Political Islam Has to Be Forbidden!

The video below shows brief clips of Frauke Petry of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) and Heinz-Christian Strache of the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party) speaking about Angela Merkel and her “Wir schaffen Das” policy concerning migrants

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:24   A political Ash Wednesday — the Alternative für Deutschland…By Germans…
00:36   “I have an absolutely infallible feeling that we’ll come out of this complicated phase better off,
00:42   than we entered it.” And that was Merkel about the so-called “refugee crisis”.
00:48   In her discreet ways the Kanzlerin surpassed her funny epigrams with
00:54   an absolutely brilliant satirical minimalism. Everyone knows her. And sometimes she gets
01:00   misunderstood on purpose. So, Roger Köppel the director of the Zürcher Weltwoche, asked during
01:06   a lecture what were the three most dangerous words in German. Well?
01:12   “Wir schaffen das” [Yes, we can!]. Köppel is also, just like us, a right-wing populist
01:18   with no sense of humor. Because, truth be told, ladies and gentlemen, we all agree,
01:24   those might be today’s funniest words. The three funniest words in German.
01:32   You know what? Earlier one would go, because of one’s sick vanity…
01:36   After the truck attack in the Berlin’s Breitscheid Platz, shortly before Christmas,
01:42   the Chancellor didn’t talk of the “murdered”, and certainly not of “victims”
01:48   of Islamic terror; instead she talked of — I quote — “People who aren’t among us any longer.”
01:54   Those who cannot understand the subtlety of this dark humor probably cannot be helped.
02:06   The Chancellor has an entire collection of
02:12   such funny phrases in mind, ready to use. The people out there in the country
02:18   for example: “people who have already lived here for a while”[Ethnic Germans],
02:21   “people who haven’t lived here very long yet” [immigrants].
02:24   What is missing? What do you think? Perhaps:
02:30   “people who no longer live here”?
02:36   Damn! This is part of our culture! Those values belong … But what we
02:43   don’t need for sure are those who unfortunately want to
02:46   spread their beliefs with fire and sword and who then play the poor victim,
02:49   and then are presented by the local culture and its multiculti fanatics they as victims. No!
02:55   It’s about political Islam! And political Islam HAS TO BE FORBIDDEN! This isn’t a religion!
03:01   This is a fascist threat of our times(?) say it thus:
03:07   it’s about rights of society, about politics, not about religion.
03:10   It’s about a plan for taking over the world!
03:13   It’s about [unintelligible] dictatorial structures
03:16   that not only don’t tolerate and don’t allow other cultures alongside
03:19   their own; on the contrary: they want to overcome them by all means,
03:22   even by violence; and we need to be aware of that!
03:25   And we experience in many areas where things went wrong.

11 thoughts on “Political Islam Has to Be Forbidden!

  1. More evidence that the sleeping lion is waking. The EU will morph into a Europe of independent sovereign nation states acting in concert, seeing itself as a unity.

  2. Political Islam must be forbidden as blasphemy of God’s Name and under penalty of death.

  3. “This isn’t a religion!”

    But it is. The denial arises out of the Judeo-Christian concept that a religion has to be good, or for the greater good, or for the betterment of humanity. That is a misconception. ‘Good’ for the Muslim means whatever advances Islam, including genocide and dividing the spoils. Whatever opposes Islam, is bad. Haram & halal. Believer vs disbeliever.

    You may not like it, but it is still a religion.

  4. Strache seems to be getting a bit more edgy in his speaking style and saying more what he really thinks here. The other times I have heard him speak, he was more elegant, subdued and accomodating. This is fine with me- I like him a lot whatever he says. I was really unhappy when Hofer lost the race recently to the the leftie, bearded professor. Though I still think even at this late date that Austrians have more hope to save their country than the Germans.

    • Hofer did not lose, he won, twice, but the election was stolen by fraud. Here was one of my comments on it:

      Massive electoral fraud in Austria yet again! Despite Hofer having actually won by 3.8% last time (excluding the clearly fraudulent and officially invalidated postal vote) and consistently leading in the polls since, we are now to believe that the swindling Islamic Green EUSSR-Merkel fanboy Van der Bellen has won by 7.6 per cent! Out of the blue with no credible cause or swing, and in the face of Merkel’s madness, Islamic invasion, Brexit, and Trump. The allegedly invalid votes alone (almost all non-postal) were thousands more than the entire margin of non-postal ‘victory’, and up over 50% on the first round, despite several percent lower physical turnout, and a much simpler two-option ballot compared to six in the first round! Postal votes allegedly and incredibly went over two-thirds to Van der Bellen! Even much more than the last time, which was annulled! An absolutely patent and blatant fix on orders from Brussels and Berlin! The election they could not afford to lose, and made darn sure they would not… Hofer is the rightful president of Austria! Vienna has finally fallen to Islam, with help from the betrayers within, with fatal consequences for the entire West.

      • I kind of figured all this, but did not have the details the way you did. I was indeed so shocked at the result, I was sure Hofer would get it after all that hullabulu with the election. But now a few months later, my stomach ache and pent up anger returns after I read your post. But the good news is that the Austrians want to preserve their Western culture, they just not figured out a way to do it yet.

  5. We need to accept we got it wrong with the muslims and islam !! If we don’t, in another 10 years or so it will be too late… we need a government that will get off its knees and stand up for our culture & our people… if we fail to get tough now and do what’s needed, we’ll have to do a lot worse in the not so far future !! islam needs to be reminded who has the real power in this world !! As it’s all they understand because they have so little respect for us at this time… it’s time to push islam back to where it came from and take back all the lands it concord. We have tried being just with them and look what it’s got us!

    • You’re correct. I disagree only that “we got it wrong.” Our citizens have been asleep for the most part and most certainly had no desire at all to import anybody from the third world.

      The elites got it wrong is possibly more accurate but even then the real truth of the matter is that the elites didn’t get it wrong. The knew exactly what they were doing and what grievous injury Muslim and African immigrants would cause.

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