Solidarity With Islam and van der Bellen!

The following satire from Austria refers to the controversy over President Alexander van der Bellen’s remarks on the hijab, as reported here last night.

Note: the cigarettes featured in this spoof are a reference to the fact that the president is a heavy smoker.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:01   What is your opinion on the new directive, that we all —
00:06   United in solidarity! With the religions! And with van der Bellen!
00:11   The president said so.
00:14   Dutiful! — I obey our president.
00:19   Long live our president! — United.
00:24   V. d. B. – Representing we!

25 thoughts on “Solidarity With Islam and van der Bellen!

  1. They did a good job, despite the fact that what is happening in Europe is so absurd, that the Comedians International Association (CIA) should protest against that!

  2. I suggest all Austrians wear the swastika in solidarity with the much-maligned Nazis.

    Oh wait! They already did that, didn’t they?

  3. 00.24 really is :vdB — mehr denn je

    which translates to “more than ever” or “now the more”; a slogan AFAIK before the second round of his election.

  4. It would be fair for the President to wear the hijab if he thinks it is a good idea for everyone to wear it.

  5. When I think how serious the problem is, I can’t taste the humour of this reaction. Actually, I am scared if this is the only reaction a society can have in this matter.
    But, as we use to say in my country, if we don’t die, we will see what comes out of this.

    • Heavens . . . Stefan cel Mare You described my deepest feelings. You are exactly right : scary if

      “this is the only reaction.”

      In a dictatorship misnamed democracy you can’t do more. “War is is peace.”
      And religion of sword is “the religion of peace. ”

      Europe R.I.P. or rather in a democratic Hell.

      What a continent of zombies to treat enemy with reverence.

    • “Om trai si om vedea ”

      [Machine translation:

      “Man living and seeing man”

      This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments. — BB]

    • It is not the only reaction! But while we fight, we might have a laugh every now and then, no?

      • We are talking about 2 different systems, 2 different populations. Today’s population is not as strong as the population of communist countries 30-40 years ago.

        While we were psychologically affected because of family members arrested or killed for opinion and ideas, decided to fight with the risk of been killed, today’s population memory and feelings is not affected by such things. When people will start been killed and arrested because of opinion and ideas you will understand what I mean. And the killings must be at large scale. After 10 years of communism in my country, there were still thousands of men fighting with soviets in the mountains…

        My grandfather lost his eyes during that period. My mother and the rest of “female” family members lived for over 6 months in the woods, in the winter, so the men can fight without fearing the safety of family. Members of family were used as blackmail if they fall in soviets hands. I know why I hated the soviets…But you have no idea what means to hate, if you don’t lose somebody dear to you.

      • My father’s father was in first line against the Ottomans in WW1 and against the soviets in WW2. My mother’s father and few relatives (manage to escape) was running from Transilvania in Moldova during the Hungarian occupation. Part of his family were killed by hungarians.

        Parts of Transilvania were given by Hitler to Horty to be administrated during the WW2. Then he was sent to the front line against soviets in Ukraine. Both of them told me how was in those times. But the hard time for them started after the soviet occupation after east countries had been sold to USSR.

        Because they didn’t want to accept the communists, they had been tortured, taken by the soviets. My mother’s father has been beaten for 3 weeks, every day, 10 hours. The communists took his eyes out with a knife. They wanted him to donate his land to the communist party. The land of his ancestors. The land he bled on and for.

        When I was a kid, many of my holidays were with him, in the mountains. In the mornings, when he was washing his face, seeing all the scars, I was asking if will hurt him if I touch them. He told me: “it will hurt if you forget my scars”. While he was telling the story of every scar, I was touching them. The only thing I was afraid to touch were the holes of his eyes. Because my family didn’t have a “healthy root”, my father and I, had some problems during communism. My father was one of the best specialists in his field, but because of “unhealthy roots” he never promoted. He was asked to become a communist member if he wanted to advance in the hierarchy, but he didn’t want.

        It was like spitting his father in the face. Then the same happened to me, in the army. In my field, I was very good. But never accepted to be a member of the communist party. So, I remained only a very good military, with no chance to advance in the military structure.

        I am also remembering the times when we were waiting in line all night for 4 packs of butter (1 pack of butter=200 gr.), or 30 eggs, or 1,5 kg meat, or 2 kg meat, or many other things.

        Now, do you think you can understand why I can’t taste the humour of this?

    • Humour is a great weapon against tyrants. Well not necessary against muslims as most of them due to their 70-80 IQ level most likely do not understand it. But against Merkel and her EU ilk…

      • The Soviet Union Communists hated being laughed at so the people did it often.

        • You think so? How do you know?
          There was part of life making fun of hard life and leaders stupidity, but Ceaușescu actually was very curious hearing jokes about him. And he had fun also. He liked to hear good jokes about him, he learned to corect his errors that way. Telling jokes about communists leaders was regarded as a joke. But not the real actions against the system. There were millions killed, but not because of jokes. But the opposite. For not joking about.

    • In 1959 a european prophet wrote in readers’ digest >
      Mix Religion + Culture at your own Peril …
      and the Pope , goes to Egypt , supporting the Sunni’s …
      only a miracle will ‘save’ Europe …

    • will being killed by a porcine species deny them access to paradise?I hope so.

  6. Scharia-addict van der Bellen embarrasses his fellow citizens again, this time by proudly disclosing a mindset, that suffers from complete lack of knowledge of and/or sympathy for a fascist ideology. The return of Kurt Waldheim-van der Bellen, this time in green as a soldier in the services of Saudi Arabia.

    However, as they say: “Hunde, die bellen, beissen nicht.”

  7. Poor dog. I take it it is female. She looks very put-upon, poor thing.
    It is doggie-abuse.

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