Culture-Enrichers Demand Armani

Migrants domiciled at a three-star hotel in Italy at taxpayers’ expense are unhappy with their clothing and shoes. They demand that the authorities help them upgrade their sartorial gear to more prestigious brands.

The following story was originally published in Italian. Many thanks to CrossWare for translating the Hungarian-language version:

Muslim supremacy at work…

Only Armani is Good Enough for the Migrants

Migrants demand Armani, Hugo Boss clothes and Pirelli shoes and complain about the food. While their accommodation cost is around $630 USD a month!

They started a protest at the hotel Byron di Malcontenta, where they are secretly staying at the expense of the Italian taxpayer. “It is winter and we are still wearing flip-flops.” The migrants want better-quality designer clothing such as Armani, Hugo Boss and Pirelli. Lorenzo Chinellato, a politician in Venice, was outraged on the demands: “When they arrived they had no shoes, but all of them had modern smart phones. Now they want designer clothing on the taxpayers’ money?!”

At the three-star hotel where the migrants are staying, a room after the main season costs around $42 USD a night! So a migrant’s monthly hotel bill is around $630 USD.

Original Italian article

26 thoughts on “Culture-Enrichers Demand Armani

  1. Well who would want the ruling class look poor… This not paint a pretty picture of the new United European Emirates!

    • The Hungarian version mentioned the average night for tourist is $42 bucks, obviously the migrants getting a government rate of some kind. It is not a direct multiplication!

  2. I certainly can’t afford Armani, but these useless African scum demand it–and may well get it.
    I’ve never forgotten the words of the African politician who wondered out loud as to why Europe would take the “useless scum of his continent”.

  3. The problem is not that they are demanding Armani clothes (after all that is what Soros recruiters promised them before putting them on a boat). The real problem here is that illegal aliens are kept in fancy hotels at taxpayers’ expense instead of being immediately deported. None of these africans can be classified as a “refugee” even by most far stretched EUSSR laws. They all come from safe countries, they don’t have visas, therefore they must not be even allowed in a country.

    For those who doesn’t know, if you have no visa upon arrival in EUSSR country, they will put you on the first flight back. There is some kind of regulations which forces airlines to fly you back at their own expense (so you can’t stay at the pretext of being broke). So nowadays airlines demand to see your visa before checking you in, and you’ll not be allowed to evan board a plane without having valid visa. Ground rules are same: no visa – no entry. That’s how if works for people coming from normal countries. But of course laws stop working when muslims and/or africans get involved. Why we should ever apply our laws to muslims or other third-worlders? That would be islam-o-phobic and racist!

  4. How fitting that the malcontents are being put up at The Byron di Malcontenta. God gifts us with these little ironies a lot lately.

  5. They will do well in the nanny state West, they already have the entitlement attitude. This is paradise!

  6. Thank you for my first laugh this morning. Armani! What next? Lobster and steak dinners (or they allowed to eat lobster?).

    Oy vey.

    • Muslems ARE allowed to eat lobster. You’re thinking of laws of kashrut which forbid Jews from eating unclean animals, like bottom feeders, fish without scales, carrion eaters, etc. Islamic (halal) slaughtering of animals specifies that the creature should be terrified, tortured, and that its death should be prolonged while it slowly suffocates on its own blood. It’s called halal. Completely opposite of the kosher ideal to slaughter as quickly and painlessly as possible and spare the animal needless suffering.

      • Thank you for the information.

        I remain troubled by the kosher mandate than an animal be conscious during the slaughter, instead of being stunned. Perhaps you could address that.

    • Here’s my rework of a Soviet-era joke:

      Refugee with knife and fork seeks European with steak and lobster dinner.

  7. I am a bit sceptic about their demand for those brands.I seriously doubt they know what they are talking about.A three piece suit would make them look more ridiculous than a customary tracksuit outfit. However, I heard a case here in Germany and reported by a person of my confidence and immediate witness that a ” refugee” from africa in his language class bought himself a gear for his vacation back home( beware of prosecution) which consisted of a white suit and a white hat! This is more to the liking of the invaders who often show off as succesful managers back home. Good taste for traditional european gear is not theirs.I know from over 40 years ago, simple workers in Morocco purchased junk Mercedes cars , put on a tie and tried to make their countrymen believe they were ” clerks” or secretaries. This was never taken for truth over there, always reported with a blink of the eye.

  8. Unfortunately it seems that the more one tries to give people more than the barest of necessities, the less they see it is charity and the more they view it as an entitlement, and not enough.

    They seem to see the story of the magic fish as an instruction manual, not a warning. Eventually either they’ll end up destroying the wealth that makes the generosity possible, or their effrontery will exhaust someone’s patience. In either case, they’ll end up losing all the goodies they demanded, just like the fisherman who kept going back for a bigger reward.

  9. Italy: Hundreds march in support of refugees in Ferrara

    Hey, maybe these bleeding heart Italians can be the ones who donate the Armani and Versace apparel all those Viennese crybabies are demanding. If the Austrians had any brains, they’d insist that these African leeches sell their smart phones (they can purchase ordinary flip-phones) in order to pay for clothing and shelter of ANY sort.

  10. It’s easy to forget the invaders have completely different value systems from ours.

    We see the recipient of charity as needing to be grateful and a bit humble. We see a person without resources as needing to spend as conservatively as possible. We see a person without a job as needing to organize his life to attain employment.

    The invaders do not come from a culture that has any of these values. They have no experience in delaying gratification, so to them, flashy clothes are an appropriate way to use resources. To them, the world is divided into tribe/family and outsiders. They do not owe any particular courtesy or gratitude to outsiders.

    As to why they are there: I always say I won’t speculate on the motives of political leaders and I always end up trashing my own resolve. Sometimes I think the leaders of Europe allow the invaders in simply because it would require too much effort on their part to keep the invaders out. They’d have to figure out how to stop them, how to ship them back, and how to deal with the EU bureaucrats who would raise all types of objections and accuse them of breaking international law. So, the leaders being the total slugs they are, they simply put off doing anything at all, and draw off resources from the native citizens who do not have the power to resist and are unlikely to start shooting in the streets.

    • congrats, Ronald ! The ” delayed gratification pattern” is the clue and unknown to those people in general and to the less successful of our own folks. Psychologically, they are spoiled brats, though not by material standards of wealthy countries. And in combination with the “islamic supremacy pattern” it becomes an explosive blend.

      • Lol. Let me guess. From your use of “pattern” you’re in some area of computer programming development.

        • no, Ronald! This is lingo of educational psychology since the 70 ies.And I am a victim of that delay, having made a PhD and my first income at 29. Shed a tear for poor me.

  11. I am actually on board with providing them a good pair of walking shoes and a compass that points south.

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