Codeword Luisa

The following video was produced by Münster Frauennotruf, a group in Germany that provides a hotline for women. It describes the “Codeword Luisa” program, which allows young women who go to nightclubs an unobtrusive way to escape the unwanted attentions of a man, without the man’s being aware of what they are doing.

Watch the video and see if you think this method is the best way for a girl to get out of an uncomfortable situation.

Also: Is this video sending a subliminal message about how to get away from a “refugee” who may be a potential groper? Or do young women really need such subterfuges just to escape from native German louts?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Imagine you are going out with your girlfriend, and you decide to go
0:03   party hearty once again. Go to the club — Kathrin is along.
0:06   The evening goes real well, you start do dance —
0:09   and suddenly there’s this guy.
0:12   Kathrin thinks he’s really cute,
0:15   and he can dance really well.
0:18   But eventually he starts to get on your nerves, he becomes pushy,
0:21   and he won’t go away. “What should I do now?” Kathrin asks —
0:24   and for a start, she runs to the restrooms. And while she stands there —
0:27   she sees this poster. And one simple sentence that will help her out.
0:30   Therefore, leave the restroom, the guy is still following her.
0:33   “Tell me, is Luisa here?” — she asks the barkeeper.
0:36   The women’s SOS line in Münster has called this code to life.
0:39   Many bars, dives and discos already participate in it.
0:42   The barkeeper now knows: Hey, this girl needs help.
0:45   And he says: “Sure, Luisa is here, she’s back in the kitchen. Follow me.”
0:48   And Kathrin safely disappears through the back door.
0:53   But wait a minute — maybe you’re saying now: Kathrin should just say NO!
0:56   to this guy, why is she making such a fuss?
0:59   Well, maybe Kathrin was just left speechless
1:02   and she didn’t know how to deal with this situation.
1:05   AND: Maybe she just didn’t want to explain herself all night long.
1:08   By asking about Luisa, Kathrin doesn’t have to elaborate
1:11   exactly why she is in need of help,
1:14   and the barkeeper too, knows what he needs to do.
1:17   To call “Help” in a large disco — as we all know — often
1:20   leads to nobody really feeling addressed.
1:23   But with the Luisa-sentence, Kathrin can depend on it
1:26   that someone is there to help her, and therefore, through the
1:29   back door of the establishment, Kathrin can leave.
1:32   And now she safely sits in a taxi that will take her home —
1:35   thanks to her imaginary girlfriend Luisa. Not a bad idea, right?

12 thoughts on “Codeword Luisa

    • Exactly!
      They other thing is – a good club or location will have a security that will deal with the problem.
      Clubs without security likely also dont have a (open) backdoor.

  1. The driver is either muhhamad or muhammad the German. But more astonishing as usual the infidels are stupid and naive they themselves let the secret out and next time five muhammads will be waiting at the back door with taxi driver, you guessed it muhammad.

    Backdoor is only effective when importing muslims into the west through thousands of backdoors.

  2. When she exists in the backdoor the whole muslim gang await her. They are low IQ, but not that stupid. The back alley also provides a nice quiet ambiance for the gang rape. After all, everyone needs a safe space, right?

  3. This is exactly the kind of BS why boys are no longer protecting the girls. It is in the nature of boys to do so, but if all the girls just lie and use code words and are not-honest: What is a boy to do? Protect someone who didn’t ask for it out loud?

    In the end you get MGTOW, because boys can’t be bothered with the girl’s talkative dishonesty…

    PS: protective code words get quickly discovered by the interested predatory parties)

    PS II: Apologies to all truthful women: But I really hate the lying code word half truth “Its all your fault” culture, that many women of today seem to act out: It took me over 30 years to discover that women lie so skillfully, and so I happen to know that the young boy’s heads geared for honesty get blown into pieces by it!

    It’s exactly this dishonest BS like “Where is Luisa” – that makes boys social outcasts, because they are not told when they cross some limit!

  4. What a stupid idea. The problem was caused by a guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer, so the woman must flee? The Barman should have called the Bouncer and thrown the jerk out.

    • Agreed. The way it used to be.
      It is actually very disrespectful even sexist , ( which the left can shockingly be ,as much as they will protest this) as if a girl is too stupid or has no idea what to do in this situation!
      Such has always been happening , but mostly when a guy was drunk in my experience. And yes cause a fuss, any fuss, get thrown out!

      This generalisation (meaning really demonisation of white males )in sneaky ways,is sickening, as we all know who the real problem males are nowadays.
      It is a pro-sharia video if you read between the lines.

  5. While it`s made with good intention, it`s also stupid and unrealistic.
    Something like this won`t help at all in most situations when a woman gets harrased.

    She will be attacked when she is alone in the toilet, or a bunch of young men will isolate her on the danceflor.
    Or the`ll wait until she had left the club.
    It`s almost as stupid as the anti-harrasement-videos from Sweden.
    Or the “dont touch me” wristbands. *no joke

    Don`t go out alone, don`t go to clubs where this Muslims hang out (don`t socialise with them!).
    Carry a pepper spray, taser, or a gun with you and learn how to use it.
    Don`t vote for political parties that bring harm on to you and to your loved ones!

    • And don`t practice binge drinking, this will only make you an easy prey.

      You might end up in an appartement and get rapped by a group of strangers (all of them asylum seekers).
      Just happend to a German woman a year ago during New Years Eve in Vienna.

  6. A woman should never feel that she has to leave a location “safely” because a male is stalking her. It should be the other way around. The guy should have opened a can of whoop a$ on his head. But that’s not gonna happen. The least they could do is to tell him to leave the property.

    There are several problems:

    – The woman is leaving her girlfriend behind.

    – “Luisa” will be known soon and the men who are serious about stalking will wait for the girl who called “Luisa”

    – It gives women and girls the impression that they are the ones who have to concede and give up and leave, that those men are basically dictating the way their evening goes.

    – It just sends all kinds of wrong signals on all levels.

  7. The Luisa trick is just another little tactic to try to avoid the Muslim unpleasantness without really facing up to it. Change your habits, make concessions, find a back door to evade the threat. It might occassionally get you out of a spot but it’s a losing strategy in the long run.

    All it does is foster the lie that living peacefully with Muslims is possible as long as you keep adapting and finding clever responses. It just postpones the serious decision the country will have to make eventually.

  8. They cannot be serious.

    First off, a young woman shouldn’t be IN the nightclub if she doesn’t have the verbal courage to say “Sorry, not interested!” to 90% of the guys that will approach her.

    The club’s bouncers are there to deal with the remaining 10% that she might find herself unable to dust off verbally.

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