Dogs and Horses and Merkel, Oh My!

The following video talks about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s reaction to Dutch and German restrictions on campaigning by Turkish officials for the referendum. As Vlad said when he saw it, “I think this clip gives the best peek into Erdogan’s mind of any so far.”

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Saarland is pressing ahead now and wants to forbid the appearance
0:03   of foreign politicians if they endanger peace in the country.
0:06   All possibilities will be scoped out in order to establish this.
0:09   “We really do feel that this is
0:12   endangering internal peace in Germany,
0:15   and therefore here in Saarland we have determined that
0:18   in the future we will use paragraphs 7 and 40 of the Residency Act
0:21   in order to bar politicians who are bothering
0:24   the internal peace in Germany.”
0:27   A reaction to the provocation out of Turkey.
0:30   Erdogan is using a photo from the Netherlands to stir up emotions.
0:33   A German shepherd bites the leg of a Turkish demonstrator
0:36   when the police break up illegal protests, which gave the Turkish president
0:39   a welcome opportunity to go into attack mode against Merkel.
0:45   “We expected no less, they attack us with dogs and horses,
0:48   and you (Merkel) also attack us with dogs and horses.”
0:51   Previously, when the chancellor had explicitly declared her solidarity
0:54   with The Netherlands, Erdogan promptly reacted with a personal attack:
0:59   “She can give as much support to The Netherlands as she wants,
1:02   but I emphasize again:
1:05   Merkel, you are supporting terrorists!”
1:08   The accusation: Germany allegedly won’t take a stricter stand against the Kurdish PKK.
1:11   The chancellor’s first public appearance after this provocation
1:14   was awaited with great expectations.
1:17   Her reaction: None.
1:20   But at least the interior minister was clear:
1:23   “There are very clearly limits at which even my tolerance stops.
1:26   Namely then, when limits of culpability are overstepped,
1:29   or when our country — lacking all respect — is being
1:32   discredited by Nazi comparisons.”
1:35   But these limits were overstepped a long time ago,
1:38   opines the FDP [Free Democratic Party], while the Federal Government hasn’t acted against it so far.
1:41   The Interior Ministry confirmed that all in all, 30 election
1:44   campaigns in Germany by Turkish politicians are still planned.

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