The Face of Cultural Enrichment

Enricher-on-enricher antics in East Hesse. What more can I say about this one? Words fail me.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from

Horror deed in Schlüchtern

Brutal deed for €50 — Eye-piercer (20) at court in Hanau

[Photo caption: a 20-year-old man, accused of mutilating someone’s face, converses with his attorney Ulrich Will at the district court of Hanau.]

May 15. 2017 — The trial against a 20-year-old man began this Monday at the district court Hanau (Main-Kinzig district). He allegedly cruelly assaulted an 18-year-old boy in the autumn of 2016, and is under suspicion of murder now: on the evening of the deed, around 9:30pm, he allegedly suddenly stabbed the victim in the neck in his apartment with two knives. It was probably over a debt of €50.

Afterwards the victim fell to the floor unconscious. The suspect then, when the had victim regained consciousness and was lying on the floor, bit off both his ears, cut off both eyelids with a knife, and then pierced both eyeballs with a ballpoint pen; then finally he strangled the victim, until the police arrived. The victim received medical assistance and was kept alive.

The defendant allegedly came to Germany in 2013 as unaccompanied minor refugee, and met the victim, also a minor refugee, in a youth welfare institution. The defendant is accused of attempted malevolent and cruel murder, and grave dangerous battery. At the start of the trial, the suspect remained silent.

The victim, after his stay in the Würzburg clinic and subsequent care in an institution for the visually impaired in Würzburg, has disappeared without a trace. He is being sought for. There are at least two more days scheduled for the trial.

25 thoughts on “The Face of Cultural Enrichment

  1. Oh. My. Gosh.

    Let’s bring more of these lovely people to all civilized countries. Their diversity is such a boon to us all.

    • With this story one also gets a sense of some of what Kriss Donald suffered.


      For the relevant agencies monitoring sites like this I sincerely hope there is “some” understanding of the currently suppressed white-hot fury that exists in society?

      • There is no white hot fury in society at large. People who read Gates of Vienna and similar sites are a tiny minority of the voting populace. Some folk grizzle over a beer at the pub but wouldn’t mention a word of it in the media for fear of being called islamophobic. They don’t even realise that the term islamophobia is a construct by the mad-people who also tell us that women can become men and that men can become women on a day-to-day basis depending on their thinking on the day. How many of their daughters need to be covered or raped before they understand what “white-hot fury” even means? I am not holding my breath.

        • That may be the real or apparent case in some parts the UK but in the USA, under the protection of the First Amendment to the Constitution it is far from so – at least in the places and amongst the people I know.

          And, in my (c0untry) Pub in the UK where everybody knows just about everybody else there is no hanging back I can assure you.

        • Noodle,

          You may be right but I don’t recognise the vote for Brexit and Trump and a doubling of the vote for Le Pen and significant increases in the voting poll for Wilders in addition to the Sweden Democrats now being the second biggest party in Sweden as simply being a “tiny minority”.

          With respect, I think and hope you are wrong of course.

          To reflect of what Seneca III says below the explosion is not necessarily one that can be predicted and will come on the back of one blood-thirsty, gruesome and disgusting horror too many. I would so love to see what the very highly confidential and equally sensitive government social surveys are telling them.

          A pending Beslan in the Home Counties perhaps for example?

          Not what I say is in any way advocacy (to quote Jeremy Paxman to Tommy Robinson) just prophesy.

          What an awful mess our traitors have wrought on us all.

          Including them I might add.

          Oh well, it seems to be the way of things.

        • Minor point of correction- the term Islamophobia was developed by the members of the OIC for the specific purpose of waging dawah, or jihad via preaching.

      • That is something that I have been pondering for a while now, and it’s not just the monitoring agencies that I wonder about. Do the political establishment, their agencies of suppression and their apparatchiks, their fellow travelers, supporters, propagandists and street soldiers, the privileged monied classes, the mouthy ‘celebrities’ and so called ‘journalists’ even begin to understand the so far suppressed, white hot fury that is coming their way?

        They have chosen to screw down the lid of a pressure cooker, turned up the heat beneath and now find themselves having to sit on the lid to try and prevent the inevitable explosion. When it blows, it will illustrate the infinite depth and intensity of their hubris and stupidity – neither the laws of physics nor human territorial imperatives will permit the continuation of this death spiral for much longer, and the reaction will be a spontaneous, not an organized one that can be predicted, tracked, broken up and suppressed by the drones and thugs that constitute the Executives.

      • I didn’t know who Kriss donald was. But I’ve done some reading, and I do now. More importantly, I now know why I didn’t know before. Thank you for raising this awful case.

        • Yes. Awful. Also very much suppressed by the organs of the state such as the BBC.

      • The K. Donald outrage appears to have been the perverted outcome of a savage racist attack in a nightclub by a crazed white thug, who was a member of a criminal Glasgow gang called the ‘McCulloch Street Team,’ upon a member of Glasgow’s Islamic community, a person who was himself known to be a psychopathic lunatic.

        This act of extreme provocation so inflamed the injured Asian thug that he and several criminal associates from his own background stole a Mercedes and drove to McCulloch Street, where they snatched a young man who happened to live there, on the presumption that he was a member of the white gang, and sped off with him on a 200-mile joy-ride during which they intimidated and threatened the unfortunate youth. Eventually, they took him to a remote part of Glasgow where he suffered an horrific death at their hands.

        The psychotic outcome of this appalling encounter between rival sociopaths in a notoriously rough urban environment certainly poses many questions regarding the maintenance of law and order in one of Scotland’s greatest cities. However, I fail to see how it tells us anything at all about the wider problems recently created by immigration from the Middle East.

        No doubt the white gangs and the Asian gangs in Glasgow each feel ‘white hot fury’ towards the other. After all, that is their raison d’être – and clearly even the forces of the law are not always able to suppress the fury and visceral hatred which they habitually demonstrate towards their sworn rivals.

        If it is now being suggested that this feral gangland scenario is some kind of sociological model whereby society at large will decide to deal with the problems of it’s cultural divisions, then I suppose that the dark hints made here of ‘monitoring’ by the ‘relevant authorities’ should be seriously heeded by any person who makes such horrendous, extremist suggestions, since said ‘authorities’ have already shown that they give very short shrift to outbreaks of violence and murder on the streets of Britain, and therefore would, I am sure, be minded to take condign steps to discourage anyone expressing support for such behaviour.

        I am equally sure that the ‘Gates of Vienna,’ which justly prides itself on an enlightened, open, rational and humane editorial policy, will not wish any longer to be associated with inflammatory mutterings which resent the suppression of violence by the civil authorities, and thereby appear to sanction the total breakdown of all social order.

        Frankly, I am not prepared to read here comments which equate the society at large, in which I live, with the dysfunctional squalor of broken inner-city criminal hot-spots.

        To seek solutions to crime by criminal means is also an offence against the usual level of intelligence expected of the GoV. I hope this aberrant nastiness can be rapidly expunged.

        It is shocking that such nastiness has been indulged thus far.

        • Mr. Davies: We are not as yet omniscient. Thus, When a commenter leaves a name with no information, and it meets our commenting rules, we let it in. I wouldn’t have known who K Donald was even if he’d introduced himself. I mean, I think it is the mention of this which has you so exercised.

          We have a broad and international group of commenters – I fully expect some of them will say things you find offensive. Lately, even in our own town, I find some people protesting behavior that others, in turn, label “inflammatory mutterings”…

          It is helpful to provide us with background and context on a story we’d not know otherwise. But then to take us to task for not being sufficiently cognizant of every incident of “dysfunctional squalor of broken inner-city criminal hot-spots” is harsh. The information is helpful; the sermon is not.

          • I’m sorry, but I believe that both the context and the implied intent of the unfortunate comment by ‘Watching and Waiting’ (and in that ‘nom de guerre’ there is already a self-dramatisingly apocalyptic pose in itself) clearly exposes his/her comment to the criticism of it I have made.

            I also think that, in any case, I would have sought chapter and verse on any reference made that was unfamiliar to me. No ‘omniscience’ required. I just Googled ‘Kriss Donald.’

            The reasoning of your editorial response is specious. Your tone towards a polite, indeed complimentary contributor, is regrettable. Not only have you seen fit to disdain my friendly regret at GoV’s untypical and disappointing lapse, but you have also, moreover, contrived to appear indulgent in your attitude towards a contributor who is frankly little better than a closet rabble-rouser, imho.

            Seeking to cast light in the media darkness is helpful; but this apparent lurch in editorial policy of pandering to dubious and ill-directed enthusiasms is not.

            I could read that sort of stuff in the Tabloids, if I wished.

          • Mr. Davies, our editorial policy is open, but it is not entirely rational — that is, the ultimate decision on whether to expunge or redact something depends on our feelings about it. In the end, if we don’t like it — out it goes!

            Such decisions are, however, loosely based on the commenting guidelines as posted on the sidebar and elsewhere. I draw the line at obscenities and other gratuitous vulgarities. Ad-hominem attacks on fellow commenters are not allowed. And I generally redact or delete intemperate recommendations such as “All Muslims should be killed!” or “We need to hang the traitorous [obscenity redacted] from the nearest lamp post!” My restrictions include clever circumlocutions such as “They need to be served a lead sandwich.” Such utterances may not be legally actionable, but still, they lie beyond the bounds of what I consider acceptable.

            In general, anything we find to be utterly nasty and without redeeming social value will get binned. And yes, that’s a judgment call.

            Then there are comments that are likely to start a Jew fight. I hate those. They take over the thread. They absolutely destroy the comments section on that post for anyone who doesn’t want to talk about Jews Jews Jews Jews JOOOOS. Which a surprising number of people do.

            I’m just totally sick of those Jew fights. Over twelve years of this, I’ve learned to spot the early warning signs, and comments that contain them get redacted or deleted. I don’t care how unfair people think that is; I’m not having any more of that [odious substance] on our blog. There are thousands of sites — maybe tens of thousands (or millions, if you include the ones in Arabic) — that do nothing but rant about the EVIL JOOOS, and people are welcome to take their Jew fights to one of them.

            The comments on YouTube, for example. You can upload a video about how to bake a cherry pie, and 20 comments in, someone will have turned the thread into a diatribe against the evil Zionist cherry pie lobby. Or something like that.

            Besides the restrictions listed above, people here are free to say whatever they want. It doesn’t mean I like what they say, or agree with it, or think it’s a statement of fact. It just means they’ve remained within our loosely defined guidelines.

            And yes, people say plenty of whacked-out things in our comments. But I don’t mind. Whacked-out stuff doesn’t disturb me. Heck, some of my best friends are whack-jobs.

            Anyway, I don’t “pride myself” on this or any other policy. These are just the rules we’ve evolved to provide optimum working conditions for ourselves.

            And I don’t consider that we have become “associated with inflammatory mutterings” that we may have allowed to appear here. They’re not my mutterings or Dymphna’s, so why would we be associated with them? Anyone who considers our commenters’ opinions to be the same as our own lacks the necessary intelligence to be able to read and understand this blog.

            If there are any comments that you are “not prepared to read here”, then there is an easy solution: Don’t read them! And if you can’t easily determine what comments you’re prepared to read, it may be best not to read any comments at all. That became my policy a long time ago on the vile sewer that is commonly known as a YouTube comments section.

            As for the “usual level of intelligence expected of the GoV” — my experience has been that people tend to find comments that they agree with to be intelligent, whereas those they disagree with appear stupid. Such is human nature. One man’s intelligent commenter is another man’s [vulgar epithet redacted].

            You say you “hope this aberrant nastiness can be rapidly expunged.” Well, it does get expunged. It’s just that your opinion of what is nasty differs from ours. That’s OK; you’re entitled to your opinion. But the inevitable consequence is that some things you read here will indeed appear nasty to you. As I said before, your wisest course of action may be to choose to not read any comments at Gates of Vienna.

            The fact that you find it “shocking” that we indulge such things is of no moment. I’m quite prepared to live with your shock and disappointment; it’s not an issue.

        • Thank you for clarifying Mr Davies.

          Are you suggesting that it was an islamophobic hate crime by a white gang that triggered the attack on Kriss Donald?

          Just to be clear.

          I most certainly do not “sanction” any kind of societal breakdown but have the deepest concerns that a distinctly uglier kind of society is transitioning contextual to the mass importation of an aggressive and unassimilable culture in numbers that are fundamentally destabilising.

          I make no comment on colour sir, just culture and numbers. It would doubtless be framed otherwise.

          I would hope you could see that?

          • (please ignore first post, I included the entire text of one article indavertartnly)

            I would agree the two incidents are unrelated and while it might not tell us anything about recent immigration from the Middle East specifically, it did tell us something about mass immigration.

            The posters reference to ‘white-hot fury’ is debunked by other posters.

            You say that horrendous crime ‘appears to have been the perverted outcome of a savage racist attack’.

            There was more to it than merely a deranged racist tit for tat.

            A little background first.

            “First, as the editor of the community newspaper Oracle, Sajid Hussain points out that Imran Shahid and his gang were not just yet another gang of local neds determined to defend their patch.

            Instead, over the last 10 years they had emerged as a Mafia-style gang who maintained their gangster rule in Pollokshields by a reign of terror….. they ran what might be called the Pakistani Mafia in Pollokshields….

            Bashir Maan used to be the Labour councillor for the Pollokshields area. He says the problem with gangs in the area has been going on for more than 10 years. ”
            “notoriously rough urban environment”
            Pollokshields has some deprivation but mostly is quite a nice area actually, with large sandstone buildings and many parks.
            I know the area personally and dysfunctional urban jungle it is not.

            “Bashir Maan believes a culture of ‘fear’ and ‘intimidation’ has led to Asian gangs running amok in the south side of Glasgow rather than political correctness. The former chairman of the Strathclyde Joint Police Board (SJPB) was responding to comments made by a former Strathclyde Police chief inspector who claimed police were reluctant to tackle ethnic crime for fear of being branded racist.

            Mike Liddell, a senior police officer with over 30 years experience at Scotland’s largest police force, believes a softly-softly approach towards crime within the ethnic communities ‘created the conditions which at least in part, allowed the murder of Kriss Donald to happen.’

            He said: “In my view, crime within Glasgow’s Asian community has been allowed to grow unfettered for years. Why? Because the police have been afraid to fight it in case they are accused of racism.”
            The police had been warned about violent Asian gangs for years and had got to the point they were investigating what was “believed to be the biggest fraud in Scottish criminal history” and the “vast criminal network behind it involving people of Asian origin”.
            It was stopped amid fears it would be perceived as racist.
            The murder “occured after police operation to clamp down on Asian street gangs in Glasgow was stopped’ as it was ‘not deemed politically correct’.

            Among the problems associated with mass immigration, weak politically-correct responses are a recurring theme, especially when it comes to violence and Muslims.

            I could name any number of incidents in Germany right now that have eerily similar refrains or Sweden, England, Holland, one could go on at length really.

  2. Again, thanks GoV for being what you are, a lone channel of truth in a sewer of liars.

  3. And, quite probably under the Merkel regime of the German elective dictatorship, he will probably only be sentenced to a few years community service.

    The Mussolini solution for Angela Merkel is the only one that should apply here.

  4. Sigh, I am quite sure this is exactly the type of thing these creatures do in their source country to sort out personal disagreements. Quite, quite uncivilised. You can put a suit and a wig on a chimp (apologies to chimps) but… they remain chimps.

  5. What is wrong with your website? Or is it my computer? This is the second site I’ve visited that doesn’t look right compared to yesterday.

  6. The victim is in the basement of a nearby mosque.

    Of course, that is the last place these German fools will look.

    • Isn’t it disturbing? I can’t think of a single good reason why someone who is freshly blinded, and whose face is mutilated so badly (another newspaper mentioned his nostrils were cut, too) that he will stand out and draw attention everywhere, would disappear from a hospital.

      • Not so much disturbing as sad and pathetic.

        Clearly the victim and his accomplices have something against the infidel, thus his removal from their medical care.

        In a sane German, the heavily armed authorities would be raiding local mosques under no-knock warrants with lots and lots of angry police dogs leading the entry.

      • An horrific crime of uncontrolled sadistic rage, to put terror into any of the victims friends and associates.

        “he will stand out and draw attention”
        I do wonder if he is wearing a burka?

        The victim’s disappearance, besides fear, does make one think about foul play, and threats to stop a witness’s testimony.

  7. They ,the Musslime can kill each other, wonder full, problem solved. I have no Sympathy for this animals. Hopefully they kill each other so Europe is going a better place without them.

  8. So does this mean we now have to become “sensitive” to the culinary needs of cannibals or be labeled “canniphobic”?

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