Viktor Orbán: Today’s EU is Approaching a Chaotic, Anarchic State

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán appeared recently on a Hungarian radio program to discuss his immigration policies, which are the opposite of the EU’s. He also talked about domestic political issues.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this report from Napi Migráns:

Orbán: I would like to know if someone who wants to enter the US illegally would survive that?

From the show “180 minutes” on radio channel Kossuth

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán believes ”The Nations of Europe starting to wake up”, and figured out that the migration is a cultural issue: “their identity is endangered”.

We can’t expect help from Brussels. The problem must be dealt with by the nation states, just like Hungary did, said the Prime Minister on Friday on the radio Kossuth show “180 minutes”

He called attention to the fact that the unlawful, unreasonable and unfair European quota system — which was opposed by Hungary — “has grown into even a bigger danger”, because they want to modify it into a permanent mechanism to distribute newly-arrived migrants.

“We absolutely will not accept this!” said Viktor Orbán, and he also said: It is not part of EU membership that anyone — against the will of Hungary — can decide that Hungarians must accept illegal masses.

He also asked the question: who and when was it voted in Europe to admit millions of illegals and distribute them all around?

No such decision was made in any elections, so what is happening now has no democratic basis, he said. Then he added: “In today’s organized lawful EU we are approaching a chaotic, anarchic state, because many leaders naturally accept the state of lawlessness.”

The PM included the increase of terrorism as one of common dangers in Europe, as he phrased it: ”With terrorists, even one is too many,” as well as the question of public safety. Referring to the latest news, he stated: we are in danger of “letting in, or even inviting in the internal conflicts of the Middle East to the EU.”

On deportation the Prime Minister confirmed: the Hungarian view is that nobody can deport migrants back to Hungary just because they were registered here — but as the law states — the place where they first stepped into EU soil. That is Greece, which country playing a key role in the migration crisis, as they are not defending their southern borders.

According to Viktor Orbán the flood of migrants — which he calls an “invasion” — is partly enabled by the network of human smugglers, and also the activists who “support everything that can weaken the nation states.”

This Western mentality and activist network are best represented by George Soros, he commented, and added: The activists helping the migrants are becoming — perhaps unwittingly —illegal networks of international smugglers.

He further submitted that “a pressure of opinion is building up in Europe,” so politicians are afraid even to say anything about a different concept. “The word ‘fence’ can’t be spoken,” he brought up as an example.

By responding to the critical words of US Ambassador to Hungary Colleen Bell [Ex-soap opera producer and Obama’s henchwoman — translator] towards his cabinet, the PM reacted in with the following: “These are pure imperial interests”.

The United States does not support the immigration policies represented by Hungary, he said.

The speech of the American Ambassador to the UN in New York very clearly showed, he continued, that it is not against America’s interest to let Europe flooded with millions of migrants arriving directly from war zones.

“While this is not against their interests, but I would like to know if someone wants to illegally enter to the US would survive that? I doubt it,” said Viktor Orbán, who noted that if Hungary were to do only half of what the United States does — where they build fences, walls and they have “weapons ready” — then ”they would lose their cool about us.”

[Obviously the Hungarian PM has never crossed the southern border of the US illegally, otherwise he would have known about that organized chaotic farce what is happening there, so obviously painful for so many US citizens. But it is not his job to know these facts, just like it would not the US government’s job to “educate” other sovereign countries about their policies as part of their “exporting of democracy”. — Translator]

Concerning domestic policy and national economic questions, the Prime Minister talked about the success of the Hungarian reforms [Hungary kicked out the IMF, once they paid back loans taken out by the Socialists and applied economic policy — which is surprisingly similar to Donald J. Trump’s plans. — Translator]. Since the collapse of the communist system, this year has the highest percentage of employment in Hungary, but as he phrased it, he is still looking for new and better tools to increase this number, and planning to add at least half a million people (5% of total population) to the workforce. Among the opportunities he mentioned were simplifying and decreasing the tax burden administrative complexity on small and middle-sized companies. He also plans to increase incomes (by decreasing taxes) and renew the construction industry by providing opportunities to build more new homes.

Finally the PM spoke about questions concerning state-owned agricultural lands. He said the laws are very clear: a person can only own a maximum 300 hectares of land.

The question of land, he explained, we look at as part of our sovereignty: “We are only safe when the farmers own their land, and we must stop any speculation — while respecting EU laws — to let foreigners get their hands on Hungarian agricultural lands.” He believes that if the politics of the Socialists had continued with their pocket contracts, half the country would have belonged to foreign powers.

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  1. In my native Croatia the title of Ban has been used throughout our history for Nobility and Military Generals, I wonder if the OrBan name has a connection to that past.
    In any case, call it what you will, Visegrad 4 or anything else, I’m starting to like the idea of a revival and expansion of the Austro Hungarian Empire with Hungary firmly at the helm.

      • Short sighted view. Or [ill-]informed. History repeats itself. There are already differences in opinion within the Visegrad-X.

        • There always will be differences in opinions. That is part of being a true democratic alliance. Only dictatorship share full agreement on everything!

    • “I’m starting to like the idea of a revival and expansion of the Austro Hungarian Empire with Hungary firmly at the helm.”

      While it may have been a mistake to take it apart, it would certainly be a greater mistake to try to put it back together again.

      I once absently picked up a travel book about Croatia and found a quote from a youngish Croatian woman that said something like, “We are Croatian, but we are Austrian.” (And, yes, I do relate to the thought.)

      Feelings to the south might be friendly not only among Croatians but others as well, especially if there were reason to be unhappy with Yugoslavia, but I doubt that you would find much of that to the north.

      In a thousand years of Hungarian governance the Slovaks in the north were never happy with it, and many still resent Hungarian attitudes even though Slovakia is an independent nation with their biggest employer a U.S. corporation. (That makes it plenty independent.)

      You might also get some unrest from Romania over Transylvania even if there is a massive Hungarian population that would like unity with Hungary.

  2. I think EU will reach the explosion point this winter. They expect a harsh cold winter (coldest in decades). The migrants getting cold will start to force them into houses and the fighting will start…

    • Crossware: totally agree, Matt Bracken and others incl me thought it would happen last winter. Now it’s happening in Bulgaria see article/video on this site nov. 3rd With more invaders in the EU now living in tents, downtown Paris, etc. demanding shelter,it is a given.

    • EU sucess meaning unification greatly depends on the constituent nations. EU failure is failure of the members states.

    • If Islam wins he will not be remembered. He is not in the Quran and nothing else matter to them…

  3. Viktor, you are so right. The increased chaos and continued warfare in Europe fit the global jihad plans. First, the enemy comes and hides into the EU. As they gain strength, they start demanding rights and privileges. As they get even stronger and their numbers allow, and they see that the elite leadership will do nothing about their lawlessness, they begin the kinetic war. I think this Islam is fast approaching this stage. They will continue to create chaos and will war on the populace until they dominate or an army stops them. I do not see the elites forming any defensive or offensive forces in the near future.

    Viltor, Europe needs a Sobiesky (sp) or a Martel sooner than later if Western civilization is to survive.

  4. Tomorrow, November 4th is the anniversary of the Russians 1956 final incursion into Budapest, an event which triggered my own parents individual migration to the United States. I came upon this reminder while searching for archived video of how refugees were processed back then, and happened upon YouTube video with a familiar image of Camp Kilmer in NJ, a refugee processing center. It was familiar to me because of its role in my parents history, but also because that location has long since been re-developed. One of those high density redevelopments was a newly built apartment complex my own spouse and I rented within as our first home after marrying in 1980.
    My mother, just 17 years old, was shot during her escape into Austria on foot. She was transported to England and flown to the US from there. My father, also 17 at the time, found his own way across the border onto an American ship and volunteered for mess duty. Both were processed in Camp Kilmer, NJ and were sponsored by separate families from Pennsylvania – where they eventually met and married.
    Anyway, I thought it may be of interest to compare how the mass migration of Hungarian war refugees were handled in 1956-57 .

    Operation Mercy – The Big Picture

    Hungarian freedom fighters dramatically filmed on Army’s “THE BIG PICTURE,” “Operation Mercy” — From the bloody streets of Budapest, through the border escape routes into Austria and finally to Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, “Operation Mercy” as shot and documented on THE BIG PICTURE becomes a most compelling story. In this film presentation, the “human side” of the Army is identified in the contributions of the American soldier assigned to “Operation Mercy.” Not so long ago thousands of Hungarian Freedom Fighters and their families were helped toward sanctuary in the United States. For them the gates of Camp Kilmer represented the end to a way of life they had found oppressive and the beginning of a new life of hope and opportunity. The action moves from the early street fighting in Budapest through the last days in October when the thunderous roar of Russian tanks was stilled and the smoke cleared over the ruined city to a ship moving out of Bremerhaven toward a pier in Brooklyn. Here all Americans — along with the United States Army — did not turn their backs, but pitched in to do a job for the valiant men and women of Hungary.

    Depicted in “Operation Mercy” are the many volunteer workers of the American Red Cross and other agencies working together at Camp Kilmer and at the American Embassy in Munich.

    • The main difference is that the ’56 migrants were not trying to establish a Hungarian State within the US, were not demanding extra rights for themselves. They wanted to work and prosper and assimilate. In harsh contrast with the masses we are experiencing today at the borders of the EU.

  5. That’s an extremely interesting article on Soros. It states one reason for his gargantuan contributions to revolutionary groups and causes is that he takes financial advantage of markets in chaos. His talent is to influence politics through money, and to accurately foresee the future of financial markets and to act on them.

    We have the usual problem. Soros is one of the wealthiest men on earth, and in no conceivable way does he need more money. So, it’s a fair conclusion that he believes in what he is doing in some form, or that he gets satisfaction from it. Perhaps the most productive view of Soros is that he is awfully good at infiltrating politics, dissolving governments and borders, taking financial advantage of chaos, and subverting national institutions. So, he enjoys doing what he is good at.

    There is an article by John Derbyshire on the perennial fear of many Jews concerning a resurgence of European nationalism leading to Cossack-like attacks on Jews. The idea is that many Jews prefer a dissolute, Muslim-soaked nation, rather than a nation with a strong, Christian, cultural identity. They think they can handle the Muslims, but fear a resurgence of European anti-Semitism.
    Now, Soros no longer identifies in any way with his Jewish background, but undeniably lived under extreme insecurity as a hidden Jew in a Nazi-controlled country. So, it is quite possible he has a specific phobia concerning European identity.

    But, in any case, Soros is ultimately a parasite and is best handled by strengthening the body defenses rather than trying to go after him on a personal level.

    Soros’ manipulations do very well in a large, centralized government protected financial system. Soros is a much better manipulator than governments, and so is able to swoop in when a government tries to kite the market, and make a financial killing. Thus, Soros nearly broke the British pound, but the British banking was trying to hide its irrational positions, and Soros saw through them. Soros is quite adept at using bribes to induce government ministers and bankers to take positions harmful to their countries.

    The solution, of course, is more decentralization of banking and smaller government units to limit the damage by predators like Soros. Also, Hungary, but actually any country, should end dual citizenship. No person with loyalties to another country should be allowed the privileges of citizens. Soros and his ilk might be more careful in his destruction if he didn’t have a safe haven to flee to. My guess is that Soros gives Russia a wide berth, as Putin is not as fastidious as Western governments in dealing with what he sees as serious threats.

    As an aside, I want to say how interesting is the mention by Orban that land ownership in Hungary is limited to 300 hectares (whatever the heck a hectare is). This goes against my free market instincts, but on further reflection it makes sense.
    1) It puts a positive value on cultural identity and identification with the land, which is totally supportive of quality of life;
    2) It may actually be better for the economy, with the availability of automated equipment. Automation may reduce the advantages of scale-of-production, and increase the number of productive and satisfying jobs with smaller farm units.

    • Some comments:

      Soros was a known Nazi collaborator helping the nazis to pick out Jewish families from lines… (so he was not hiding much, but he said he enjoyed very much “his job”)

      300 hectare = 1.16 square miles or 741.3 acres.

      Hungary land laws: idea is to keep smaller farmers in the business (they can join to work together) but want to avoid to let foreigns (companies) purchase large portions of the land and artificially waste away by not producing anything on it so their own produces from EU member states can be imported and sold to Hungarians…

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