A Nazi Fire Engine on a Children’s Carousel in Hamburg

Nobody gets the Screaming Nazi Heeber-Jeebers worse than the Germans. Anything that refers — or seems to refer — to Hitler, Nazis, Aryans, the white race, etc., etc. causes an instant uproar and consigns the referrer to the Outer Darkness for the rest of his life.

Below is an article about the controversy in Hamburg over a fire engine in a children’s carousel with a suggestive license plate number. Nash Montana, who translated the piece, includes this introductory note:

Achtung! Nazis are up to their old tricks again in Germany! Two weeks ago it was the covert Nazi codes in an EDEKA grocery store advertisement. And now a small fire engine that could, and a children’s motorcycle in a carousel on the Christmas market in Eimsbüttel — they’re up to no good!

The translated article from the Hamburger Abendblatt:

Children’s carousel with Nazi codes? District politicians in a tizzy

Did a small fire engine drive with dangerous Nazi symbolism at the Christmas market in Eimsbüttel? The Left demands consequences.

Hamburg. The historic children’s carousel at the Christmas market on Osterstrasse has become a case for district politicians in Eimsbüttel. Specifically, one small fire engine and one children’s motorcycle that sport suspicious license plates, among all the other vehicles on the carousel.

Let’s start from the beginning: The nostalgic fire engine has for years apparently been sporting the license plate “HH88”. The small motorcycle shows an “88” on its plate. Within Nazi circles the “HH” does not stand for Hansestadt Hamburg, it stands for the Hitler greeting. And as for the double 8, the eight letter of the alphabet is the H. And when a concerned Eimsbüttel citizen discovered the number/letter combination on the mini-fire engine and the mini-motorcycle, he diligently photographed the offending numbers and letters, and reported it all to the proper authorities.

This has been confirmed by Arlette Andrae, one of the organizers of the Christmas market on the Fanny Mendelssohn Plaza. “We are glad that there are alert citizens who discover things like that. We immediately informed the owner of the carousel, and he immediately removed the offending license plates.”

Carousel owner/operator admits no guilt

But this is not the end of it: The Eimsbüttel Left fraction wasn’t happy with the mere removal of the offending license plates. They have filed with the district for an inquiry and want to find out if this was a previously known problem. If yes, since when and what consequences this would have? If no, what conclusions will the district administration draw from this for the future? And for the Left it is especially outrageous that the lady the plaza is named after, Fanny Mendelssohn, is a world=famous Jewish musician, as a press release from the left fraction says.

The owner/operator of the carousel, Hans-Heinrich Dieckmann from Handorf, Lüneburg district, was taken by complete surprise when he learned the information that his carousel had developed a district-wide Nazi reputation. “First off, I was so shocked,” says Dieckmann to the Abendblatt. “Then I almost had to laugh. That just can’t be true.” This is a historic carousel that was built in 1957. “For almost sixty years this small fire engine was riding unnoticed on the carousel with the same license plate at many fairs and markets. I never once connected the license plate to Nazi symbolism. I don’t even know such things.”

Of course he immediately removed the offending plate on the fire engine. The motorcycle with the number 88 is a newer model that was delivered from China recently with the number 88. “I can’t even imagine that the Chinese would work with Nazi symbolism.” And of course, he quickly painted over that number as well.

Left fraction demands immediate withdrawal of operator’s license

Hans-Heinrich Dieckmann is hoping that this matter is settled now. But for the Left fraction in Eimsbüttel, it is not: “The administration should act immediately and should pressure the organizers to terminate the owner/operator of the carousel”, says Peter Gutzeit. “Covert Nazi symbolism, especially at a place with Jewish relevance, and additionally with a children’s carousel — such a thing has to be punished by withdrawal of the license to operate.”

Two weeks ago, an EDEKA grocery store advertisement caused a stir across Germany. It showed a car with the license plate “MU-SS 420”. The combination “SS” is forbidden in Germany due to its connection to National Socialism. And in the second plate that was shown in the spot, “SO LL 3849”, experts also saw covert Nazi codes — one because of the combination of “84” (Heil Deutschland) and two because the numbers 3 and 9 put together stand for the right-wing extremist movement “Christian Identity”.

20 thoughts on “A Nazi Fire Engine on a Children’s Carousel in Hamburg

  1. How silly! The Chinese think “8” is a lucky number and will pay extra for things which have the number 8 and especially 88. It means luck and fortune. Germans need to get over the past and start living in the present.

    • O dear o dear. In the Netherlands licence plates with the letters AA are reserved for the royal family.
      Now what?
      I’m getting confused here.

  2. More than anything else, a hell of a lot of ‘grown ups’ in Germany just need to grow up!
    They are beyond stupid. Even ludicrous doesn’t cut it anymore.

  3. Meanwhile German women, are raped, sexually molested, harassed in public and murdered by the third world dross invited into a once proud country by the hag mutti Merkel!

    However the authorities have managed to sort out a Nazi plot involving an ancient carrousel fire engine, you really couldn’t make it up!

    The German nation seems to be gripped in a suicidal death spiral and would seem to beyond redemption because the indigenous population do not wish to rise up and expel their loathsome establishment figures.

  4. To be fair, having a German number plate like “HH 88” is asking for it!

    Yes, I know HH is Hamburg – but whose idea was it to stick 88 at the end? Was someone trying to wind-up the far-leftist types who see Nazis under the bed everywhere?

    • And also: notice that the carousel has red lights showing, meaning it’s the rear side – hence the seat with those number plates is on the far-right!

      So, maybe after the other recent cases of “number-plate paranoia”, someone at the funfair decided to have a laugh, and see how long before their creation made it into the media?

    • Apparently it was made in China, so the Chinese probably decided to give the German kids lots of luck? Sounds reasonable to me! LOL

  5. So when the leftists behave like neurotic Nazis they are, do we laugh at them or do we kowtow? The German people have to decide seriously because nothing good is coming out of their current Fascso-Communist junta; poor Europe will burn once more…..

  6. This is the reason why the number is on the Chinese-made one:
    Anyone ever been to China or places with pockets of Chinese culture will find it being ubiquitous in public view, especially where there is any sort of amusement or celebration.

    As for the old ones, “H” and “8” were in common use as generic placeholders or pattern representative for alphanumeric combinations. “H” because it is symmetric and fills the rectangular area nicely so you also get an optical sense of size, and “8” for the same reason as well as with the upcoming of 7-segment displays, because it lights up the full set. That is all, or it was at the time. Not even then, with the disaster fresh in memory, was a harmless use of acronyms like “HH” liable for causing such pathological reflexes.

    They are so dumb, sometimes you want to despair. Or emigrate and just hope they get all the hell they are so longing for.

  7. And the biggest travesty is that this will get blamed on the Jews when it is stupid people who are virtue signalling among their group of progressive idiots.

  8. A number of commenters have referred to those who are complaining about these plates and their ilk as “stupid” and/or “childish.” This is to miss the point entirely. When it provides a perfect pretext for the grabbing of political power, what’s stupid about it? Same for the delicate snowflakes in this country — it’s the secret power of weakness.

  9. Sinistram paranoia. They see their demons everywhere. If the plat was HC (heil communism); HS (heil Stalin) no one would care. Here, in Portugal, they are after 2-3 dozen youngster listening to “Aryan music” (Metallica), and don’ t care if a thousand, or more, Stalinists or Trotskyists calling “death to…(all that are not of their sect).

    Usually Jews and Mossad are guilty of such secret messages. Either Jews learnt with Nazis, or was the other way round?
    I’m puzzled 🙂

  10. And my first guess was you had to say it to be enlightened – HHHHateyEight
    I know it isn’t German but that makes it more insidious. Perhaps that movie Hateful Eight is Nazi symbolism hidden in the dialog and props. Time for my meds.

  11. I don’t know anything about HH or 88, but thank you for the little inserted gem: “A small fire engine that could . . .” Such a delightful, little children’s story. “I think I can. I think I can.” Well done.

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