Meet the Face of the AfD in Kiel

The head of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in Kiel is an immigrant from West Africa named Achille Demagbo. That must make heads explode amongst the Gutmenschen in Germany. In the U.S.A. he would be called an “Uncle Tom” or a “traitor to his race”.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

Mr. Demagbo of the AfD

The head of the AfD party in Kiel deems multiculturalism a failure. Not an unusual opinion for his party. But Mr. Demagbo is from West Africa. How is that compatible?

by Philip Eppelsheim
March 19 2017

[photo caption: Achille Demagbo says, orderliness and discipline have been second nature to him from childhood on.]


  • a dark skinned immigrant from Africa is chief of the AfD in Kiel. How is that compatible?
  • Conservative right and dark-skinned. A contradiction? Visiting the chief of the AfD in Kiel, Achille Demagbo.

Achille Demagbo is 36 years old. Born and raised in Benin in West Africa. He has been living in Germany for 13 years now. He came to study. Linguistics. Meanwhile, he became a German citizen, and works as an interpreter. Demagbo is also a founding member and head of the AfD in Kiel. What does a black African want with this party?

Demagbo believes that his political viewpoints have always been part of his personality. “Certain values” have been part of him since childhood, “particularly orderliness and discipline.” His parents both worked as teachers; they worked their way up from the humblest beginnings. They raised Demagbo, his sister, and his three brothers strictly. Very strictly.

Demagbo says he became interested in the humanities when he was still a student, especially philosophy and sociology. “I noticed back then that the German thinkers, the German philosophers, are particularly rational, particularly systematic in presenting their ideas.” Demagbo fell in love “with German thinking”. With Immanuel Kant and also with Friedrich Nietzsche.

Political reality simply had been “pushed to the left”

Speaking of his start in Germany, Demagbo says that people helped him a lot. Teachers, fellow students, even strangers to whom he spoke in the pub to have conversations in German. To learn the language, to come closer to the culture. “I met many people who were very open-minded.” This moulded him in a positive way. He felt like a German; he was glad to belong. “Germany is my second homeland,” says Demagbo. He never had problems with racism here. On the contrary: “Germans are not xenophobic. They admire everyone who comes here, acknowledges German culture, and complies with the norms of society.”

But right from the beginning, he noticed that people in Germany are being misled. The first political information he was given was: “You are a foreigner. Be careful. Everyone to the right of the Social Democrats is against foreigners.” Demagbo says he rapidly noticed that it wasn’t true. He also noticed that “political reality” was simply “being pushed towards left”. Thereby, “a vacuum” is forming, “because a large part of the population does not feel they are being represented anymore.” The opinions of the citizens are not being integrated into the political process anymore. As an example, Demagbo cites German entry to the EU: “contrived somewhere behind the scenes”. He speaks of the achievements “which we have, in Germany, being sacrificed on the political altar in favour of leftist political experiments”. “I am against that. The EU is failing, the euro is failing. And multiculturalism has failed, too.”

Multiculti has failed in Duisburg-Marxloh

Demagbo lives in the district of Gaarden in Kiel, which has been known as a social hot spot for a long time. Many unemployed, many foreigners. Demagbo says, he “gets along wonderfully with people there”. Many of his friends are Turks, Albanians, Kurds, Syrians. Most of them the children of gastarbeiter*. “They integrated well.” But the problem are those who do not integrate. “Integration is necessary for a good togetherness. The German culture is central for me. There is no way around it. German culture and German language need to be central.” Basically, says Demagbo, it is not that complicated. And still, things have been going wrong for years.

[photo caption: In 2016, Demagbo, Leif-Erik Holm and Beatrix von Storch celebrated the entrance of the AfD into the House of Representatives in Berlin.]

As examples of failed multiculti, Demagbo names Berlin-Marzahn and Duisburg-Marxloh. He speaks of overworked police, and that there is no consideration whether people have any desire to integrate. “Everybody is taken in. That is why we have parallel societies in Germany. That is why we have forced marriages and child marriages, people who live by Sharia Law, who do not profess to our democratic values. There simply are problems with certain cultures.” He is a migrant himself, says Demagbo. And therefore can hardly be against immigration. The AfD isn’t, either. The party is just concerned with accepting people in “in a rational manner”. “I am for immigration.” But it has to happen within a framework. “Which Germany do we want for our children? These are my thoughts, my worries”, says Demagbo.

“And I want to give something back.”

He calls himself a social conservative. Twenty or thirty years ago, he says, he would surely have been a member of the CDU [Christian Democratic Union]. “Guaranteed. But the CDU drifted towards the left.” The CDU from back then does not exist anymore. The AfD now took up the topics and positions that the CDU neglected. Like the traditional family. “I have nothing against homosexuality, not at all. There are gays in the AfD who are my friends. But we need children”, says Demagbo. Therefore, the family needs to be protected. He has a family: a girlfriend and four children. He does not mind when the Thuringian AfD chief Björn Höcke speaks of the “life-affirming African proliferation type”. “That is positive. I am life-affirming.” And anyway, the allegations of racism against the AfD: [AfD co-founder Alexander] Gauland, too, has played with his children.

It bothers Demagbo when the other parties do not have the honesty to admit that the AfD has got the right approach. “When we said: If it should ever come down to it, then our borders too should be protected with firearms. What did the media make of this statement? The outcry that went through the country!” Instead, says Demagbo, now the Christmas markets need to be protected with firearms. “What kind of logic is that? It would have been much more reasonable, to protect the borders. But no, we were called racists. Xenophobes. And the consequence was the attack in Berlin, and that now we have to protect public events with firearms. The government is responsible for that.”

*   Gastarbeiter: an immigrant worker, especially one who came to the former West Germany in the 1960s and 1970s

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  1. This fellow is an example of the sort of hard-working, intelligent, legal immigrant that the West should be embracing with open arms. This is what REAL integration looks like, not no-go zone disasters like Malmo and Rinkelby where the police are building a “fortress” and planning to bus officers in on specially-armored buses.

    • Whom did we send to colonize the Americas? Did we send our best and brightest? No, we sent our misfits, fanatics, lunatics and criminals.

      Whom did we send to colonize Australia? The same.

      And yet we still somehow expect the colonists from the Third World to be their best and brightest.

      • You need to refresh your historical knowledge – the first settlers were all but misfits. Those came later after the land was initially “europanized” and they thought they could make easy money (and some did).

        As for Australia there was never a “colonization” attempt, they simply used it as a prison and a somehow a nation evolved.

        And since we’re on the topic, New Zealand had proper farmers settling in, most of them were respectable people that actually worked hard.

        • Sorry AK but you need to shsrpen your view of what the settlement of Australia was like. The transportation of less than hardened criminals was a form of forced migration to populate the land for the Crown. Most chose to stay after serving their sentences and settled as law abiding citizens.

      • Several disparate groups colonized or attempted to colonize, the east coast of what is now the U.S. Leaving aside the French, Dutch and Spanish expeditions, various people from England settled in distinct areas, with little in common.

        The first was a commercial endeavor, in Virginia, circa 1609. Their efforts were underwritten by investors whose purpose was to establish a successful undertaking. It was a good opportunity for the second sons who were never going to inherit the family manor or its money.

        The religious dissenters, having spent some years in the Netherlands raising money and organizing, finally began the perilous task of living through New England winters in 1620.

        And don’t forget the Catholics, who founded Maryland some years after.

        Or William Penn’s efforts to create a state where religious freedom was permitted.

        As for Australia, it was used as a penal colony and you could be sent there for stealing bread. It was considered a release valve by England.

        Your ideas about the beginnings of the English Commonwealth are, at best, impoverished.

      • My ancestors on my father’s side came to North American in 1650 for reasons of religious freedom. As Satanists they were horribly persecuted in England.

      • Speak for yourself good sir or madam. On the contrary, my grandparents from Germany and my and ancestors that immigrated here were not wretches. In the 1720s, my direct ancestor was an esteemed colonel in the Prince of Koblenz’s army before immigrating at the age of 60 with his large family to the New York colony. Carried on my ancestors person was a personalized letter of recommendation from his regent that was presented to the governor of New York. They were established and resourceful individuals who saw an opportunity and seized it. Many of the first colonists here were not wealthy like my ancestors were, but were decent people nonetheless looking for a better life. They were willing to take a risk and gambled their very lives for freedom and opportunity. Your statement does not apply to me, my family, or scores of others’ relatives and ancestors that helped to found this great land. Good day.

    • Why should we embrace people who would benefit their own nations much more than they benefit ours? Germany doesn’t exactly lack for high achievers. And for every Achille Demagbo there are many more high-IQ Third-World folk who ally themselves with the left. As Steve Sailer says: “We lose on every sale, but we’ll make up on volume!”

      There’s also the question of the descendants of high-IQ Third-World folk. They might not be so beneficial or so high in IQ and other positive traits.

  2. ‘It bothers Demagho when the other parties do not have the honesty to admit that the AfD has got the right approach.’

    And so it should bother those other parties, because there is nothing like those from the grass roots finding their way into opposition parties or government who are ‘clean skins’, and by that I mean, they have nothing in their antecedents that ‘intelligence agencies’ can use at some time in their political future to blackmail them with into towing the Globalists line.

    Kudos to this man Demagho who has used his observation skills to determine the only path one must walk in their adopted country.

  3. HELLO! This is what we Americans have been trying to say. Sure, there are always racists who will hate everyone not like them, but the VAST majority of Americans just want people who come here to want to be here and join us as citizens, not to tear down our country or force us to adhere to their culture. Yes, yes, I know, slavery, genocide against the natives. That was terrible, but turning our country into a third world cesspool isn’t going to improve the lives of anyone. If you come here, learn the language, you will be welcome. But if you try to turn us into a sharia craphole, then we will have problems with you.

  4. Ok- Every time I criticize anyone on this site, I get criticized for criticizing. So I will refrain from giving my opinion on him. I did just spend about 20 minutes listening to him on a couple YouTube videos. For those of you here who speak German, please do the same and come back and give me and everyone else your feedback on this AFD representative. Thank you.

    • Are you a snowflake that you are upset at being criticized? Go ahead and speak your opinion and take your lumps when others speak theirs.

  5. Anyone who is watching the re-runs of Auf Wiedersehen Pet on Yesterday TV already knows what a Gastarbeiter is!

  6. I will admit that, of all the types of migrants that come to the West, Demagbo is not the worst kind. I am assuming he came into Germany legally and managed to obtain citizenship not via the asylum route. He has a job as a translator, contributing something to the country. I also like it when an immigrant is talking about lack of integration, because the left has a hard time with their usual tactics of shaming those with a different opinion.

    My praise ends there. I simply cannot stand it when migrants come to Europe and try to destroy it or change it to something else. It is not Demagbo’s place to say the EU should be disbanded or not. It is not Demagbo’s place to attempt to rule a country that graciously took him in, it is not Demagbo’s place to tell Germans what to do/what’s best for them. There are good reasons why a US president has to be born in America. First generation migrants should not be allowed to take part in politics (I’m not even sure they should have the right to vote). This encourages a wolf in sheep’s clothing situation, like for example the Turks with German (or other European) passports being loyal to Erdogan. The 10-15 years that Demagbo might have spent in Germany got him a piece of paper, but it’s not the same as being raised with European values and educated in an European school system. ““Germany is my second homeland,” says Demagbo” – that’s right, second, not first and only.

    • I definitely agree with the Constitutional requirement that a US President be born in the US. We see the type of result of a foreign-born President just by looking at Obama. And, it is not necessary to postulate that we was not born in Hawaii. Born in the US or not, his formative years were spent in foreign cultures and foreign schools, so from his perspective, he might as well have been born outside of the US.

      I also don’t disagree with your opinion that first-generation immigrants should not vote at all. Although, if proper filtering takes place, giving them the votes will not change things that much.

      I totally disagree with your assertion that Demagbo has no right to express his opinion on German and European matters. He is giving his factually-based opinions based on his desire that German identity and culture continue to exist. Even if he felt the EU was a good thing, from a German interest perspective, he would have a right to express his opinion, and his reasoning would be worthy of consideration. Reason-based opinions always are a positive contribution, even if the particular opinion turns out to be incorrect. But, it is the process of open discussion and disputation that is important.

      The left always tries to shut down argumentation, because the left logically has very weak and unsupportable principles.

      • In all fairness, I don’t think Mr. Demagbo is attempting to rule Germany or to tell Germans what to do. He just seems to genuinely like Germany and German culture and appears to want to help preserve it.
        Given the way things are, I think German culture can use all the help it can get.

    • Agreed. How dare Demagbo run for an office he is legally allowed to run to, and to try and help Germany’s future existence instead of furthering the multicultist experiment making it worse, with no big personal gain for him or his home country, but out of love for his new one. And patriotic germans have the nerve to vote for a guy who went to their country, adopted their values and wants to keep Germany a country with german values with no parallel immigrant societies who live by their own rules and vote for their own financial interests and for the further dissolution of western culture!

    • Sometimes immigrants make better Germans, Brits, and Americans, than do Germans, Brits, and Americans. I have no problem with that.

  7. Of course, it depends on number. I dare say one Mr Demagho could very well have a positive effect – what impact would 10,000 have?

  8. I’d rather be a “racist” than a traitor, and every one of you who accepts this is a traitor. You’re [epithets] who have forgotten what it means to have a nation and a culture. A nation is not defined by “ideas.” Any country defined by ideas can be undermined and destroyed by ideas, as the communists and cultural marxists have proven. A nation is what it says… a PEOPLE BORN OF COMMON BLOOD. If you forget that, alien peoples who have not will always have the advantage over you.

    This man does not belong in Germany. I don’t “hate” him as the enemy within has taught you [epithets] to believe. In fact, I have no basis to judge him, since he is not one of my own. That’s one problem with multicultism, there is no common frame of reference. If he’s a decent man, let him LEAVE and take his decency back to his homeland. As for the rest of you, call me a “racist” and you’re [repeatedly emphasized epithets]. Tribalism is the only TRUE basis for government. Everything else is [ideology that I deprecate].

    • There’s nothing wrong with being a racist. But, being a racist has no bearing on whether you’re right or wrong.

      In fact, one can make a case that a small number of outsiders can add spice and energy to a culture. Genetically, with minimum (but non-zero) immigration of selected immigrants, people like Demagbo can add their genes into the German stock. Demagbo is intelligent and has ample public virtues. A few of him would not degrade the German stock at all, and might help to keep it viable.

      So, quit getting into a huff on the possibility of being called a racist, and put more attention into the logic of your opinions.

    • I admire the honesty and logical consistency of this (admittedly somewhat redacted) point of view – as far as it goes. But I would point out that if a nation cannot be defined by ideas – a position with which in many ways I agree – then what are we to make of America? I suppose we would have to conclude that she is not a nation and could never be or have been one. It’s an interesting thesis, not to be rejected out of hand, even though it would leave me and a great many other people hanging in the air uncomfortably were it to be proven.

      But that’s incidental for me just now. My main point was that I would genuinely be intrigued to see the result of your meeting Mr. Demagbo and, face-to-face, putting your expressed idea to him. I think that, if you were to do so in a [redacted, more dispassionate] manner, such that it would leave him room to interact with the idea logically, the resulting colloquy could be fascinating. Socratic dialogue, that sort of thing.

  9. By the way AFD has done a similar thing in another district. They have a lady who came as a young prrson from Iraq or Iran. Forgive me I can’t remember which. She is way more articulate than this African fellow and her German beats his by far, however she has kept her long Islamic Muslim name. I think mohammed is part of her last name. Why in the world has she not freely given up such a name if that is all in her past and she so identifies with the German culture? Just sayin… I really wonder about AFD’s strategy and I’m not the only one. Ok you guys can now attack me for offerring my criticism.

  10. The electronic age has speeded and expanded social reality exponentially. In a previous time this gentleman would not be in Germany before middle age and probably would have had a much more laborious struggle to learn the German language and culture. Numerous trips to the library and to his tutor are replaced by clicks on an iPad. In private, I might add. Does his knowledge and acculturation exceed that of a less literate German native whose ancestry goes hundreds of years back and whose grandfather was grievously wounded in WW2 ? If he was less handsome but smaller and less healthy – perhaps with a pockmarked face – due to a communist-inspired East German diet would he be as socially advanced?
    Don’t think for an instant he doesn’t have unearned advantage. I like the Burberry scarf worn so stylishly. He is typically African in his fetish for fashionable masquerade. What a joke.

    • I generally adhere to the principle when determining the true character of a person, that it’s what is on the inside rather than what the exterior shows, that matters.

      • It’s not about the hardware (bones & blood).

        It’s all about the software (beliefs & values).

        • Software is dependent upon hardware. A given hardware platform may or may not support a particular piece of software. Same for humans.

          • So pure white converts to Islam aren’t possible? Are you saying they’re faking it?

  11. Ask any immigrant that came to Germany anywhere between WWII and the turn of the century and, regardless if they initially came from Asia, Africa or the Near East, they’ll all tell you the newcomers should be deported, because they don’t want to become a part of Germany, they want to ruin it.

    All those previous immigrants came to Germany (and I’ve heard the same stories from families in France, so I’m sure it’s the same for the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands and every other infested country) because they loved the German culture, they had to earn their stay and they’ve really become a part of the country. Germans have always respected hardworking people, so of course they’d have no problem with any hardworking person regardless of where they come from, but they’re having the rag pulled from under them by their very leaders – it’s about time they take their country back, and that goes for every other infested country too!

  12. How does a “new German” migrant or immigrant from Africa deal with his new citizenship and Germany’s Nazi past which is now his past? I’m not joking. Mr. Demagbo sounds like a wonderful person on the surface but sooner or later he or his mulatto descendants will feel the need to identify with their African roots and will call themselves Afro-Germans. Hyphenated new Germans will caused endless problems and demand privileges in Germany forever into the future. They will see racism everywhere just like minorities in the USA and they will accuse any indigenous German who disagrees with them a Nazi. Mr. Demagbo might be an exemplary migrant but there are a BILLION Sub-Saharan Africans who are heading to Libya where they will board boats that will take them to Sicily and eventually make their way to the welfare states of northern Europe. If 1/10 of Africa’s billion+ people who want to leave their homes make it to Europe it will be a catastrophic cultural and ethnic disaster for Europe. The left will deny it but race matters as much to them as the people they call racists because the left dreams of using mass migration based on race and religion, when it is Islam, to change the demographics of the West. If you don’t believe this is fact please read the United Nations “Replacement Migration Plan” or more importantly the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan which is the basis for the EU opening its borders and welcoming the 3rd world into Europe. Austrian Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi dreamed of a multicultural mixed race of Europeans back in the 1920s. He was the first winner of the Charlemagne Prize in 1950. Modern winners include Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Angela Merkel, and in 2016 Pope Francis.

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