Raped at Machete-Point

Reports of women being raped at knife-point are not uncommon, but machete-point?

It seems that the criminal use of machetes is becoming more and more common in Modern Multicultural Germany. Perhaps the country is now awash in the implements because they are increasingly needed to thin the large bamboo plantations in Lower Saxony. Or to harvest the sugar cane in North Rhine-Westphalia. Or to cut back the festoons of lianas that now choke the byways of Bavaria…

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this report from Express.de on a woman who was raped at a campsite near Bonn:

Police reveal gruesome details: Rapist used a machete

Bonn — The brutal rapist at Bonn Siegaue: Police are investigating at full speed and have just disclosed grisly details about the crime which took place at the meadow by the ferry landing during the night between Saturday and Sunday.

The attacker used a machete

The dark-skinned attacker carrying a machete was without a doubt a black African. He walked up to the couple’s tent and slashed it with his machete, massively threatening them both. There was definite mortal danger.

The couple was in mortal danger

The attacker, about 20 to 30 years old, demanded that the woman step out of the tent, and then he raped her.

The armed man was so aggressive and brutal that the boyfriend of the victim did not dare to call the police with his cell phone until the rapist fled. The police assessed the 26-year-old man’s actions as “prudent”, and, in the light of the danger of the situation, appropriate.

Not the first offense for the rapist?

Although the police immediately deployed a helicopter with infrared camera, the rapist could not be discovered. Did he flee the scene in a car? The police dog found a trace, but then lost it again.

Police spokesman Robert Scholten: “We have created a task force. We’ve published a facial composite sketch.”

The attacker displayed such strong criminal energy that the police assume this was not “his first rape”. A first glimmer of hope: “We have serious witness testimony.”

Victims are being looked after by the police

The 23-year-old woman and the 26-year-old man are being temporarily looked after by the police; the young woman was brought to a clinic for an exam.

An afterword from the translator:

MY COMMENTARY on this [adjective expressing disgust] piece of journalism and lousy display of police and criminal investigation, where not even a police dog is able to do his job anymore:

First of all, they say the couple were looked after by the police, the woman was sent to a clinic for an exam. What kind of exam? Have they ever heard of “rape kits”? I can not find any information anywhere that so-called rape kits which are done in every case of rape in the US, are even used in Germany??? Maybe someone knows more about this.

Secondly, are you trying to tell me that the man, since he felt he was in such mortal danger, would rather watch his girlfriend being brutally raped in front of him than take the chance of trying to call for help? I mean, if they really were in mortal danger, what would have been the difference if he put up a fight? Germans are such cowards these days. I have no words.

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  1. Cowardice seems to be flourishing, whenever a BLACK SAVAGE IS SET LOOSE ON THE POPULACE. A Savage Muslim, Brandishing a Machete, was Terror to the VICTIM, not just to the “ONLOOKER”.
    GUYS, MAN UP & START [intemperate recommendation redacted]!

  2. I totally agree- the police said the coward was “prudent”? What a nice way to put it. I”m far more disgusted with the German pussy than I am with the black rapist. The African must be laughing his [fundament] off. Got to [engage in carnal relations with his] woman wight in front of him, while he watched, and didn’t even have the guts to call 911?
    We have to wonder what the German woman thinks now….that her “man” was so “prudent”…..
    what a disgrace

    • So if a criminal held a knife to the throat of someone dear to you, what would you do?

      • I certainly wouldn’t just meekly stand there and watch as someone I loved was raped. This was only one attacker after all. As the rapist was African, there is a pretty good likelihood he is infected with HIV, in which case one should do all they can to resist since it means likely death either way.

        No, this excuse for a man was/is a coward and is deserving of our contempt. He cared more about his personal safety than the chance of injury or death to his woman.

        • But I mean quite literally, when somoeone holds a knife to the throat of another person, what can you do?
          Merely from a practical standpoint.
          A neck is cut deep within the blink of an eye, and anyone cut in the neck will bleed to death, halal style, within minutes.

          • He was raping the woman at the same time, wasn’t he? I would think that hauling off and giving a mighty kick to the groin from behind would certainly dampen the enthusiasm of any rapist. Presumably they were in a campground of some kind; use a rock from the fire circle to bash his head in, or a branch or chunk of firewood. He could have grabbed the sleeping bag and threw it over the rapist to immobilize him while trying to wrest away the blade. Or called the police if he lacked the gonads to do anything but watch.

            My point is, it is better to fail in the attempt and be a dead hero than seek after personal safety and allow your loved one to face the danger so you can remain a live coward.

          • Ah, the difference between a man’s solution and a woman’s. That’s why we still need both. And always will. Islam has no idea what self-harm it induces with its treatment of (fear of) women.

      • I carry a 9 mm 24/7 when out and about. The guy would be dead or in process of dying.

    • I bet you have a gun. In Europe is forbidden to go on street with a knife. Well, for normal people.

    • German women are just as much a part of the problem as their cowardly German men. Those socialist supermajorities in their government couldn’t be achieved without their votes, after all.

  3. “The armed man was so aggressive and brutal that the boyfriend of the victim did not dare to call the police with his cell phone until the rapist fled. The police assessed the 26-year-old man’s actions as “prudent”, and, in the light of the danger of the situation, appropriate.”

    Tranlation: Remember, your job as a white person is to submit. You don;t want to be called a racist do you?

  4. This “black African” RAPIST needs to be introduced to Mr. Smith & Mr. Wesson.
    Was RAPIST a Muslim, or need I ask?

  5. Stories like this make it hard to feel anything but contempt for the German people. I could think of any number of things that could have been done by that pusillanimous sorry excuse for a German man instead of meekly stand there and watch. And I tar all Germans with the same brush; these are the people after all who vote in election after election for socialists, and stand meekly by as a woman makes their decisions for them, turning Germany into another province of northern Africa.

    Muslims invading Europe is the lesser of the problems facing Western society; the emasculation of the Western male and the sapping of the aggressive spirit is a far larger and far more difficult problem. I am reminded of those captive animals in zoos that have lost the will to even breed; the social safety net needs to be utterly destroyed, and maybe men will find their purpose and their strength again.

    • And the woman. She had fingers didn’t she? She could have pushed them suddenly and violently into his eyes.

  6. Twinkie King (I love your “name”),

    You need not ask, of course it was a muslim; they come in all colors. Unfortunately there are few, if any, Smith and Wessons in Europe — their gun control is pretty strict.

    They are not allowed to have guns in Germany. That is the major problem right there. and most people are not familiar with handling a machete.

    If someone comes to my house, they would be looking down the barrel of a gun, shotgun, or rifle. I kid you not. But I live in the midwest of USA.

    Having said that, I do feel sorry for Germans and other dis-armed Europeans. Unless you yourself know how to wield a machete, you will be helpless without a firearm.

    I do feel sorry for Germans and other disarmed people in Europe. When you are in a terrible situation, the police are not there and you have no right to defend yourself. No wonder some of the countries there are the rape capitals of Europe.

    Of course it was a Muslim! Need you even ask?

    Although I feel compelled to point out that Europa allowed all these migrants in to begin with. Led by Angela Merkel who is surrounded by body guards and thus has no fear at all.

    Disgusting. There will have to be another crusade at some point to cleanse Euope of all those backward and often illiterate muslims. It could even be a tidier crusade: just pay them to go back to their own homelands. Maybe the next crusade will teach Europe to not allow them in again — let muslims create a garden in their own lands.

    The other problem with Europe is they have forgotten their history, therefore they are doomed to repeat it. They criticize Poland and Hungary for not letting muslims in, but those two countries DO remember their history very well.

    My last remark: Merkel should be tried for treason against her country and Europe.

    I do hope I haven’t offended anyone though. If I could find emoticons on this site, there would be a little smily face right here 😉

    • Maria_dee,

      It would be good if it was a bloodless Crusade to purge Europe of it’s muslim infestation, but unless there is blood there is no lesson learned – by both sides. Europeans are like Americans in this aspect; as prosperous and wealthy countries, both are used to buying their way out of problems or throwing money at a problem as a substitute for discipline and self control/hard work & making decisions.

      There needs to be blood and suffering from Europeans so the lesson is learned, and more importantly, remembered. Otherwise future politicians and electorates will just repeat the same mistakes, wrongly believing they just were not tolerant enough, or that they didn’t silence the critics hard enough, etc. Also, the only thing that islam respects is strength and will to dominate. What lesson is learned by the global ummah if Westerners just pay money to make the problem disappear? They need to be stomped, and stomped so hard that the lesson is also remembered, and an example made for future generations of muslims contemplating heading to Europe for the easy pickings there, the weak men to intimidate into submission, and the undefended women to rape and molest with impunity.

      • Well said. I think the horror of 2 World wars, relatively close together, changed the Western mindset. Hence all the bilge in the 50s and 60s of “Peace not War” “All you Need is Love”

        It is the young of the 60s who are now in positions of power. Maybe they genuinely believe all the nonsense. I don’t. The world is a harsh place, and while every effort should be made to civilise it, we will regret it if we forget to defend ourselves.

    • Well, when I was stationed in Bavaria from ’69-71 the place was swimming in guns–legal AND otherwise. Of course, I had the hunting-license and was involved in a shooting club–not quite the societal norm, but not far outside it, either.
      Today, one could easily drive through borderless EUrope , to the old “East” and pick up SOME WW II and/or more modern weaponry. It would be safe and relatively cheap–THOUGH ILLEGAL.
      Big deal.
      “Government” has become the enemy–though many haven’t noticed YET.
      The prudent prepare. Period.
      Before it is too late, you should be ready.
      In this particular case–a few shots. Pack up camp and depart quietly. Stash your ‘whatever’ in a safe place ’till it all blows over. For next time.
      “Us?? Vee Half Hearrd Nozzink! Nozzink Atoll!”

    • While I understand your point, Maria_dee, I would like to point out that it wasn’t “Europa allowed all these migrants”, as there was no public debate on the matter, just as there wasn’t one about the 14-30 million illegals in the USA.

      I think the strict gun laws made sense in Europe when crime was relatively low, I expect that to change in the near future and the 25 million European gun permit holder number to rise. We are a society of law and change is a process.

      That being said, I consider myself lucky to live in a European country where I can legally own assault rifles and, although I am not allowed to carry guns, I can carry pepper spray and blades.

    • Are walking/hiking sticks also illegal in Deutschland? Metal canes (I use one to walk any distance at all, or even a short distance when I’m not feeling well)?

      Either of these…objects…could’ve been swung across the back of the attacker’s head, right at the occipital ridge, going on a trajectory toward the top of the head. Followed immediately by a strike to anywhere else that appeared relevant: hand holding machete? rear end attacking woman? ankles/heels from behind to slow down the attacker’s escape due to pain?

      Maybe it’s just that I’m innately violent. Although not nearly as hale as before a certain car accident, I am always aware of my surroundings. No ear buds, no i-phone. Just walking and looking around, listening to vehicles and such.

      So that’s one woman’s response.

      • Sorry; just remembered. The walking/hiking stick and cane can also be used as (non-sharp) thrusting weapons, should there…ah…be a node (temple, nose, mouth, the short and curlies) where a stiff prod could be helpful.

      • No, you’re not innately violent. Women need to learn to navigate urban environments safely, including their so-called “secure” gated communities. When I worked with women whose husbands used violence as marital strategy, I used to hand out copies of Gavin de Becker’s book, The Gift of Fear. I got my copies from churches who’d call to have me come and give a lecture – couldn’t take money but a case of those books was just what I needed. I’m glad it’s still in print, and looks like it’s used for classes:


        Here’s the Amazon blurb on a book that’s been out, iirc, since the 1980s.

        In this empowering book, Gavin de Becker, the man Oprah Winfrey calls the nation’s leading expert on violent behavior, shows you how to spot even subtle signs of danger-before it’s too late. Shattering the myth that most violent acts are unpredictable, de Becker, whose clients include top Hollywood stars and government agencies, offers specific ways to protect yourself and those you love, including…how to act when approached by a stranger…when you should fear someone close to you…what to do if you are being stalked…how to uncover the source of anonymous threats or phone calls…the biggest mistake you can make with a threatening person…and more. Learn to spot the danger signals others miss. It might just save your life.

        He went on to write other books but this one has never gone out of print. I believe he now has a flourishing security agency.

        People with PTSD tend to be hypervigilant already. Unfortunately, this leaves them somewhat vulnerable since you can’t watch everything at once.

        [For a sad example of what chronic PTSD looks like, watch Tommy Robinson in an interview: his speech is rushed, his body rigid, and his eyes are in constant movement. That’s what extended (and illegal) time in solitary confinement will do to a person. He’d be like that even if he hadn’t endured the physical beatings and being spit on with no way to defend against it.]

      • Cynthia, there was a case in FL last year where an elderly man protected himself by beating the perp with his walker…He was my hero of the month for that feat.

    • Funny thing though, so many criminals in ALL western countries seem to have guns!

      • That is the main, and most telling, argument FOR the 2nd Amendment. I don’t see all the whingeing of the Left ever changing that.

  7. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

    Your comments always interest me, as does your James Bond appearance. Spot on, as usual.

    • Thanks for the compliment!

      As a disciple of Robert Heinlein, I appreciate his no-nonsense opinion and belief regarding the proper place for, and role of violence in society. Try reading Starship Troopers as a good starting point to understanding his philosophy. Not the horrible movie by the same name…

      Mr Bond represents the best parts of Western society; the style and refinement of manners and dress, combined with his patriotism and loyalty to king and country, total ruthlessness and forcefulness of action to combating threats to his country even in the face of official indecisiveness and hesitancy to act.

      • I first read Heinlein’s work in a theology class — “Strangers in a Strange Land”, of course.

        Later, on meeting the Baron, I was to learn a lot more about s.f. literature. My favorite back then was R.A. Lafferty, “The World as Will and Wallpaper”. Or was it “The Will as World and Wallpaper”? R.A.L. had that effect on my thinking, even then. I think it may be time to dig up and contemplate “A Canticle for Leibowitz”…just to remind us of what could be coming down the road.

        How could I forget the best of the English language fantasies of the future: Riddley Walker…Millennia after the nuclear apocalypse, the scene being Kent (or thereabouts)


        “Trubba. No trubba…” We still use that tranmogrified phrase as a short cut meaning.

        • Ooooh! Can I play, too? “Lest Darkness Fall” by L. Sprague de Camp in 1939. Take a look: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lest_Darkness_Fall

          That one got me on “What If?” possibilities, which haven’t stopped since. I was maybe in my teens, but maybe in later college, when I first read it. It was one of those read-it-in-one-session things, so I was pretty short on sleep for the next few days.

  8. to all you people who are very quick to condemn this German man for cowardice.

    unfortunately if you are just average person, you can’t do much against very strong and very well trained male.

    so their choice was –
    1. woman is given for rape, and then both (hopefully) survive, or
    2. man is murdered first, woman is raped and then murdered as well (no hope)

    so it was cowardice yes, but also some luck of sacrificial idealism.

    overall as I mentioned not once, the whole West should think and work on all possible options and techniques of Separation.
    cases like this make it very clear.
    Apartheid as pre-condition to any long-term solution.

    • If you are facing certain death or very high likelihood of serious injury, then it is imperative that one must fight; if for nothing else to have an honorguard at your side as you enter the halls of Valhalla.

      The doomed passengers on Flight 93 showed the way forward here; they still died, but they prevented far worse destruction and loss of life, they kept the terrorists from achieving their objective, and they immortalized themselves and will always be remembered alongside the brave 300 at Thermopylae, the defenders of the Alamo, the American soldiers surrounded in Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge who refused to surrender, and the brave soldiers at the Battle of Mogadishu who held off thousands of somalis in the middle of the city for several days and killed many hundreds of them before they were rescued. To these brave men who stood fast in the face of certain death and did their duty, I remember and honor with a toast every Memorial Day. What is for sure though, is that German male is not cut from the same cloth and is a disgrace to German manhood.

      • So True. Your comments make me remember my dear uncle ( now gone). I had the honor of taking care of him in his later years, as he was always a bachelor. He was captured outside of Bastogne and spent the rest of the war in a POW camp. I am in awe of what that generation did for us!

      • Amen. We are meant to live on our feet, not surrender on our knees.

    • Oh, and don’t Forget that if the German had injured the rapist while defending his girlfriend he would be ruined. German Courts would strike him to the full extent of the law, he would lose his Job and his existence.

    • It’s hard to judge the situation. I guess the young couple are fortunate to be alive, instead of dead or in intensive care with machete wounds, but there is also the possibility that the rapist would have killed them both even if they complied with everything he wanted. Perhaps there is also the possibility that they could have escaped without being hurt or raped, if they fought back. The fight-or-flight response has many varieties.

  9. Sometimes in certain situations, you just have to carry some heat, even if your slave masters say it is illegal and immoral. You just gotta do what you gotta do, when it is you and/or your family OR the [person] that is looking for your blood to spill.

    Get it?

    • Well said.

      Imagine if every European male began carrying a sharp knife he’d trained himself to use [imagine…it’s not so very hard to do…]. There would come some critical mass where TPTB couldn’t arrest everyone. Given a critical mass of scofflaws, this could work. But how to engage the super-super law abiding, even to save their own lives…?

      Of course if I lived in the EU or England, I suppose I could be fined for even asking you

      • One must first fix the lack of will to use violence to defend oneself or one’s loved ones. Aquiring and learning to use a weapon even if it is illegal is an infinitely easier skillset to gain by comparison.

        Fight Club (the book) shows the way forward here; a generation of men raised by women… What else should one expect except that they are cowards who lack the desire to defend themselves or others?

        • Just to add some background on my tendencies: when I was 23 and living in near-downtown Atlanta, I drove home one night from having been to (1) class, (2) work, (3) shopping, and (4) symphony in sequence during the day.

          As I got out of my VW, parked beside a HUGE tree in front of the triplex where I was living, a young black man accosted me and asked me for money. My hands and arms were absolutely full of stuff from shopping (I was fostering a litter of kittens whose mother had come in from the cold), including stuffed animals. I suggested that I was unable to get to any money because it would “make a lot of noise” if I had to re-arrange everything I was carrying.

          Assailant clearly didn’t like the idea of “making a lot of noise.” So he moved closer to me. And closer. And yet closer, until his weapon was right against my right ribcage. I kept looking him in the eyes, asking him why he needed to meet people “like this”? Didn’t he have friends who would talk to him?

          It took him over 30 minutes to move me about 20 feet. We were now in the middle of a seldom-used street (look it up on maps: Druid Circle, Atlanta, GA). My hope was that a random neighbor would drive through the place and break up this intense tete-a-tete, but it wasn’t happening. The gun was still at my right ribcage; I was doing my very best to ignore it and keep shuffling the schoolbooks, papers, kitten supplies, and symphony program and keep them from dropping. I didn’t want to change my body stance and spook him into an unfortunate decision (for me, at least).

          At last, my boyfriend (I had been casting my fairly strong voice toward the triplex, b/c I could see that the windows were open on a warm early October evening) realized that, although I’d been talking to someone for quite a while, I wasn’t moving onto the porch and in fact sounded further away. He came onto the porch and hollered my name.

          The magical moment.

          My assailant realized that in fact there was *someone else* around and took off.

          It was only when he began running that I noticed…he was barefooted.

          Was I inspired? Was I stupid? I was definitely lucky.

          Nothing that dramatic has ever happened again, thank heavens, but in more prosaic daily life, I have broken up two dog fights by lifting the attacking dog off its back legs and protected my own Bernese Mountain Dogs at need by interposing my body between theirs and that of a hostile dog.

          To date (and let’s hope it continues), 100% success.

      • One doesn’t need a sharp knife to inflict a serious wound on an assailant or in this case, a rapist. A set of car keys used correctly and aimed at the eyes with much force will do far more damage than one slash/stab with a sharp knife at a body.

        I think the age of the ‘victims’ is important here in this incident.

        If they were young teenagers and not trained in self-preservation techniques that includes self-defence lessons, then the male I would suppose would be truly useless in defending the girl from that savage armed with what sounds like a very well honed machete – a weapon that can be quite a formidable close quarter deterrent to the uninitiated, especially after having had their tent cut to pieces by it.

        None of us were there at the time, but the victims had a story to tell to experienced police officers, whom no doubt and after hearing it, have given us their opinion as to how the victims acted throughout that ordeal.

  10. I was just wondering, in regard to the point about where all these machetes are coming from, whether they are either being brought in by some African migrants (since we often hear of machetes as close-combat weapons in the marauding armies or militias or what have you in Congo &c.), or if they procure them on-site and seek them out as a preference because of this experience that some of them may have with their use.

    Actually, what about that idea? – Are any of the African migrants currently coming into western Europe former members of the child-soldier bands or LRA or Interahamwe or what have you from the wars in central Africa over these past years? Kind of like the Thirty Years War in some ways (I’m re-reading Wedgwood on that right now).

  11. We in the west have been systematically disarmed both psychologically, and physically.

    liberalism is like the AIDS virus, in the sense that it has caused our society to be unable to defend its self from foreign bodies.

    A problem must be properly identified before it can be dealt with, just as a disease must properly be identified before it can be treated.

    This form of liberalism should be labeled with a psychological warfare term before it can be properly understood, diagnosed, and treated. That term being: Ideological subversion.

    We have been subverted one spiritual principle at a time by people who understand how spiritual principles work. Knowing what kinds of tendencies certain spiritual beliefs instill in people, and slipping them in one at a time in a way the victim doesn’t even notice.

    And after forty years of this people have been totally unable to resist takeover.

    I love my European peoples and am determined to fight back against this evil any way I am able.

    • Well, that leaves me in a pickle. Politically, the closest description to my outlook is Classic Liberal.

      But don’t mess with me, even if I don’t have a firearm. (See prev. postings, I think on this same story.)

  12. A machete isn’t all that formidable of a weapon. Is has a single edge (frequently dull) and no point. From clinch range it’s useless. I’d show a lot more respect to a knife. That 26 year old had no excuse.

    • How formidable a machetes as a weapon is depends on the size and weight of the blade, how carefully honed it is and how familiar with its use the bearer of it is.

      I would guess that the demonstrated use of its slicing power would not have been lost on that young man as he witnessed the tent he was in sliced to shreds.

      We were not there so we will never know.

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