Changes to the Hungarian Constitution to Block EU-Imposed Migrants

As we reported on Sunday, Hungarian voters overwhelmingly rejected the imposition of mandatory migrant quotas by the EU. As a result, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán promised that his party, which has the necessary two-thirds majority in parliament, would amend the constitution accordingly.

Our Hungarian correspondent CrossWare sends the proposed new wording for the text to be inserted into the Hungarian constitution:


„A szabad mozgás és tartózkodás jogával nem rendelkező személyt Magyarországra csak a magyar hatóságok által egyedileg elbírált kérelmére, az országgyűlés által megalkotott törvény szerinti eljárásban meghozott, törvényes határozat alapján lehet betelepíteni. Tilos a csoportos betelepítés”


“A person who does not have the right to free movement and residence in Hungary can only be settled when Hungarian authorities approve each individual application. The application process will be based on a law created by the Hungarian Parliament. Settlement of groups is forbidden.”

21 thoughts on “Changes to the Hungarian Constitution to Block EU-Imposed Migrants

  1. Let’s hope Hungary’s courageous defiance of the EU technocratic tyranny emboldens to join the resistance.

        • Well, according to some hungarian books and reports, after the end of the socialist system almost all government owned factories, banks, real estate was passed over to private hands, most of the time pennies on the dollar. Reporters, investigators died in droves, their death often blamed on the different foreign “maffias”. Opposite to the clintons, who sell influence, these new leaders, including the Orban clan, just took everything of value with accounting manuvers. How else could have made close to 300 million dollars(and there are hundreds of them) in 15 years in a country where the average wage is $600 a month. Calls for a lot of overtime, isn’t it?

  2. I wish he were our Prime Minister.I’m happy for Hungary but sad that the rest of us don’t have a man of Orban’s calibre as P.M.
    We could do with him in Australia.

    • Yep, we’ve got Turnbull, a ‘leader’ who praised the Ottoman Empire, gave a million bucks to an islamic museum, invited a bunch of mohammedans to a ramadan meal and reckons that islam carried the torch of knowledge and science through the Middle Ages.

  3. Tilos a csoportos betelepítés = Settlement of groups is forbidden.

    What does “settlement of groups” mean?

    • I take it to mean resettlement of groups of people, like “Syrian” “refugees” in the USA. That is: there will only be individual applications for asylum.

  4. Watch, what you wish for. While I admire Orban’s stand against moslem infiltration, it is not too difficult to get the hungarian people, who have lived and often times died under moslem conquest for a quarter Millenia, to defy Brussel’s genocidal plans. That said, the present government/system is one of the most corrupt and manipulative I have heard of, certainly not willing to hand over their ill gotten gain and political power to moslem conquest. One other fact: Mr. Orban finished university on a Soros grant, presumably placed into position by him, too. How it will play out is certainly an interesting question. Time will tell.

    • “present government/system is one of the most corrupt and manipulative”

      Yet so far it has told Hungarians much of the unvarnished truth about the so-called refugee crisis.
      That’s far more than the vast majority of politically-correct governments across Europe, who have obfuscated, down-played or told outright lies about the nature of the majority male and non-Syrian, migrant-flows into Europe- many actually propagandising in its favour.
      Which is not to excuse any ‘manipulative’ behaviour or ‘corruption’ of which Orban’s government may be have been involved, merely in the context of what is happening in Europe, it’s by far the lesser of an evil.

      No government is perfect and most people who desire becoming politicians, should be disqualified from positions of authority for that reason alone (I’m only half joking there).
      Corruption in the EU is relative- it hasn’t signed off on its own accounts for 20 years and one could go on forever about corrupt practices and fraud this obscures; all while the EU has spent untold €Billions of other people’s money promoting itself and vilifying dissent.
      “presumably placed into position”
      To what ends?
      It’s hard to imagine the quite extraordinary effort required to keep up such a pretence, while secretly beholden to a Soros agenda- although not entirely beyond the realms of possibility, I just can’t see Orban as some sort of Soros sleeper cell.

  5. There are a lot of people who did not know how evil Soros is until the last few years. Until then he was playing the sweet rich benefactor of many. I suspect Orban was one of them, as was I. What I mean about me is that I didn’t realize how evil Soros was until a few years ago. I have no personal knowledge of him, just what I know from the news (such as it is).

    In any case, I think Orban is doing the best he can. He is between a rock and a hard place. And Europe is going down. As we will, if we don’t wake up soon.

    • I believe that Russia have an arrest warrant out on Soros
      (Dead or Alive) so I am amazed that he has not been snatched yet and taken for trial in Moscow.

      The Israelis snatched Eichmann from Argentina for trial in Israel (duly hung accordingly) with relative ease and with few resources other than the resolute and courageous Mossad agents themselves.

      Surely Russia with greater resources and equally able special agents should have brought this loathsome man to book by now?

      • Just imagine if they did! Russia is being constantly vilified by the disgustingly corrupt obama regime, and even by FOX news, which should know better.

        Certainly, the Russians should have no difficulty finding and eliminating Soros, which would go a long way to restoring sanity in a world gone (irretrievably?) mad.

  6. Since Hungary is working up a Constitutional change, perhaps they should reconsider addressing the following:
    In 2012, Hungary again revised the number of religions recognized as official by the government and for the first time gave recognition to Islam under a coalition formed between the Hungarian Islamic Community and the Hungarian Islamic Council and Tan Kapuja Buddhist Church, Buddhist Mission .
    From comment at Islam v. Europe blog:

    “The two islamic community united, but altogether last year they had 700 members.(from the 4 million tax payer only 700 people offered them the 1% of their taxes) The community which one wanted to built Hungary’s first mosque (after the turkish occupation more then 200 years ago there were no operating mosques)didn’t get the recognition.”

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