired, because you just know his insurers aren’t going to look at it, will say that he was “partially liable” etc etc.

    Let’s have Tommy get a quote from a body shop, & we’ll all chip in and get his wheels sorted.

  4. I wonder how long it will take until muslim-Gangs in Germany, Sweden, France and Austria have their own (un-)official political representatives?

  5. I bet in a real democracy, this is not what they call smooth cooperation between representative and constituents.

  6. A few Brits will keep thanking Tommy until he’s murdered and then they will say they were right for staying hidden and did nothing. The US should have let Hitler take the UK for all the good it has done us spending mountains of treasure defending the EU and letting Socialism run wild on the proceeds

    • With respect, Hitler had already abandoned his plans to invade the UK in favour of attacking the Soviet Union. But we are grateful for the boundless help of the US in keeping the UK afloat during those dark days with military equipment and food parcels and, ultimately, the invasion of Europe and also for the vital US support in the terrible Arctic convoys carrying aid to the Soviets.
      In 2000 the UK was finally able to make the last repayment to the US and Canada of the lend-lease which began in 1941, the repayments with interest working out at double the amount loaned.

    • Treasures looted from the same countries that these guys hail from😂😂😂😂👍🏿

    • If Hitler had taken Britain, I wonder if we’d still have been plagued by these Muslim gangs.

  7. This sort of behaviour is prevalent in pakistan. They have brought pakistan with them to the UK.

    Who’s country is it? Not ours, that’s for sure.

  8. I worry about Tommy. He comes on real strong in this video.
    He needs an SAS team to go with him for goodness sake ..
    Who tipped off these gangs ?? The counselor no doubt.

    • Think of the stress on his family too. They are very much under a very real threat as well.

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