Interviews With Microcephalic Macron Supporters

Emmanuel Macron is the pretty-boy socialist candidate that Marine Le Pen will face in the run-off of the French presidential election. He is being widely touted as France’s Obama, and the following video will give you an idea of why the characterization is apt.

During Barack Hussein Obama’s first campaign for president back in 2008, do you remember some of the interviews with his supporters that revealed how clueless, uninformed, ignorant, and intellectually challenged they were? Well, voilà! Listen to some of the Gallic geniuses who support Emmanuel Macron.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Good afternoon. —Good afternoon. —You support Macron? —Absolutely! —Why?
00:04   Because, he’s handsome, duh! He’s easy on the eyes!
00:08   Well, he is the incarnation of fresh, of renewal and all that! —OK.
00:12   “Renewal” what does it mean? —It means he’s not a grandpa of 70
00:16   who is running for office, instead of retiring; it means it’s someone who’s not even 40 years old.
00:20   And voilà! —Who was a part of François Hollande’s government. —Exactly. And it’s not a problem
00:24   In fact it’s kind of a new vision.
00:28   What vision? —This vision unites people who don’t necessarily agree.
00:32   All right, it doesn’t necessarily mean that… —United under what ideas? What are those ideas?
00:36   What are those ideas? …Julien, help us!
00:40   Julien, what are Emmanuel Macron’s ideas?
00:44   I don’t see them — We’ll see during the meeting.
00:48   So in fact, you don’t know —Oh, I do know, but I don’t really want to talk about it.
00:52   Thank you very much. Have a nice meeting! —Thank you
00:56   I’ll look for the ideas of Emmanuel Macron — Look for them. You will find them soon.
01:00   I think — I hope, I hope. Good afternoon Monsieur.
01:04   What are Emmanuel Macron’s ideas? —I have no idea. —You don’t know? —No.
01:08   What are Emmanuel Macron’s ideas?
01:12   Is it compulsory? —Not at all — Go ahead, Emmanuel Macron’s ideas?
01:16   [lady in the back] We are there? We are there?
01:20   [another lady in the back] I don’t want to answer the question.
01:24   Well, they are good. —What are the
01:28   political ideas he is defending? Exactly? —Hmm.
01:32   It’s a good question… hmm.
01:40   I don’t know. Honestly, it’s a complicated question.
01:44   Additionally I haven’t understood everything… I’m not going to…
01:48   Well… how should I put it?
01:52   I admit that
01:56   I found out only recently about his different talking points.
02:00   I watched a number of his videos on his site, a couple of minutes ago, and voilà.

19 thoughts on “Interviews With Microcephalic Macron Supporters

  1. Churchill once said “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”.

    No shortage of useful idiots to prove him right it seems…

  2. Wonderful! Truly wonderful. So these are some of the people on whom our civilisation depends. Do they even read what’s on the cornflake packet? I’m still laughing (if you know what I mean).

  3. They are shockingly ignorant!
    Are Macron voters filled up with baguettes inside their head?

  4. There’s a whole broadcasting sub-category of asking people on the street basic questions. Jesse Waters at Fox gets a big boost to his career asking young people basic questions of history and politics and playing cutesy movie clips making fun of them.

    Jay Leno used to go on the street asking people questions like “when was the Civil War”?

    There’s no great genius or originality involved in showing the average voter under, say, 30, is abysmally ignorant of just about everything.

    Of course, now ballots are printed in Spanish as well as English. If someone can’t read a ballot printed in English, what are the chances of getting an informed voter…or even a voter who is aware he is in a different country subject to different laws? And, the voting age is constantly being lowered…by what evidence? I guess the left thought young people would be more likely to vote for big government. The movement to lower voting age might dry up if millennials turn out to vote more conservatively than the average voter.

    Wasn’t it also Churchill who said democracy is the worst possible system…except for all of the others?

    The big problem with limiting access to government power is that inevitably, whatever group is most influential will stack the decks in their own favor. One example. Suppose you wanted the most intelligent people to run the government? They would craft the educational system to encourage excellence and genius. Very good. But notice, in that case, people of average or below-average IQ would be contributing money disproportionately used to train people who will always be in the high earning bracket. Fair?

    • Originally our voting system was only for people who had skin in the game – property owners. Not wards of the state, not homeless drunks, etc.

      By extending the franchise to the welfare class, the insane, disabled all we did was create a powerful bloc who support ANYONE who promised free goodies to them These people also had no skin in the game. They don’t if the rest of society is destroyed so long as they get their free stuff.

      The old phrase “vote themselves bread and circus” comes to mind with this lot.

      We already spend far too much on public schooling with very poor results. And do you even realize how dumbed down our curriculum is from a hundred years ago? A lot, go grab a Appleton reader from 1870 and see for yourself. Writer Jerry Pournelle has a ebook on Amazon that is a school text book from 1920. No comparison to the garbage we teach today that is hurting our children.

      • You might have a case, anon, if you could demonstrate that the people with “skin in the game” are less likely to vote out of self-interest than those less fortunate.

        • I believe the unspoken implication is that people with “skin in the game are more likely to vote for GA stable, same society than other groups.

  5. They were being asked a silly and irrelevant question.
    Who needs ideas when you can have rainbows and unicorns?

    • An honest reply would be something like: “Pardon me, please wait a minute for my brain to boot up; ah, yes, the synapses are beginning to activate.”

  6. Anyone who votes for a candidate solely on their physical attractiveness should have their voting privileges immediately and permanently revoked.

  7. Those vapid French women need to savor their flirty, free wheeling interviews and opinions. They’ll soon be dressed in a burka hidden in the back rooms.

  8. How about this question? “Pardon me, madam, but do you feel that you would have a greater chance of being raped by LePen or Macron’s policies? In other words, who would better protect you?”. “Uh, uh, uh, that is a difficult question.”

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