Police Seem to Outnumber Spectators at the Düsseldorf Carnival Parade

On Monday Düsseldorf, like other German cities, held a traditional parade for Carnival. And also like other German cities, Düsseldorf has recently experienced a major influx of cultural enrichment since the Great Migration took off. Bearing in mind their experiences on New Year’s Eve, and also the jihad attack on the Christmas market in Berlin, the Düsseldorf authorities put up roadblocks, vehicle barriers, and checkpoints in the area surrounding the parade street. And above all they deployed extra police — lots and lots of police, many of them carrying automatic weapons — to guard the parade and the spectators from any potential jihad attack.

The following video was taken by a Düsseldorf resident who got to the parade area early so that he could record just how many police were required to keep city residents safe during Carnival.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   And here I am again, I wanted to go to Düsseldorf
0:03   to the Rosenmontag Parade, and I filmed the police
0:06   like I already did in Cologne, and here at the main train station,
0:09   as one can see, many are around with machine pistols,
0:12   and… everywhere you look… police everywhere
0:15   as I walked once through the main train station,
0:18   and you just see an unbelievable number of police
0:21   in front of the train station, unbelievable number of police.
0:24   Here’s one of those roadblocks.
0:27   When you get to the main parade road you will see
0:30   an unbelievable number of police. The time was
0:33   10:30 in the morning. I was there a bit earlier
0:36   so I could film all the cops there in peace,
0:39   and… uh… but… it is just simply
0:42   unbelievable how many police we need here today.
0:45   Here again another one of those roadblocks.
0:48   There’s a bunch of cops standing there with machine pistols,
0:51   they’re probably waiting until some guy shows up with a car,
0:54   to shoot him down. Here one can also see
0:57   a lot of police all around, and another road block
1:00   this time with trucks, more police…
1:03   cop cars, without end…
1:06   parked all the way up the street…
1:09   you literally cannot turn around anywhere
1:12   without seeing police.
1:15   Here’s another roadblock, and more, and more police,
1:18   they’re also all around the larger area;
1:21   the police, as I already stated,
1:24   there were only a few areas
1:27   where you couldn’t see police,
1:30   and… then they made it easy too with their reflective vests,
1:33   but there were a bunch of them that didn’t wear them, too,
1:36   and they were carrying machine pistols.
1:39   …and I just walked along
1:42   where later the parade went through,
1:45   and it is just simply unbelievable.
1:48   I partly had the feeling that
1:51   there were more police than visitors,
1:54   but I was so focused on filming the cops,
1:57   that that’s probably the reason I felt that way.
2:00   and I also talked to two cops, they were really sensible,
2:03   and they said —
2:06   after I told them what I was doing —
2:09   that the press very obviously does not talk about the problems
2:12   that we have in Germany now.
2:15   And as you can see here, an unbelievable number of police,
2:18   an unbelievable number of police…
2:21   an unbelievable number of police,
2:24   they’re walking down the parade street,
2:27   I overheard police saying
2:30   how previously, how times were better,
2:33   which they probably were, but apparently in previous times
2:36   the cops also participated in the parade,
2:39   not for protection but actually because they still could have fun,
2:42   back when we didn’t have so many terrorists
2:45   and insane people that we let into Germany.
2:48   And, yeah, as you can see here,
2:51   just police everywhere.
2:54   I can also repeat it, wherever you look,
2:57   police! And I’m not sure, but who —
3:00   if the future of Germany looks like this — who would
3:03   be okay with this, who would want that, even though
3:06   as I already stated, this is what we apparently need today,
3:09   it simply is, I find this horrifying,
3:12   and there were people who really were
3:15   eyeing this situation with distress.
3:18   Especially older people, I noticed that they
3:21   always eyed the police very critically.
3:24   Here’s another one of those road blocks,
3:27   and a cool costume which the cops really liked,
3:30   here’s the Rhine bridge, and there are those
3:33   seating accommodations where everybody always parties,
3:36   where I just overheard the cops,
3:39   when they said how one Carnival visitor approached them
3:42   and he thanked them that on there weren’t any
3:45   North Africans loitering around there today,
3:48   because last time during Carnival there were
3:51   a lot of them there, very aggressive,
3:54   they acted very aggressive, the cop was very glad
3:57   and he said that was exactly their duty, to see to it
4:00   that there weren’t any of them here; that’s how it is here with us.
4:03   And here again another roadblock, it’s unbelievable
4:06   how that even looks, and every visitor here
4:09   has to go through that.
4:12   I don’t know if people simply forget, or if they suppress it with alcohol,
4:15   but this is what our future will look like here in Germany,
4:18   if we don’t do anything about it, but this is
4:21   what it will look like in the future with parties, celebrations
4:24   and large-scale events, and is this really
4:27   what we want for us, in our country?
4:30   For myself, I don’t drown myself
4:33   In alcohol, and
4:36   I am very, very shocked by all this.
4:39   Just everywhere — the police, for good reason,
4:42   and this is exactly the world we will leave behind
4:45   for our small children.

15 thoughts on “Police Seem to Outnumber Spectators at the Düsseldorf Carnival Parade

  1. We don’t have these many cops in the entire state of Montana.

    Probably never will. From the way things are going. Last Sunday in the mall parking lot, passerby shoots two Mexican illegals who tried to take a child. The man was open carrying, he heard a child screaming, saw it being shoved into a truck, he tried to stop the truck by standing behind it as they tried to pull out of the parking lot, they were gonna back over him, so he shot. They are in jail. Child is safe.

    Soooooooo…….. no cops needed. With open carry. Would be something for Germany to consider. But it’s a moot point. We know they won’t. Except maybe as the ultimate insanity, they might consider the right to carry for “refugees” to protect themselves from the bad evil rightwing AfD voters. I really really wouldn’t put it past them.

    • Forget it. The EU countries have super strict gun laws and now the EU is trying to make them even stricter, going after the responsible hunters. We’re sitting ducks.

      I fully support open carry but it won’t happen in my lifetime.

  2. Over the last ten years or so, I have noticed, police and others who need to be very visible to traffic have adopted a particular color for their visibility-wear: the color chartreuse, which is midway between yellow and green. This video shows that this color has been adopted world wide, including in Düsseldorf. Perhaps there was some study showing that chartreuse is more strikingly visible (and therefore safer) than other colors like red or orange.

    • Yes, there were scientific studies done several decades ago that showed that chartreuse is the color that makes things the most visible to people, not red or orange. After that you started to see a lot more chartreuse fire engines and ambulances, as well as the reflective vests.

      • That’s right. This is the colour to wear if you want to be visible. Also used in some camo combinations, for Deer hunters not wanting to be shot by mistake by other hunters. Deer of course being colour blind. No good if trout fishing though!

    • It is what we used to term as ‘fluro vests’ because of its high visibility, especially when exposed to light sources, and which to some extent does give the wearer some protection because they are easily noticed, but in a future time of civic unrest it will also be seen as making the wearer a target.

  3. When I was living near Dusseldorf and Cologne 14 years ago, it was all so different… of course, there were a few gangs of enrichers walking around, even back then – but it was more the exception than the rule… who would have guessed that now, things would have turned out the way that they did?

    • When I lived there almost 40 years ago a young teenager could hop on a tram, get to the parade, meet friends, enjoy the fun, eat lollies thrown from the floats, go home by tram again and be totally safe. Can’t remember much about Police presence.

  4. Just imagine what all this is costing; what the madness of islam is costing the western world!

    And still, after 3-4 decades of this nonsense sane (?) people still say moslems are just people here to better their lives, and it behooves us to ‘be nice to them…’

    • This level of security is unsustainable because of the cost and the stress on the personnel. Nevertheless, Merkel continues to ramp up the pressure by importing more immigrants. She is conducting a military campaign against Germany and all of Europe.

    • That is the entire point – bankrupt the existing power structure slowly over time.

  5. Warum sieht man die Polizei nur bei Volksfesten, vor Schulen und vor Altenheimen habe ich sie noch nicht gesehen. Versicherungs- oder Imagefrage? Die Kontrollen sind Augenwischerei, den Terror bekämpft man in dem ausländische Terrorverdächtigte ausweist oder einsperrt, nicht in dem man Volksfeste bewacht.

    Deutsche Soldaten raus aus dem Ausland,
    Ausländische Soldaten raus aus Deutschland!
    Deutschland uns Deutschen, raus aus der EU und aus der NATO.

    [Machine translation:

    “Why do not you see the police only at folk festivals, in front of schools and in front of old people I have not seen them. Insurance or image question? The controls are eyewash, terror is countered or locked in the foreign terror suspects, not in which one is guarded folk.

    German soldiers get out of the country,
    Foreign soldiers get out of Germany!
    Germany and Germans, get out of the EU and from NATO.”

    This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

    • More idiomatic translation:

      Why does one only see the Police at festivals – I’ve not yet seen them in front of schools or retirement homes. Insurance or image concerns? The controls are a sham. Terrorism is fought by deporting or imprisoning foreign terror-suspects, not by guarding festivals.

      German soldiers out of the country.
      Foreign soldiers out of Germany!
      Germany for us Germans; out of the EU and from NATO.

      • Deutsche Soldaten raus aus dem Ausland
        = German soldiers out of foreign lands
        i.e., don’t send German soldiers abroad (e.g., to Afghanistan)

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