4 thoughts on “Friends of Hillary #4

  1. What do you think of my skull-duggery? Does it qualify me for office? Obama had less than I do and he was elected, twice!
    The presidency should have been mine, mine I tell you!!

  2. acuara, I would vote for you in a heartbeat. Our choices this year are not so great.

    However, I will vote for anyone but killary (although at times I think about sitting out this election, but I was raised to vote and be an American, since I wasn’t born an American, but I became an American, thanks to the USA — she is poison and she knows it and somehow glories in it, which is one more count of damnation.

    I think Trump, despite his faults is our best bet. The best thing he has going is that he loves our country, as I do — if I could only cough out these horrible people. The whole thing is terribly depressing though.

    But we must march or maunder on. Forward!

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