Hear the Roar of the Ottoman Lion

Turkish President has made it clear that he and his fellow Turks in the AKP will not be thwarted in their efforts to campaign in Turkish communities in Germany.

The summary from PolitikStube:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan raised the stakes once again and pulled Germany through the arena by its nose ring. In front of supporters in Istanbul he upped the ante in the fight with Germany and said: “If I want to, then I will come to Germany tomorrow, and if you stop me at the door, and won’t let me speak, I will stir up the world!”

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Turkish President Erdogan seems unstoppable.
0:03   After comparing the Federal Republic of Germany with Nazi Germany,
0:06   he upped the ante in front of supporters in Istanbul.
0:09   “If I want to, then I will come to Germany tomorrow,
0:12   and if you stop me at the door, and won’t let me speak,
0:15   I will stir up the world!”

13 thoughts on “Hear the Roar of the Ottoman Lion

  1. It is time to take back Constantinople. Time to make Hagia Sophia Christian again. Time to send the mohammedans back into the desert wastelands.

    • Now that our logistical systems are so significantly more robust, a Crusades to restore Christendom holds appeal as more than just a reminiscence. Of course, unless the College of Cardinals conducts a recall, we may have quite a wait for a more inspiring Pope.

  2. Will we ever hear the squeal of tanks in Germany or will
    it just be the squeal of German men as the Turks slaughter them in the thousands ..

    • Don’t forget the Turks were running away at Gallipoli until Ataturk told them they would be shot if they continued…

  3. Erdogan is starting to show all the signs of a wildly out of control ego and messiah complex. I can imagine him standing in front of a mirror trying on a Sultan’s turban while muttering “Erdogan the Magnificent!”

    • I don’t think they were ever any different. Just dormant. Even when I grew up they were insufferable, surly, know-it-all-arrogant snobs 40 years ago in Switzerland. They see themselves and their destiny as the leaders of the Arab world and the world caliphate.

      I have never once met a Turk that I liked except for Mehmet, a now elderly Turkish man who came to Switzerland in the 40’s as a child and whose love for horses and taking care of them surpassed anything related to Turkey and Islam. He converted to Catholicism about 20 years ago, carries a cross and although his wife refused to convert and insists on wearing the hijab and speaks no German, his whole family are a wonderful warm and funny bunch of people. He tells me to never trust a Muslim, and especially never a Turkish Muslim, and I’m pretty sure he’s right. He gave me a Koran about 30 years ago in which he highlighted all the passages that bothered him, lol. I still have contact with him even after all these years that I have been living in the US now.

      • This is interesting. I once taught English to students from around the world who were sent by either their governments or businesses to prepare for the GRE exam and enter an American MBA program. The turk group ( all males) were the only nationality which refused to do their homework and came to class unprepared everyday. When I would nicely explain that they needed to do the work or they would not advance in English or meet the goals they came there for– they would just laugh and make little jokes about it in English I could barely understand. They simply refused to put in any effort except to show up for class. They seemed at the time a little creepy to me, I never warmed up to them as I did to all the other students, including many from Africa.

  4. Erdogan behaving true to type. Loudmouth until he’s confronted after which he’ll be the whining victim.

  5. Wait till the weather warms up. The fur will fly. The reality is that none of this neds to happen, if we had patriots in power. Donald is a good start but the Red-Green Alliance stretched around the globe. Obama is one face of it. US troops have been sent to defend the Kurds threatened by Erdogan.

    I am hopeful actually now this is coming to a head. It needs to. Sooner rather than later these tin-pot kalifs will come to blows. The Islamic world is a sea of confusion and confliction and temporary alliances. The mayhem we see in the West is simply normal Mosle behaviour imported from ist sources. Obama is the perfect tyrant “Kalif”.

    He will disappear shortly. Prison awaits. Trump is clever.

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