Leave Our Mosque Alone!

The following video shows the reaction of Muslim residents in Clichy-la-Garenne (a northwestern suburb of Paris) when police enter their mosque and evacuate so that it can be closed.

From the notes accompanying the original video:

FRANCE — CLICHY — Street prayers and a demonstration after the tense evacuation of a mosque in Clichy-la-Garenne

Occupied illegally since 2015, a place of worship that is to be transformed into a media library was evacuated by the police, despite the presence of the faithful who tried to intervene. The protesters then gathered in front of the town hall.

After the morning prayer on March 22, dozens of CRS [Republican Security Company] began the evacuation of the mosque of Clichy-la-Garenne.

Some 50 people tried in vain to intervene before being forcibly removed.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Info: Police intervene in a mosque to close it. —Hey! Let her go!
00:04   Hey! Let her go! Let her go! Let her go!
00:08   Let her go! Let her go! Do not touch women!
00:12   Women are not to be touched! Bastard!
00:16   We are here.
00:24   Hey women, leave, leave!
00:28   Sit down, sit down! Enter!
00:32   Enter! Sit down!
00:36   Enter! Enter!
00:40   We sit down, Let’s sit down! Please, sit down!
00:44   Sit down! Sit down!
00:48   Sit down, please! Let her go! Let her go!
01:00   Leave her! Leave her alone!
01:08   Hey, stop, oh, yeah, go over there, go over there!
01:12   It’s a mosque! It’s a mosque!
01:16   [Arabic]
02:37   The order from the mayor’s office is the same:
02:41   Mr Emil Museau had a discussion
02:46   with the Muslim community.
02:50   Le Mayor isn’t willing to take any responsibility
02:54   in order to give us a solution. The solution is
02:58   the CRS, [Republican Security Company] the solution is the bricks on the
03:02   Holy Prayer, and now he said, it is what it is,
03:06   and that’s it, and there’s no negotiating!
03:14   Now, now, now,
03:18   now, please, listen, the solution is organizing
03:22   the Muslim community concerning the Friday prayer, we have to establish
03:30   here insh’allah!
03:34   For the Friday prayer everyone is coming here, we’ll be here
03:38   [unintelligible] the mosque, insh’allah, and the prayer,
03:42   everyone praying here their daily prayer!
03:46   For the daily prayer you come here! Listen!
03:50   Listen! [Arabic] the solution
03:54   concerning the commissioner,
03:58   the solution concerning the lady commissioner, is to
04:02   keep our agreement, even if there’s no satisfaction from
04:06   Emil Museau, but on the other hand we ask [Arabic]
04:11   [Arabic]
04:19   Leave the mosque to us [or: leave our mosque alone]

3 thoughts on “Leave Our Mosque Alone!

  1. It sounds like the Muslims are asserting squatter’s rights: if you sit on a plot of land or a building for awhile, and want to keep it, it’s yours.

    Very good.

    So, what’s their complaint against Israel?

  2. The authorities did not go far enough. They moved them out of the building alright, but then they didn’t keep moving them on and out of the area and forbid them to return!

    So next time have the water cannon ready to hose them out! They could probably do with a good wash anyway!

  3. This would never have happened in Britain. The authorities are far too cowardly to confront Muslims – as for shutting down a mosque, sacre bleu!

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