Culture-Enriching Rapists on Trial in Hamburg

The video below and accompanying news story are a reminder that not all cultural enrichment comes to us from the Muslim world. The following harrowing account describes the horrors experienced by a 14-year-old German girl at the hands of four young immigrants from Serbia. (Yes, I know they could still be Muslims, even though they’re from Serbia. There’s no way to tell from the information provided. However, most Muslims in the former Yugoslavia are now in Bosnia, Macedonia, and Kosovo, so chances are these are Serbian boys with an Orthodox background.)

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following Hamburger Abendblatt article from March of this year (also translated by Nash Montana) describes the incident that resulted in the court case featured in the video:

Four young men rape a 14-year-old in Hamburg

The victim was living in supervised conditions by the youth welfare office

Hamburg. It is the kind of case that gives chills to even a hardened cop. In Harburg, a 14-year-old girl was raped, abused and afterward she was thrown outside in icy cold temperatures clothed only in a blouse and underwear. Three of the four offenders are sitting in jail. One of them is only 14 years old. Among other things, they are now accused of attempted murder.

The incident happened on February 11th. According to information provided the Abendblatt the 14-year-old lived under the supervision of the youth welfare office in a guided youth home. On the day of the incident she was brought together with four young men in an apartment by a 16-year-old female friend Alcohol was being passed around. The girl was so drunk that she passed out.

What happened next was recorded on various cell phones. Three of the four men from Serbia pounced on the helpless girl and raped her. The abuse, so it’s said, was filmed by the female acquaintance of the victim. Then the still-passed-out 14-year-old was taken outside into the courtyard and left there. Temperatures at that time were barely above freezing point. The girl was found in time and was brought to the hospital with hypothermia. Her condition had been life-threatening.

The investigation was difficult. The abuse was determined in the hospital. The police put the special unit that deals with sexual crimes on the case. The girl apparently had no memory of the crime.

The case was first dealt with strictly as a sexual offense. Only later the attempted murder charge was added. The assigned judge was the one who determined that there were signs of attempted murder.

Investigators arrested three of the four offenders, among them the 16-year-old girl who filmed the abuse. Her cellphone that recorded the entire disgusting offense was also secured.

Police refused to say anything, and referred questions to the prosecutor’s office. Chief prosecutor Nana Frombach confirmed: “We are also investigating an attempted murder in conjunction with dangerous bodily harm.”

Two of the male offenders are still sought after. Among them is the only adult; he’s 21 years old. Both individuals are from the Harburg area. Possibly both of them have already left the country and are hiding in their home country.

Video transcript:

0:00   Almost like pop stars, the four alleged offenders
0:03   Enter the courtroom before the cameras were allowed to film.
0:07   Grinning, they wave at all of their extended family in the courtroom,
0:10   the relatives waving back to the reporters, and essentially,
0:13   it’s the girl’s own fault that it came to sex.
0:16   But the foremost guilty party is really the youth welfare office,
0:19   because the 14-year-old snuck out at night from a youth home to visit a party
0:22   here in Harburg. There, she was literally filled up.
0:26   (Kai Wantzen, court spokesman) As a consequence the victim was considerably drunk
0:30   and basically just lay there on a couch,
0:34   whereupon the decision was allegedly made to use her for sex.
0:40   Unprotected intercourse, penetration with objects, several cell phones making video recordings.
0:46   One of the accused just turned 14 that night. It was his birthday
0:49   that was celebrated behind this apartment door. His parents were not at home.
0:54   After the abuse the youths carried the unconscious girl into the courtyard.
0:58   All she wore was a blouse and her underwear.
1:01   Back then in February the temperature was below zero [Celsius, ca. 28°F].
1:05   This is an immediate life-threatening situation.
1:10   (Rainer Klohn, lawyer for one of the accused) All of the accused knew what they were doing,
1:13   and they were doing it anyway, and that is what’s so incomprehensible,
1:17   that in such a despicable manner…, there’s no other way
1:20   that even a defense attorney can formulate this… this girl was dealt with.
1:25   The girl woke up in the courtyard and screamed for help. Neighbors informed the police;
1:29   she was brought to the hospital with a blood alcohol level of 190 milliliters (1.9 per mil)
1:32   On the bench also sits a 15-year-old girl who was friends with the victim,
1:36   she as well had allegedly filmed the abuse with her cell phone.
1:39   Do these offenders even realize what they did?
1:42   The oldest, the 21-year-old to the right, immediately gave himself up to the police,
1:45   and he waived right for anonymity today.
1:50   He said ‘I did this and I am taking responsibility for it and everybody can see me here’.
1:56   In the court hallway a relative cursed at and threw something at the camera operators.
2:01   The court in the meantime banned the media and all spectators
2:04   until the judgment is read in the courtroom.
2:07   There are measures to prevent stigmatization,
2:10   in order to protect from shame the intimate areas of minor children.

5 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Rapists on Trial in Hamburg

  1. You mean the girl was already 14 years old and not yet married? Plus she went out in public while not wrapped up in a black garbage bag. Didn’t anybody tell her that Germany has Shariah law now and women aren’t allowed outdoors unless accompanied by a male relative. So, you can hardly blame the local jihadis for gang-raping and trying to murder her.

    I think it’s very Islamophobic to charge these poor persecuted immigrants with a crime – just goes to show how racist those Germans are. The only way the country can redeem itself is to immediately admit another 10 million young male Mus[lim] immigrants, and equip each one with a suicide vest.

    • And, double welfare checks for the month, actually make that every month.
      That’ll show them who’s boss.

    • Appreciate the irony in your post.

      Seriously though, this poor 14 year old girl will be traumatised and psychologically scarred for the rest of her life.
      My heart goes out to her and her loved ones.

      When will, if ever, the men of Germany react to these dreadful attacks on their women folk? Do they all not have mothers, grandmothers, sisters, nieces, daughters, grand daughters, aunties, wives, fiancées, female cousins and work colleagues?

      Enough with the ” do not touch bracelets” and ” NO temporary
      Tattoos” for God’s sake. Your women folk are being brutalised
      Whilst you are wringing your hands in despair, humiliated in the eyes of the Muslim world. Shame on you all.

      • Of course, the girl will be traumatised and psychologically scarred and, of course, the rapists deserve to be hanged.

        However, as far as I understand, the 14-year-old girl without any coercion goes with a 16-year-old friend to ‘a party’ with a group of disreputable men at night and gets drunk there. Does anyone seiously think that such behaviour is normal in girls of this age?

        Of course, she is young and silly, but a normal 14-year-old girl would simply be afraid to go out in the night seeking adventures in a company of another girl and, especially, to attend parties with grown-up men who are definitely up to no good.

        And what sort of home it is that cannot make sure that its inmates are in their beds at night?

        This poor girl is a victim not only of brutal rapists, but also of her upbringing. Her parents and the ‘home’ in which she lived bear a big part of responsibility.

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