A Minute of Silence for the Poor Drowned Migrants

Jean-Luc Mélenchon is the fruity left-progressive candidate who just surged ahead of the socialist and the “conservative” in the French presidential election. Mr. Mélenchon takes an anti-EU stance, and for the last few days he has been closing in on Marine Le Pen in the polls. He stands at least an outside chance of becoming the next French president — a sobering thought.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this Mélenchon campaign video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The following notes accompanied the video:

Jean-Luc Mélenchon is running in a French presidential election for the second time. His candidacy is endorsed by the French Communist Party (PCF) but he left his own Left Party to establish a sort of political platform, Unsubmissive France. Thank to the electoral force of the PCF (allied with the Socialist Party), he obtained the necessary 500 sponsors to be validated by the Constitutional Council. However, he currently places fourth in the polls, while he was third before the Socialist primary and the bid by Emmanuel Macron.

On Sunday April 9 he made the thousands of people who gathered at the Old Port in Marseille observe a minute of silence in memory of the migrants who perished while crossing the Mediterranean Sea.


00:00   Caption: Mélenchon: One minute of silence for those perished at the Mediterranean Sea
Marseille [unintelligible] under this fantastic sun!
00:04   Synonymous with hope and victory, here comes the candidate
00:08   for Unsubmissive France [his new platform/party]! Here comes the candidate
00:12   for Unsubmissive France, Jean-Luc [Mélenchon].
00:20   To all those brave people, we, by our silence, during that
00:28   minute of quiet that I am calling for,
00:32   it’ll go like a song of love to dry their tears
00:36   and hug them close to our hearts.
00:40   Silence!

7 thoughts on “A Minute of Silence for the Poor Drowned Migrants

  1. I would conclude that there is as high a percentage of insane people in France as in Islamic countries, in terms of the number of people willing to vote for self-destructive ideologies.

    It’s the same problem, really.

    • Very good comment. Thank you Mike.
      But it frightens me that so many might actually vote for this pablum.
      Will LePen pull it off? I have grave doubts. But stranger things have happened.

      • Did it not occur to any of those in attendance to simply turn their backs on this idiot and walk away?

        How stupid he would have looked holding a minutes silence
        On his own!

        Meanwhile the “anti-fascists” , face book, national media are
        Overtly and violently disrupting the campaign of the only
        True patriot, Madame Le Pen, with impunity!

        I could weep with frustration.

  2. The child whose ripped apart remains were spread over one of Stockholm’s main shopping streets does not matter. She was I guess collateral damage in this new age-old war between Islam and the West.
    How many more of our children does it take for people to wake up. I am beyond furious. You know what? LePen will not be allowed to win. The elites have too much too lose.

    • The elites might keep her from winning this time. But sooner or later the situation will be resolved and by thwarting the wishes of the majority, they risk much greater consequences to their person and their families when those who have long suffered finally act. I see nooses and firing squads ahead for those smug and arrogant elites and their families when civil war finally arrives. One would think that those who come from the country where the storming of the Bastille took place, and the guillotine never slept, would take heed of the violent and bloody history of France, and what happens to the ruling class when the ruled class has finally had enough.

  3. […]! Just when it looked like the French might be coming to their senses and that France might have a chance to survive.

    !$#!#%!T%!$#$#!%!$ !!!!! (27+ expletives deleted)

    If they sell out their own country to the Mo.’s out of envy toward “the rich” and “the capitalist exploiters” they’ll have no sympathy from me.

    Until they love their children more than they hate Marx’s imaginary “class enemies” they will be dead to me. And I will support the idea of training American nukes on a potentially inimical and nuclear armed Mohammedan France.

    “Une puissance musulmane” ?

    Be careful what you wish for.

  4. You can find plenty of videos of this sort of incident on YouTube.

    It is apparent the NGOs and human smugglers are not doling out swimming lessons to these unfortunates.

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