Dumpster-Diving While German

The following story isn’t about Islam, or jihad, or immigration, or cultural enrichment. Except for the fact that we all know what would have happened if the defendant in this case had been, say, Syrian. Then the two main concerns would have been:

(1)   Why were his social benefits so paltry that he was reduced to scrounging food in the trash?
(2)   Was the garbage in the dumpster halal?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for these two translations. First, from POLITIKSTUBE, a short commentary:

Upper Bavaria: Poor pensioner looks for food in trash can — fined €200.

While sexual molesters and drug dealers and asylum optimizers — after committing their fifth offense — leave the courthouse with a triumphant grin on their faces, in short: the gifted people never experience anything near a serious application of the law, while the justice system bears down with its full weight on our indigenous people, applying rules and the law. After the case of the Bonn prosecutor who relentlessly and without the slightest sense of mercy pursued a poor old bottle-collecting woman because of a “Anatevka” ticket she found in the trash [for the play “Fiddler on the Roof Anatevka”] — not accepting the not-guilty verdict of the judge even — now we learn of a new case of a poor pensioner from Upper Bavaria who was looking for food in a local trash container. The incident happened in December of 2015 — now the 78-year-old, living on a pension income of €300 per month, was sentenced on last Monday. The verdict: €200.

It was the pensioner’s misfortune that a passing woman observed him in the act and notified the police. The “brave” manager of the Discount store where the trash container was located then filed a complaint for theft and trespassing. Is this what we call citizen involvement, to combat impoverished native people?

And here is the original article from OVB Online:

Looking for food in the trash container

Because a pensioner was looking for food in trash containers behind a Discount grocery store in Neumarkt-St. Veit, he had to be judged in front of the Mühldorf court for trespassing: The verdict: €200.

Some background: On December 20th 2015, a Sunday, the accused was looking around in trash containers on the property of a Discount grocery store — apparently to find something to eat. A woman who passed by saw him and immediately called the police, whereupon the manager of the store then filed a report with the police for trespassing and theft.

In June of 2016 the man appeared in court, but the trial was postponed because his defense lawyer wanted a psychological evaluation to be performed on her client. And this psychological evaluation was available to the court in December: The evaluator observed signs of the beginnings of dementia in the defendant, but he did not conclude there was a significant loss of his cognitive abilities.

Actually we are dealing with just a bagatelle here! Says the prosecutor’s office

A diminished legal culpability may not be ruled out, said Judge Florian Greifenstein in his judgment, but in his eyes the defendant knew very well that he was not allowed to step on the property. “Actually we are dealing with just a bagatelle here,’ said even the prosecutor in his final speech. But the multiple previous convictions — the federal crime register shows twenty previous entries for the man — spelled doom for the defendant.

Since his divorce her client was unable to get back on his feet, his defense attorney Petra Braunstein explained. “It was a downward spiral that just kept going on.”

Just about €300 per month is left over for the 78-year-old man to live on. “My client is not able to pay. Any monetary fine is impossible to pay; the consequences outweigh the accusation,” the attorney explained. She had hoped until the very last minute for an acquittal, and had therefore entered a not guilty plea. In her opinion the case for trespassing was not even realistic because the property was easily accessible.

But Judge Florian Greifenstein disagreed: “Shrubs and bushes surround the property, and furthermore there is a fence.”

He instead complied with the request of the prosecuting attorney and sentenced the defendant to a mild monetary fine — twenty daily payments of €10.

The verdict did not seem to have much of an affect on the defendant. He seemed listless as he followed the one-hour long trial — he said: “I can’t hear anything, anyway. My hearing aid is at home.”

30 thoughts on “Dumpster-Diving While German

  1. Multiple previous convictions? Not allowed to be on the property? And only a fine which is far better than jail.

    What this article does not tell us is what were his previous convictions for? The looking for food may be been an excuse and not the actual reason for him being there.

    • Yes, of course.

      Old, sick, poor people are an economic drain as well as an eyesore, and it is simply the duty of the state to hound them to suicide while distilling the greatest possible entertainment value from their torment. I mean, it was good enough for Quasi Motto.

      The euthanasia clinic is always there to welcome them and everyone knows Soylent Green needs cadavers more than any med school.

      • This is not about the state crucifying one old ‘native’ this has more to do with a repeat offender who has been previously warned to stay away from the premises he was arrested on. For whatever reasons.

        The last time I looked the law was still functioning as the law and has not become totally politicized.

        • Quite right!

          This craven eater has simply gone too far.

          Accessing the garbage in another man’s dumpster is a clear violation of social order.

          And it only adds to the social burden when he needs void his bowels. Failing to intervene here is an inexcusable perpetuation of an ongoing crime wave where futureless parasites are trapped like wheel-bound gerbils in a pointless cycle of eating and pooping.

          The only fair thing is to round them up like stray canines. After vaccinations, worming, neutering and insertion of an identity chip, we can fill their digestive voids with Styrofoam and monosodium glutamate to eliminate annoying hunger pains, leaving the unwashed homeless free to resume selling their blood and hogging the free newspapers at the public library till they depart for paradise through nutritional absence accompanied by a warm full feeling.

          It’s the least we can do.

      • I think you have taken this incident and blown it out of all proportion as to its circumstance.

        Believe it or not, a business has a right to refuse entry to those who have caused whatever problem that crosses into criminality, for instance; shop lifting or just loitering around garbage bins and leaving a mess for someone else to pick up – which by the way is trespassing – as it appears this elderly person has done on previous occasions.

        If that is the case then he has become a serial pest and should be prevented from entering the site.

        You have taken one side in this ‘incident’, when there really is two sides to this story. I don’t know if you have ever run a business, but when those who frequent your establishment become ‘pests’, then you have to do something about them -and the owner is entitled by law to do so – otherwise whatever the ‘pest’ does will have a tendency to impact on your business.

        How would you feel if this person suddenly started visiting your garbage bins at your residence and started to do what he has been found guilty of doing to that business – what would you do, invite him in for tea and bikkies?

    • He was convicted in the past only because he had searched there for food before.
      He`s not a hard boiled criminal!

      But it is a good example of todays perverted modern society.
      Making a criminal out of someone only because he had searched for thrown away food.
      While the MSM at the same time are propagating Dumpster Diving as something almost heroic (usually with young people doing this as a political statement, and not because they are in need to do so).

      I can imagine the outcry if this would`ve been a so called refugee, and not an old and poor German.
      “We as a society are evil Nazis, because poor refugees have to search for rotten food…”

      • There is nothing in this article that states the reason for his previous convictions – so maybe his excuse of searching for food in his latest court appearance is simply that – an excuse?

        And you have taken one side in this article when you do not have both sides of the story and the real reasons for this persons attendance at court.

        And you miss a valid point that is within this article, and that is this person has 300 Euros over after he has met all his other expenses. And you need to take that on board.

        • That he has 300 € left after all expenses is equally only your presumption. The article doesnt mention anything about it.
          He could (theoretically) have a very high pension but also a lot of liabilites.

          What we can know from the media coverage: He was searching for food in the dumpster (which was freely accessible!), he has 20 convictions (of the nature we have no further knowledge), but obviously only of minor severity, because otherwise he would still be in jail, or they would at least have mentioned, that he had done time in prison in the past.

          Btw. the article also states, that he has beginning Alzheimers Disease.
          So yes, I take the freedom to take sides in this case. 😉

          • ‘………after his divorce just about 300 Euros is left over to live on.’

            Well, one should take into account that he has to be living somewhere, otherwise, he would be labelled in court as homeless and of no fixed address.

            Yes, you have taken a side and without any regard for the business that ‘pest’ takes to visiting as the mood takes his fancy and as the court record shows.

            He has been deemed to not have lost a significant amount of his cognitive ability. So, you are against that opinion also?

            I have dealt with people like this person in this article. It can be very difficult because there is really nothing within Australian criminal law (and I am assuming the same for German law) that accounts for the ‘serial pest’. If he has an obvious or hidden disability that could be proven a factor in his becoming a ‘serial pest’ other than financial hardship, there would be things in place to deal with it.
            And although this story does not mention any relatives who could take to caring for him, maybe his public defender should have him assessed for old people’s housing? That would probably relieve his financial hardship if that is his problem. Police are placed in a very difficult position when this kind of incident occurs because what this person is doing is more a cost to the business he takes to frequenting than in any real criminality, but a cost it nevertheless becomes, especially if that business is struggling to remain afloat.

            If the food he was allegedly accessing is freely available maybe it could be placed off premises instead of being surrounded by hedges, bushes and a wall which then becomes enclosed land and is subject to trespassing charges?

          • Well, astuga, you seem to be on his side while totally ignoring everything I have tried to point out to you, so, what would you do with him that is not already being done?

  2. Hi Nemesis. I always read your clever comments. Very wise. But this time you did not read the article carefully.

    While sexual molesters and drug dealers and asylum optimizers — after committing their fifth offense

    The five offences refer to the jihadis who commit every felony and courts do not dare convict them and leave the courts with a grin at the stupid infidels.

  3. 300 Euro a month pension in Bavaria?

    That is not Bavarian Pension. It is 100 Euro below average Czech pension, which is like 25 percent of the German pensions…

    Or is our western neigbour poorer than I thougt?

      • It is tied to your life-long average wage mixed with some formula on years spent in work. Rich company owners sometimes “employ” their whole families for “very high wages”, because it is “good for the family”.

        If you are not paid pension (for work), you might be getting paid for your very existence via “social support”, which often exceeds those pensions for some reason.

        Nevertheless – 300 Euro a month in Bavaria – no wonder the guy is going through rubbish bins.

        • It doesn’t really say in the article but I wager to guess that this is after all his deductions such as apartment and insurance and of course, public broadcasting fee whether he has a tv or not, etc etc.

  4. I wonder why it is illegal to dumpster dive. It’s garbage that nobody else wants, isn’t it? However, it is a disgrace that a pensioner is punished like this just for looking through the garbage behind a store.

    Germany should be ashamed, considering how socialistic they are — why aren’t they providing enough money to old people so they don’t have to do this? Do they provide soup kitchens for the poor? We have a soup kitchen here in my town and the broken people are made welcome there.

    Forgive me for my ignorance; I don’t know if Americans also dumpster dive but if I saw anyone doing it, I’d just drive on and pretend I didn’t see it — certainly would NOT report them. Talk about a police state. But that’s Germany — you can do all you want, but you can’t take that German attitude away — self-righteous, pompous idiots.

    • ‘I wonder why it is illegal to dumpster dive’.

      Have you ever seen the mess that is left strewn all over the ground that someone else has to pick up?

      And in the case of that business – someone would have to be paid to do so.

        • No we don’t, and neither do we know if this ‘pest’ is so very neat and tidy when removing rubbish from bins, do we?

          But from my own experience of such people, they are never tidy and everything comes out of the bin on to the ground until they find what they are looking for.

          So, tell me, what is your experience of such people?

  5. Why don’t the destitute natives of Europe apply for refugee status? They will be given great care and consideration. Their standards of living will be vastly improved.

  6. This is one of the saddest stories I have read in a long while. One marvels in disgust at the passerby who was moved to report him to the authorities: who could not feel compassion when confronted with such a scene? Who could be bothered doing what the passerby did? The expression “Get a life” springs to mind.

    A 78-year-old ethnic German dumpster diving for food in a Germany that spends billions a month on providing food, accommodation and pocket money for all manner of Third World interlopers. We know he gets 300 Euros a month pension (whether this is after or before housing costs is unclear), we know little of his back-story other than he has gone into a tailspin after getting divorced and never managed to pull out of it.

    Given his childhood (he was born in 1938 or 1939) was spent in wartime or, especially grim, post-war Germany. it would be interesting to know what losses and hardships he has suffered. It could make a novel.

    • Many of those I encountered on the streets going through the bins for food were homeless for one reason or another. Many chose to simply live like that. There were also the mentally disturbed and the alcoholic, who in another time, would have been locked away for their own safety, then there were the teenage runaways and the drug addicts who chose the streets instead of housing because the cost of their habit restricted them in obtaining rental accommodation, and then there were the down and outer’s, those who used to be referred to as coming from Skid Row, and who had given up on life and the stresses involved, and who believed they were much happier out on the streets.

      And their numbers have skyrocketed over the past forty years.

      • >> “over the past forty years”

        . . . since the stagnation of income for [what used to be known as] the middle class.

        There are many explanations for this. Mine is that there has been a massive transfer of wealth from the middle income groups to the top and the bottom, mostly by means of monetary manipulation.

        On the bottom side, governments needed wealth to feed their welfare promises; and monetary expansion, REAL inflation, and low interest rates have done a good job at keeping the scam going. It expanded the poverty class at the bottom by hollowing out the middle – the issue behind this post.

        At the top, the smart and the already wealthy – being the first people to receive expansionary money – have devised schemes to keep a lot of it from trickling lower. They have also used their capital to pursue lower labour inputs – in other countries – to supply the goods demanded by the welfare industry. Can you blame them? Even “socialists” at the bottom aspire to be at the top.

        I know that this is a simplified explanation, but I do not have the skill or the energy to lay out the expansive version.

        • And I agree with your assessment. One only need take a drive through any large town or city after dark, when most street dwellers emerge, to appreciate the scope and range through society of how socialism in all its forms has brought this to us because its impact cuts across all levels of society where once upon a time it was only the needy or the truly destitute who took to inhabiting the streets.

          Many of those on the streets would have been employable people just four decades ago but there is nothing left of our manufacturing or industrial base which have all been willingly moved out of the reach of those who need them the most, the unemployed and despairing citizen.

          • Governments and their SJW stormtroopers need to be needed. The more need, the better . . . so they expand the need by making more people needy – who will then vote for the government that promises to cater to their needs, real or imagined. This is the co-dependency from hell.

          • Churchill also realized the limits of ‘democracy’ – but there are alternatives to what we now too realize is a system that can be manipulated by those with the desire to do so.

            Here is one if you wish to look it up; RestoreAustralia

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