17 thoughts on “Tomorrow Belongs to Them!

  1. I am looking forward to see the first goat powered Mercedes Benz built by entirely this new generation of young dedicated professionals.

    • Nah, Mercedes will just optimize their vehicles to be the world’s best car bombs. The “new germans” will also add islam-friendly features to their commercial vehicles, such as a timer that shuts off the vehicle at prayer time after first steering itself in the direction of Mecca, heavier suspensions for driving over curbs and embankments, beefier grills for plowing through barriers and pedestrians, and narrower width for driving on the sidewalk without falling off the curb…

  2. So which are the flying pig(s)? All those brilliant doctors, scientists, and engineers who are disguised as another muslim horde? Or the moronic leader of Germany? I know she has an advanced degree but obviously no history lessons learned. And can’t even comprenhend current events.

    Rape high? Murder high? Theft high? It MUST be a coincidence, right, Angela?

  3. Don’t worry; you are not the first to have used her. She has been passed around and used more than the communal bong at a hippy convention, by every evil multibillionaire and mustachioed goatophile on the planet… Although the bong probably wouldn’t be a willing participant if it had a choice in the matter!

  4. It boggles the normal mind to see what lengths and lies globalists like Merkel will parrot just to get a seat on the NWO bus. Grandma used to say, ‘Be careful what you wish for’.

  5. And don’t forget the arts!

    In that picture I see lots of musicians (Muslims are known for their great love of music!), comedians (Ah! That delightful Muslim sense of humor!), and authors (OK, so Muslims only have one book. But this just means that they’re overdue for some grand literary achievements!).

  6. This was posted as “humor” but this is exactly what many germans repeat without blushing! I live in Leipzig and the brainwashing is unbearably violent and obscenely blatant: from tv to internet, radio and schools any place, any occassion is being used to -shovel the “muslims-are-wonderful mantra” down our throats. I even heard a elementary school teacher telling the little girls that their future husbands could be among refugees! It’s the same school that makes german boys play with dolls to emabrece their “feminine side” ..Germany is lost, totally doomed to slow painful extinction!

    • I am so sorry. I really enjoyed the former reality of Germans being, well, German… and the French being French… and the Italians being Italian… as we USED to say here in the USA, “Free To Be, You and Me”!

  7. A couple of days ago the Wall Street Journal had an article about US Nobel Prize winners who are immigrants.

    It appears that that story committed the fallacy of hasty generalization. An examination of these immigrants to the US who won the Nobel Prize shows that they either came from Europe, Russia, or the Far East.

    • A hasty generalization by journolists? Quelle surprise!

      Yes, we did get the Russian Mafia (on both coasts) but we also won some great DNA in the process. At this point, every little bit helps.

    • Wasn’t it also discovered that in every case the Nobel-winning research was done *before* these folks immigrated to the US?

  8. Bad luck Bob Dylan took out that Nobel prize for literature, that was one of the easy ones muslims could aspire to. Oh well, there’s still the “Peace Prize”, that might suit Erdogan or that Palestinian chappy.

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