Austrian Women: Wear the Hijab to Show Your Solidarity for Women’s Rights!

In the Austrian presidential election almost a year ago, the Green candidate Alexander van der Bellen defeated Norbert Hofer of the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party). After investigators discovered, ahem, irregularities in the postal votes, the run-off was rescheduled for later in the year. Mr. Van der Bellen won again, and became the president of Austria.

The new president caused a stir recently when he talked about a woman’s right to wear hijab. His reaction to criticism was even more controversial, as you will see. But first a brief report from the Austrian state broadcaster ORF. Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

We don’t have a full translation yet, but the gist of Pres. Van der Bellen’s response to his critics is that he was highlighting the oppression of veiled women, whose garments he compared with the forced wearing of the yellow Star of David by Jews during Nazi times.

Now, that’s weird enough. I thought we were supposed to be showing solidarity with women who choose to wear hijab! Did the Jews wear the yellow star as a free choice? Are hijab-wearing women being persecuted? The analogy is ludicrous and incoherent.

To top it all off, he compared what he was advocating to the Danes’ wearing of the yellow star during the war in solidarity with Danish Jews. Not only is the comparison inapt, but the Danish story is a myth — a pleasant, heart-warming story, but a myth nonetheless — it didn’t happen.

Such is the current president of Austria.

Video transcript:

00:00   The first three months are over — since end of January,
00:04   Alexander van der Bellen has been the Austrian Federal President. Time to ask,
00:08   how well did the former professor of economics and chief of the Greens
00:12   do in office; and how does he carry out his functions as chief of state?
00:17   The things that are part of the daily life of a new Federal President:
00:21   daily official duties, first foreign travels, speeches and discussions.
00:25   Such as here, with youths, in the “House of the European Union” in Vienna.
00:29   Yes I do believe that we have to rediscover something like a European spirit,
00:33   Such a — a spirit, an en—, an enthusiasm, for the idea of — of European unity.
00:40   This is how Alexander van der Bellen sounds when he speaks representing the interests of the state.
00:44   In the subsequent discussion, he chats casually.
00:48   Now, every single word is no longer picked cautiously.
00:51   His speechwriters in the Hofburg would word it differently.
00:54   It is every woman’s right — do men wear the hijab, too? No, right?
01:00   It is every woman’s right to dress exactly as she pleases.
01:04   That is my opinion on this.
01:09   And by the way, not just Muslim women: every woman can wear a headscarf.
01:13   And if things continue like this — which brings me to the next question —
01:17   in light of manifestly rampant Islamophobia,
01:20   the day will come where we will have to ask all women
01:24   to wear a headscarf — all!
01:28   In solidarity with those who wear it for religious reasons.

20 thoughts on “Austrian Women: Wear the Hijab to Show Your Solidarity for Women’s Rights!

  1. In view of rampant islamophobia will he also ask women to be sure that their FGM is properly done?

    Trying to be decently courteous can be very challanging.

    • This Eco-Marxist doesn’t deserve to be addressed in a courteous way. He is devious. Not my president.

    • Lol!

      But, I have a few issues with what you say.

      Do we ask if a hijab is fashionable? No! So, it is not for us to ask if FGM is done properly, only that it is done.

      And, it sounds from his words that the hijab wearing might not be entirely voluntary for non-Muslim women.

      the day will come where we will have to ask all women to wear a headscarf — all!

      The “ask” is simply old-fashioned gallantry, maintaining an aristocratic aura. Of course the wearing of a hijab will be mandatory.

      And, will men be forced to wear the hijab? Perhaps he will be satisfied with simply requiring beards, with mustache shaved, of course.

  2. My grandfather got like that. As people age they lose their logic and become sentimental. He needs a good nurse.

  3. We too are having this nonsense thrown at us. Just a few moments ago on Breakfast TV here in England, we had a pretty muslim in a hijab and a large grey mac telling English women to wear a hijab in solidarity as she finds she is subject to lack of engagement from other English women. Hmm, isn’t it peoples right to associate and be friends with whom soever they damn well wish? She said…. (Ha ha,) that the koran does not mandate the wearing of the hijab, and that it is not compulsory, but a matter of choice. Er, tell that to the young girls getting a black eye (and worse) for not wearing one.
    The water is gently being turned up on the frog. BTW, I will not be wearing one.

    • When I was a child — maybe 5 years old — I remember sometimes playing ‘pretend’ that I was stuck in a world where women were forced to dress in “Bible Times Clothes” and when I would start to scare myself I’d laugh and tell myself it was so ridiculous and that no one would ever do that. How little I knew! And to think we’re being told we need to wear one as a sign of female liberation and solidarity with muslims??? The loonies are running the loonie bin and I want no part of it. And keep that nonsense away from my own daughter.

      I understand the marxists wanting to destroy the west to build their own society but why do they hate women so much? Is it the same reason the serpent hated Eve? That he knew woman was the one to bear the Christ?

  4. Hypocritical, self loathing, ethnomasochistic, mysogonistic,
    Left wing, TRAITOR!

    Atypical of the useless political elite in Europe – forgetting the FIRST
    Duty of any politician is to protect your own citizens.

  5. I don’t know what is more depressing. The group of eager looking completely brainwashed youths posing with that fossil. Or what the fossil said at the end.

    Either way, it’s challenging to remain optimistic in this Europe of ours today.

  6. Them’s fighting words, van Bellen.
    How about the fiffth columnists of the religion of war show solidarity with us Western women and we will have a national bikini day? Might be a little gruesome in some cases but all for a good cause. Eh, how about it?

    • National Bikini Day sounds good to me, though nice to pick a warm summery day.
      I figure to be effective it needs to be timed with the hijab day, so a towel and or a lose fitting bath robe may help to keep warm. 🙂
      Can guys join in with old fashion ‘speedos’? 😉

      Woman in hijabs are part of the oppressors that initially put the yellow star concept in place.
      Just a “virtue signal” of symbolic hypocritical sympathy to relate to the Yellow Star.
      A hijab a subtle form of a swastika, another oppressive ideology, where yellow stars originate.
      Among some decrees

      Two yellow badges [are to be displayed], one on the headgear and one on the neck.
      Furthermore, each Jew must hang round his neck a piece of lead with the word Dhimmi on it. He also has to wear a belt round his waist.
      The women have to wear one red and one black shoe and have a small bell on their necks or shoes.

      I think of the arm bands that others in a bye gone era, freely adorned with the swastika.
      Just look at the fuss made if found today in a shop.
      Where would one wear one of those symbols?

      Well, Prince Harry did over 10 years ago

      “The Nazis were responsible for the deaths of millions. To turn that into a jokey idea for a fancy dress is an absolute disgrace.”

      The prince’s sartorial misjudgment also prompted questions about his future in the armed forces.

      I do not like the head bands, a symbol of an oppressive religion that has evilly savaged millions over the years.

      And all thanks to the works of Baron and Dymphna, + translators and Vlad Tepes, to wising us up, to the symbols and goals from an oppressive religion.

  7. He should show his islamic solidarity by delivering his speech in Raqqa, where internet and tv signals are spotty.

  8. It seems to me that denial of reality is a serious problem in the West. No matter what happens, the ruling elites refuse to see the elephant in the room.

  9. I haven’t heard the elephant in the room term in some time, but it is surely apropos here. What I REALLY want to know is why this is happening and who/what is behind it all?

    Is the West so weak and enervated that it cannot see an enemy when it’s right in front of their face?

    I do tremble for the future of my children and grandchildren though.

    • The entire western world has the enemy in their countries, and in their faces, but our leaders are saying no, we must not see them as enemies, and as ‘superior’ beings they must be allowed to do whatever they wish.

      In fact, as you are aware, the enemy is a third world cult composed of barbaric rabble.

  10. Women voted in overwhelming numbers for this fool in a close election.
    – He should call the day “Aqsa Parvez day”

  11. Islamaphobia is perhaps the most commonly used oxymoron. A phobia is an ‘IRRATIONAL’ fear.

  12. He’s got this all wrong. You want the Austrian women, at least about half of them, in skimpy lingerie and leather thigh-highs.

    This burka stuff is totally lame. I mean really. Who’s actually twisted enough to like that cow-in-a-bag look?

    I know furry’s that are more normal than that.

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