Frankfurt: Too Many Migrants, Not Enough Teachers

The following report from Frankfurt describes a crisis in the city’s schools. Due to the massive influx of migrants, there are huge numbers of schoolchildren — many of whom speak German badly, or not at all — and not enough teachers to meet the demand.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   If he had a larger … so he would be larger. …With Lohan (?)
00:03   [Caption: Griesheim, part of Frankfurt. Foreigners make up 40%]
00:06   And the fox is asking himself why she climbed there and what is she doing up there.
00:09   [This is Heike Lehr, primary school teacher] Here we are
00:12   the only ones in the neighborhood, the teachers,
00:15   who can speak correct German, because the children do speak some,
00:18   but their grammar is often incorrect.
00:24   [Additionally more refugee children arrived in the primary schools, says the school principal]
00:30   Our children arrive ill-prepared for school,
00:35   both from the language point of view, and also their upbringing at home, and in knowledge.
00:41   Therefore a lot of strength is needed, and also time to pick up with those children from there.
00:45   [She and 74 other primary school teachers wrote
00:48   an open letter to the Hessen Culture Ministry.]
00:54   [“Of 25 children in one classroom, often up to 80% lack knowledge of German, are
00:58   special needs children and now also heavily traumatized refugee children.”]
01:03   [For the teacher this is almost impossible to manage.] [The manager of the school district office
01:06   in Frankfurt answers ZDF TV: “The refugee situation exhausted our stock of applicants.”]
01:10   [Chant: we want teachers! we want teachers!]
01:14   [Last week the parents and teachers vented their anger.]
01:17   Banner: The future of our children is stolen because of the lack of teachers
01:20   This is a catastrophe. Everywhere we hear that someone became pregnant,
01:24   someone is sick, someone quits for other reasons: there are no more replacements.
01:30   [In the primary schools the foundations for later learning are built.
01:33   In Frankfurt, many fear that their children will miss that chance]

7 thoughts on “Frankfurt: Too Many Migrants, Not Enough Teachers

  1. Giving small children signs and make them perform a “political protest” shouting whatever, for example “We need more teachers!” Is disgusting at best. What makes the adults think it is ok to use children as an emotional hammer to pass their ideas?

    I know that evil single mothers use children as a leverage against the father… Not good.

  2. Oh my gosh this was an interesting little report, thanks. This is far worse than want the everyday teachers experience here in the all-inclusive classroom where 2 -3 bad kids ruin it all day long for the teacher and other students due to their disruptions, banging on doors, refusing to do classwork and play nice with the other kids! But this folks is even jucier what is going on in Frankfurt and probaby Vienna too. I pray all the teachers and pricipals quit this year so that the govt starts stopping the immigration rush. If there are no academic and language instrutors left in the public schools they absolutely will not be able to keep them coming in to become “integrated” into the societies of the Age of Enlightenment.

  3. Teach them in english then as they’re more likely to speak it anyway. It would also be easier to find international teachers that speak english than german.

    • This is actually a good idea.

      Teaching them in English would encourage them to consume English-language media, which would help begin breaking down their ties to their native land and culture.

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