Geert Wilders: The Netherlands is Not a Free Country, But a Dictatorship

The trial of Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV), got underway late last month in a secure courtroom at Schiphol Airport.

Today Mr. Wilders announced that he will no longer appear personally in any further courtroom sessions during his trial. He decided that he has better things to do with his time than sit through the endless hours of a judicial farce with a predetermined outcome.

The following video is the English-language version of Geert Wilders’ statement:

Below is the full text of his statement:

No-one will silence me

Next Monday, the trial against freedom of speech begins.
Against a politician who says what the politically correct elite does not want to hear.

It is a travesty that I have to stand trial because I spoke about fewer Moroccans.
It is my right and my duty as a politician to speak about the problems in our country.
Because The Netherlands has a huge problem with Moroccans.
Moroccans are overrepresented in crime and welfare dependency.
More than three-quarters of Dutch jihadists in Syria are Moroccan.
Hence, I have said nothing wrong.
Millions of Dutch citizens (43% of the population) want fewer Moroccans.
Not because they despise all Moroccans or want all Moroccans out of the country, but because they are sick and tired of the nuisance and terror caused by so many Moroccans.
Just like me.

If speaking about this is punishable, then The Netherlands are no longer a free country.
But a dictatorship.

This trial is a political trial, in which I refuse to cooperate. Political statements should be discussed in Parliament and not in court. There is also a double standard. Prime Minister Rutte said that Turks should get lost. Labour leader Samsom said that Moroccan youths have a monopoly on ethnic trouble. Labour chairman Spekman said that Moroccans should be humiliated. Labour alderman Oudkerk even spoke about f***ing Moroccans. They are allowed to say it all and are not being prosecuted. Rightly so. But one wants to have me silenced by the court.

The Netherlands belong to us.
This is our country and I will not be silenced.
By no-one.
Not by Muslim terrorists who have been threatening me for twelve years now.
Not by political opponents who decry me.
And not by the public prosecutor or the judiciary.
I will always keep expressing my opinion — on behalf of millions of Dutch citizens — whatever the consequences. No-one will stop me.
For we, Dutch, are free and fearless and we will never be silent. Never.

I have, therefore, decided not to attend this political trial.
I will conduct political discussions in the place where the political debate belongs: in our Parliament. And not in court. I entrust the legal aspects of the case to Mr. Knoops, the best lawyer in The Netherlands. He will defend my case next Monday and all the session days.
I wish him every success.

And I’m going to work. For my voters and for The Netherlands. Our Netherlands.

23 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: The Netherlands is Not a Free Country, But a Dictatorship

  1. Dear Geert,
    I love you — in a proper way of course, for your bravery and willingness to speak out and to defend your country, when so many will do nothing but sit on their hands like a bunch of multi-culti politically correct LOSERS.

    It is very sad to see what is happening throughout Europe because people no longer are Christians and therefore see no reason to defend themselves against muslims. They have become so multi-culti they see no danger in young (or old) muslim men raping their girls or stealing from them or living off them.

    When are you people going to wake up? I ask this here in USA as well, when will WE wake up? There is a town in the west of my state that is practically an outpost of some backward middle-eastern country — full of muslims calling the shots, terrorizing the local citizens (except those who have guns) and just making life miserable for all natives.

    This is not going to end well. Even the squishiest man or woman eventually finds that he/she has had enough and then we (in America) will be playing cowboys and muslims (we have guns here). If they behave, I have no problem with them, but if they don’t the problems will become larger and larger. America conquered the West with guns, we can conquer the muslims, too — if need be.

    So to Geert Wilders, one of the great heroes of Europe — I wish you well! I hope you succeed. I suggest you start deporting them tout suite, though — back to their dearly beloved desert homes. Where they belong.

    • Muslims will be always a problem because they follow r selective breeding (like rabbits or rats) and overwhelm the local mostly K selective population.

  2. Dear Baron and Dymphna,
    I apologize for my rants. I get so HOT under the collar that I can’t stand it. I cannot believe all this […] I see daily and I wish somebody would shoot Soros already (such an evil man , and I know a lot more about him (when he was still in Hungary) that most Americans do not know) — that would be at least one globalist and nazi monster out of the game, but there are so many.

    So what do we do? I am asking you because you are both smarter than I. Something must be done. We cannot allow our country to crater to these traitors and welfare warriors and other enemies.

    What we need is a strong America, an honest America (which I think it mostly is, other than Chicago), and people who truly care about their children’s future. I care desperately about mine which is why I am so interested and wondering if there is more I can do to forward things (ie, freedom, what else? I’m so stupid). Ideas are welcome.

    • Maria_dee, you’re at a stage in life where what you can do is limited, especially given your home duties.

      You are a woman of faith, so start with that foundation. Follow the holy days of the Liturgical Year and look for inspiration there – i.e., in the readings that accompany them. All Hallows Eve and All Saints’ Day are almost upon us. Begin with them. If you write in your journal as a prayer exercise, you’ll find your perspective changing. Love has many facets; so does hope. Praying the Psalms (esp 23) repeatedly will bring you the peace that you’ve lost by focusing on the enemy and their grisly hatreds. You will notice how Ps 23 is full of gratitude…

      It is for others – the younger and stronger, the wealthier, etc. – to make more public pushbacks against our enemies. Every day find a way to celebrate what you’ve been given. Gratitude heals, and you could use some healing from the slings and arrows hurled by our enemies. Refuse to be unhappy about things you cannot change – if their actions can make you unhappy, they win, Maria. Don’t let them win. Build your own inner wall of gratitude for all that is yours.

      Don’t forget music – it heals. And the old music is often the best. If your neighborhood is safe enough consider taking your husband for a walk. You would both benefit.

      There aren’t any magic bullets; a great deal of sorrow lies ahead. Only the lived experience of the sure love you GIVE can heal…

      Vaya con Dios, Maria_dee

    • I recognize Hungarian blood and temper everywhere. Ok I already knew about Maria_Dee Hungarian roots, she told it on multiple occasions. But still… I recognize the fire of countless generations of warriors screaming in every blood cell. I feel the same way!
      We are a restless bunch…

    • Can I begin with a simple suggestion that people ask Congress to pass a law abolishing dual citizenship. Any dual citizen who hasn’t renounced his other citizenship by a certain date will have his US citizenship revoked and be considered a non-citizen resident who may be deported for any reason.

      Soros may think twice about fouling his own nest if it’s not so easy for him to fly to the next mountain in case of trouble. In a similar vein, I see no reason to allow people with citizenship rights, but equal loyalties to Mexico, Iran, or Israel. I think people need to declare their prime loyalty and stick with it.

      By the way, I don’t believe Israel’s Law of Return for Jews will last too much longer in its present form. The majority of American Jews are extremely liberal to left-wing. If they moved to Israel in any significant numbers, they would put Netanyahu out of office. He’s far too bright a politician to contemplate that prospect sitting down.

      • You have to remember that George Soros is the master of the short sell. I’m thinking he is engaging in these schemes in order to profit from short selling.

  3. The world needs more statesmen with the stones to tell the truth, no matter the cost! God knows we could use one here in the States. Bravo, Geert Wilders; you are true public servant! God be with you!

  4. There are heros like Geert Wilders. Who do we have? I don’t know but I’d like to know and I would support them if I knew them. Kansas is a little different because other than on both ends of Kansas we don’t have many muslims and most of them seem to settle into peaceful lives, at least as far as I know. They are mostly in Kansas City (east) and Garden City (west). I live in the middle so have not witnessed anything, I just read about it.

    WHERE IS THE NEXT RONALD REAGAN? Just wondering, of course,

  5. There are many millions of Ronald Regans inside and outside ourselves. At the moment just passive observers. Thank you Dymphna.

  6. another example of how little the citizens have to say about what the government does in a socialist country.

  7. This should get as much publicity as possible. Maybe a lot of international attention to this clearly political trial will force them not to prosecute Mr. Wilders.
    Obviously they are planning to lock him up just before elections.

    • I’m Dutch and believe me they would not dare to lock him up. This would cause an uproar you wouldn’t believe. Besides, his “crimes” are punishable by a fine at best.
      They want to damage him as much as posible just before the elections. It’s the conviction they are after not the punishment. That strategy may backfire though because of the “underdog” effect.

      Wilders makes a smart move by staying away at his trial.
      He is basicaly saying; “I’m done with you narrow minded people, I will not play your little games anymore, go ahead and do what you want to do I don’t care I have bigger fish to fry”
      In fact he’s snubbing the corrupt judicial system.
      You must admit the entire trial and the Court will look rather silly without him being there.
      There will not be a media show and the entire trial is reduced to a simple administrative affair all the way up to the Supreme Court.

  8. May I suggest everyone purchase a copy of Mr. Wilder’s book. I have; and passed it on to others. Your support for Mr. Wilders will be manifested by purchasing and reading his book. This man….like so many prophets in the past and present; has a compelling message that will fall on a lot of deaf ears. Unfortunately…there is no longer an America where oppressed people can move to. Time to face up to state agencies…and agents of the state. god bless you all.

  9. From the book: “In the Netherlands, Mr. Wilder’s foes, whether murderous jihadists or the multicultural establishment, share the same ‘strategic objective’ —to increase the cost of associating with him beyond that which most people are willing to bear. It is not easy to be Geert Wilders. He has spent almost a decade in a strange, claustrophobic, transient, and tenuous existence little different from kidnap victims or, in his words a political prisoner. He is under round-the-clock guard because of explicit threats to murder him by Muslim extremists.
    Yet he’s the one who gets put on trial for incitement.

  10. On behalf of millions of Dutch citizens: What a BS rant. Geert himself is over represented in Dutch politics. Trying to talk his way out of his poor choise of words and hoping to gain some international publicity out of a trail from which he probably has nothing to fear. Political statements should indeed be discussed in parlement, but Geert prefers media attention above anything else. He judges others but doesn’t want to be judged himself. He dares to call the Dutch government a dictatorship when he himself runs his own party as a dictator.

    • Even Geerts is a dictator, choose the lesser of two evils. I’ll choose Geert the dictator over the current Dutch politician dictators. So should you.

  11. Francis M, I will do that today (purchase the book by Mr. Wilders).

    Dymphna, thank you for your great advice. You are a blessing indeed. I know I have to learn to not let these things bother me so much, but. . . it must be part of my personality (or my fiery Hungarian temper?). Ha.

    I come here every day to keep up on what’s happening (so much of it is not reported in our news here) knowing it will make me hot under the color but still believing it is better/safer to know than not know.

    God bless everyone here!

  12. Can’t wait for Geert Wilders to be president of the Netherlands.The elections will be held in March 2017.The PVV is ahead in all the polls. Were an election to be held tomorrow Geert would win and the Netherlands would be free again .It would again embrace all the great democratic freedoms our ancestors fought and died for,starting with freedom of speech..

  13. Perfect. By attending you acknowledge the legitimacy of a patently absurd process. In Canada they put in place ‘human rights commissions’ that ran the same kind of kangaroo court trials against anyone who spoke blasphemously against Islam. It was pathetic and a disgrace. I agree that your best action is to not participate in the farce. They want your absolute surrender to their political targeting. It’s amazing that leftists said worse things against Moroccans and other Muslim groups with zero consequences. That 100% proves that it has nothing to do with ‘what’ you said. It’s about slamming down a conservative on the pretext of his comments. It’s nothing but a political attack, same as how the Democrats break the law constantly in their attacks on Republicans, and Liberal party hacks in Canada do the same to conservatives there. The Left is the enemy, and the media that enables them. It’s the Left in the Netherlands that is doing this to Mr. Wilders. Its’s the same old Leftist lawlessness and hate. All across the world the Left is seeking to destroy national structures and the conservatives who fight to preserve them.

  14. Wilders is absolutely in the right. Holland is a dictatorship and Mark Rutte is a fascist right down to his metaphorical jackboots.

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