Bulgarian Opera Diva Mugged by Culture-Enrichers in Innsbruck

A well-known Bulgaria opera singer was attacked and injured during an attempted robbery while she was making appearances in the Austrian city of Innsbruck. Her attackers may have been “refugees”, or they may have been “New Austrian” citizens of long standing. In any case, they were part of the glorious rainbow of diversity that has so enriched Modern Multicultural Austria.

The following report was posted by BNT, the Bulgarian national television service. Many thanks to RR for the translation:

The opera diva Vesselina Katzarova: I am a strong Bulgarian lady and I will cope

By Tzvetelina Katanska

The world-renowned mezzo-soprano was attacked on Tuesday evening by two young men of “Arab appearance” in downtown Innsbruck. The singer cancelled her further appearances at the ongoing festival in the Austrian city, and is recovering at her home in Switzerland.

“I am a strong Bulgarian lady and I will cope. But now I worry about future — where is our world headed to?” comments Katzarova.

The singer was in the Austrian city of Innsbruck taking part in a festival. On Tuesday evening, while returning to her hotel after a rehearsal she was attacked by two young men with Arab features.

“It all happened in the centre of the city. I cannot state if the men were refugees or not, they might have been Austrian citizens as well,” says Katzarova.

The “youngsters” tried to rob her of her handbag after pushing her to the ground. The singer called for help and managed to fight back against the attackers, who escaped precipitously.

“I don’t believe they will find them, as they immediately ran away. I went for a medical checkup; happily I didn’t lose consciousness, but I still had some injuries. The local lady-physician explained to me that I was lucky not to get beaten up, as attacks on women by Arabs have multiplied. I cancelled my appearances at the Festival and returned home to Zurich, Switzerland, where I have lived since 1989.”

The singer said she did not provoke the attackers in any way: she was dressed discreetly and wore no makeup.

“I advise everyone to be on his guard, particularly women should be alert. It happens, even in the European cities.”

The news of the attack on the world-famous Bulgarian singer was spread by the Austrian and then by the Swiss media.

29 thoughts on “Bulgarian Opera Diva Mugged by Culture-Enrichers in Innsbruck

  1. “The singer said she did not provoke the attackers in any way: she was dressed discreetly and wore no makeup.”

    That speaks volumes as to how the West is being lost!

    • Yes, the women are being trained, step by step. It won’t be long before European non-Moslem women will be wearing long dresses and head covering outdoor. It will soon be a common sight. Soon you will be able to show before and after Islamization photos of European women. Spineless people.

    • Yes, that’s how far we have already come to accepting sharia, and daily things only become worse….

      Nor will matters improve until the European masses cry “Enough!” and rise up in their millions. And I see no sign of that happening. None.

    • Why are the “slut walk” protesters not plying their [ever predictable] apoplectic outrage where it matters? Instead, they are haranguing people and amusing the media whores in safe neighbourhoods and on secure campuses.

  2. A happier ending to this tale would be “her cries for help quickly brought a group of native Austrian men who beat the would-be rapists within an inch of their lives, after which a group of hundreds of Austrians surrounded the local rapefugee center from which the attackers had sallied forth, and promptly burned it to the ground while the police looked on. Ms Merkel could not be reached for comment…”

    • You’ve got it perfectly! That is indeed what should happen, but there is absolutely no sign of such a happening anywhere in western Europe. (or North America, or down under)

      • Totally agree. Unfortunately the western male seems to have been psychologically emasculated and totally incapable of reacting to the most heinous provocation.

        I fear for the future of European race.

  3. My mother once told me, when, as a child, I queried her on the 3-5 in steel needles in many of her hats, that they weren’t just for keeping the hat on one’s head……..
    -West out

    • Your comment brought a smile to my face! My mother ,who is quite elderly, told me about her grandmother. Her grandmother and her aunt were out walking when they passed a couple of disreputable men. Grandmother said, “Mary, get your hat pin ready!” Perhaps we should bring back the fashion. But seriously, this story is disgusting. We should always be wary of our surroundings when out and about. (Lace your keys between your fingers?)

    • When I was about 7 or 8 (around 1967-’68) my mother took me to the cinema during the holidays, mid-week, middle of the day. The cinema was nearly empty. During the film, I was vaguely aware of a man sitting down next to my mother on the other side from me. I thought it odd he’d chosen to sit next to her when there were so many empty seats but, being young and intent on the screen, paid no attention to him or to the fact that my mother had reached into her handbag. A minute or so later, the man got up suddenly and left again. I forgot about it until we were on the bus home when I asked why the man had sat right next to her then moved again. “Because I stuck this in his leg,” she said simply and showed me the six inch hat pin she carried in her handbag. It turned out she’d skewered the bloke in the thigh for putting his hand on her leg, and she used it as a teachable moment to make me aware that ‘dirty old men’ often lurked in cinemas and it was good to be prepared. I suppose a seven or eight year old today might have got upset but all I felt was admiration for how my mum had calmly dealt with the man and gone back to watching the film. It also taught me a lifelong lesson in situational awareness.

    • Love the hatpin anecdotes! My mom once told me about a time when she and my dad were dating. He took her to — of all things — a boxing match. She excused herself and headed to the ladies’ room, where she found two gals going at one another with their hatpins.

  4. It’s appalling she felt the need to state that she hadn’t provoked the attack. No one deserves to be attacked, regardless of what she or he chooses to wear.
    If it has become common knowledge that Arab men are attacking women, why is something not being done? Here in Australia I feel hopeful that the police would do something, and if not the police, then the local Aussie blokes would!

    • I believe it was Gen’l Honore that said, “Hope is not a strategy.” I would add, apparently neither is dhimmi behavior. A lesson for those that think sharia compliance is a guarantor of safety.

    • Liz, the new reality requires that women become warriors in their own defense. Learn to fight. Kick-boxing is a good choice.

      You won’t have to rely on anyone. You’ll feel much more secure, more self-confident, and you’ll kick the crap out of any thug who figures you for an easy mark. All within a year of starting.

      • Just one problem there, surely you’ve noticed ‘they’ are never alone–always in packs. Westerners have never learnt that basic tactic, apparently. If they can (and do) attack western men, what chance does a lone western female stand?

        • Quite right Peter,

          They hunt in packs and are armed. They are not bound by any rule of decency that one might otherwise find in the community.

          It doesn’t mean that there is no retaliation or defence, but it has to be considered and effective.

      • My daughter is into jujitsu and is quite comfortable fighting up close and personal. She takes after the Croation women on my side, looks like Sofia Vergara, can’t wait till she gets one of these morons trying something on her. Castration Scottish style. (Daddy’s little girl)

      • You’re right! I’m searching for self defense classes for myself and my two children, and train in the gym every day. But as Pete (below) says – one lone woman is no match for a group of men. Well, not without a pistol. (Illegal here!)

        • Carrying a knife for self-defense is illegal in Australia too but that hasn’t stopped me from doing so since the Sydney cafe siege.

  5. Sehr geehrte Baron:
    Your words, “glorious rainbow of diversity that has so enriched Modern Multicultural Austria,” bear the charming melody of irony that you and I both find necessary to employ in writing. Possibly to keep from breaking the keyboard?

    • No, I’ve been practicing my deadpan irony for 10 years in anticipation of the crackdown by what I now call the Loretta Lynch mob, when irony and sarcasm will be the only weapons left to us in public discourse.

      In other words: I rilly, rilly love Big Brother.

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