Doubletalk in Double Dutch — Or Rather, Schweizerdeutsch

Listen to this “Swiss” imam do the verbal bob and weave when his mosque is exposed as a hotbed of “extremism”.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation (Schweizerdeutsch and German), and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Is there hate speech in your mosque?
0:03   No. I am convinced that this is not the case.
0:06   And that the Imam who is the topic,
0:09   who’s being talked about,
0:12   is actually — he is actually the most loving person.
0:15   He screams a lot sometimes. —What? —He screams a lot sometimes.
0:18   Well, that’s just his way of speaking,
0:21   but that doesn’t mean just because someone is loud…
0:24   …But he is not a hate preacher? —No!
0:27   Here we have recordings from your mosque about him,
0:30   (Recording from the An’Nur mosque:) “You, who are our master,
0:33   please give us victory over the unbelievers.
0:36   O God, honor Islam and the Muslims and humiliate polytheism
0:41   and the idolaters, and destroy the enemies of religion,
0:46   support your praying jihadists and support your praying jihadists everywhere. O God of all worlds.”
0:50   OK. So what he says is destroy the unbelievers and the enemies of the religion,
0:54   and support the jihadists; is this not hate preaching?
0:57   Nope, and this is actually not Sheik Mohammed. — OK, so he’s a different one.
1:00   —Yes, he was a different one, a young one. —But he was preaching in your mosque.
1:03   Yes, he was in our mosque, but he is actually one of those preachers
1:06   that you can find in every mosque, this isn’t just in the An’Nur mosque,
1:09   and that is actually — when it says “unbelievers”
1:12   it isn’t something that all — when we —
1:15   we live here with our people here in Switzerland,
1:18   and nothing ever happened, that doesn’t mean that
1:21   what you hear here now, that this is the entire picture
1:24   of Islam that maybe they all think the same and…
1:27   I imagine there are multiple places in the Koran,
1:30   depending on what one chooses, and this is now more
1:33   of a Salafist kind of view?
1:36   He is not a Salafist, but I’ll just say
1:39   this is just a “doa”, is what we use at the end,
1:42   it’s things we wish for at the end, in each prayer,
1:45   and this is the holy prayer of the past ten days
1:48   that repeats these things,
1:51   and it only says that when it says “unbelievers”,
1:54   that doesn’t mean it’s just people
1:57   only in the religion,
2:00   that it’s people who just — it really respects those
2:03   who aren’t straight up in life right now,
2:06   People who one would like,
2:09   not that they get killed or murdered,
2:12   but we hope that it works out that one can find a way out with…
2:15   I don’t get it!

20 thoughts on “Doubletalk in Double Dutch — Or Rather, Schweizerdeutsch

    • Not much of an artist – he gave it all away quite nicely: “it’s things we wish for at the end, in each prayer,” – oh, OK then, you want us dead at the end of each prayer. Good to know.

  1. This is a hilarious interview. The imam squirms and wriggles and denies the meaning of plain language. My impression is that the imam was used to softball interviews from compliant Swiss “journalists” and got caught napping when confronted with real facts.

  2. Willie Pep could not have dodged more adroitly.

    [How adroit was the 229-11-1 two-time champion featherweight? How about winning a round, by slipping punches and making his opponent look awkward, without throwing a single punch.]

  3. Typical gobbledygook response when they are caught out. Imagine a priest saying this about Muslims in his sermon? He’d be ex-communicated. The double standards from these people is just beyond a joke.

  4. Well at least here we have a Swiss commentator who has the [masculine wherewithal] to call him on his falsehoods. I find the Swiss to be more down to earth than the Germans and Austrians. I think they are the most wholesome of the 3 nationalities and yes i have spent time living in all 3 countries. By the way at least we can be impressed with the level of Swiss German the Arab is speaking since we hear most of them don’t want to put the time into learning German which is indeed very time consuming. Nevertheless, I still want this muslim to be kicked out along with his family and friends and the mosque shut down immediately. But neither will happen.

    • Ja göll total, da chasch nämli redä wie de chabis wachst und käi sau verschtahts und trotzdem alli wüsset was t’eigetli meinsch!

      This doesn’t google translate. Please give us the words. Thanks –

      [Translation supplied by Nash:

      This is the exact literal translation LOL:

      “I know right, you can talk any way the cabbage grows and not a swine in the world understands and still everyone knows what you really mean.”]

  5. I notice now if you dare criticize Islam on Facebook or dare speak out about the left wing liberals failed policies on immigration ,your facebook account is disabled and you are prevented from creating a new one .Anyone else had to same experience ? Another very worry piece of news is the intention of the EU to erase all speeches openly critical of the EU and immigration by right wing MEPs from it`s archive history [ or by any MEP for that matter ,right or left ! ] .It seems we are entering a very sinister phase in the war against left wing tyranny and Islamic oppression !

      • Which one the EU ? Or the Facebook one ? Immediately or critizing Islam on Facebook my account is blocked or suspended .I have created a new one each time ! Even this has been blocked now !A new telephone number being required. The EU one appeared in the Daily Express I think .I wish I had kept the link .

  6. I can understand Swiss German and I can tell you all that what this guy is saying is complete rubbish. Even the interviewer couldn’t make sense of it, as he says right at the end. He’s just thinking on his feet, but it’s not convincing. Is the media finally waking up to the fact that the West is being invaded? I hope so.

  7. You know what really gets me is that this Turk speaks schwyzerdütsch so perfectly you wouldn’t even detect an accent if you didn’t see him speak and you knew nothing of him.

    And because he knows the language so good, having grown up in Switzerland, and obviously in the Zurich area due to his dialect, probably from a multiple generation Turkish family, he shamelessly uses the no-grammar, no-limit, all goes schwyzerdütsch to its max to bury every single potential answer, every single word in a litany of nonsensical schwyzerdütsch nonsense that only those understand who are ON to these Pappenheimers.

    I cannot explain in English just how amazing it is the way you can talk your way through anything in schwyzerdütsch without ever saying a darn thing, and there is no comparison in any language, not that I have ever seen. It’s due to the fact that the language is only spoken, and not an officially written language, and so really anything goes, there are no limits to the making up of words and nobody understands but everyone gets it that shares the same “agenda” or knows what a person tries to do.

    I am amazed that Roger Schawinski didn’t call him out in the clip, although I have to say that unfortunately I haven’t seen the whole clip and just when Roger said “I don’t get it”, the clip ended. I would have liked to see more but couldn’t find the entire interview available online, and I am pretty sure that Roger, an avowed liberal and do-gooder himself, actually called him out on the language cabbage.

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking Schawinski is a “good” journalist. He is biased to a nauseating degree. He just recently called Trump mentally ill on his show on Radio 24, which I listen to sometimes and have since 1979 when his Radio 24 station started as a “pirate channel”. Roger has been around for a very very long time and I used to be a huge fan of his, but now that I am a grown up and learned the American conservative way of thinking, I of course see what a fraud he and his fellow media “journalists” in Switzerland are.

    Nonetheless, this clip was well worth it. I’ll continue to try and find the entire interview though. I think 30 seconds longer and we’d see the liberal face of Schawinski in the light, he’d say something like “I know not all muslims are like that”, or “we need to take care of the refugees”. Etc.

    But it was fun while it lasted. 🙂

    • I cannot explain in English just how amazing it is the way you can talk your way through anything in schwyzerdütsch without ever saying a darn thing, and there is no comparison in any language, not that I have ever seen.

      Aye, girl, and you’ve never been to Dublin then? They can talk the trousers right off you, and you’d be pleased to let them have the borrow of yer pants. Or so my uncle used to say. Me mither told it differently: ’twas the coat off yer back they’d be taking. Mother didn’t like even the image of anyone being sans culotte.

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