Fighting Off the Vultures on the Promenade des Anglais

Last month, on the evening of Bastille Day in Nice, a mujahid went on a killing spree with a rented truck, mowing down hundreds of people along the promenade, 85 of whom died. In addition to all the other horrors in the aftermath of the massacre, survivors on the scene were forced to contend with vile people who came to loot and desecrate the bodies of the dead and the dying that were left scattered on the promenade.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating excerpts from this article at Fdesouche:

Nice attack: Nadia, Daniel and Ludovic protected the dead bodies from looters

The Prom [la Promenade des Anglais] on the evening of July 14th. Nadia, Daniel and Ludovic, members of the National Union of paratroopers, recount a night in hell. A night of watching the dead and protecting the living.

Nadia and Daniel are 70. Ludovic is handicapped. Two red berets and a wife of a red beret. On the evening of 14 July, they left the Villa Massena, from where they had been watching the fireworks with other members of the Nice branch of the National Union of paratroopers.

And the truck of death passed on the Prom. They were there, red berets, white shirts, badges. They were there. And they stayed. To help. Desperately. Trying to bring to life the last breaths. Holding the hands of those who were slowly dying. Watching over the bodies. Protecting the living. And protecting the dead from scavengers and voyeurs. […]

Here are their stories.

Daniel Ziegler and Nadia Mercier.

Often at night, she dreams that she stops a crazy truck with her hands. She can’t … she wakes up. And the nightmare continues.

She remembers “the bodies, children, scavengers …”. They “didn’t hesitate”. They remained “to see if they could help save lives.” And they “found only dead, or almost.” Their story. The 14th of July. The fireworks that end. Nadia and Daniel watched from the terrace of the Villa Massena with other members of the Nice branch of the National Union of Paratroopers (UNP). Then they descended to the Promenade. We wanted to listen to some music. But, having arrived at CUM, we had sore feet; we thought we would return. “And the truck passed, the bodies were flying in the air, that was fast.”

Daniel is a former “para”. Nadia, widow of a former “para”. Red Berets, body and soul. “We didn’t think about it; we went to see if we could help,” said Nadia simply. Her hands are shaking. Her eyes are shining a little bit too much. He takes her hand. And his gaze softens.

“There were bodies lying everywhere, says Daniel. In the middle, a woman was still alive. I tried to revive her. A doctor, who lived opposite, was there. He said, ‘Stop, that’s it … She died like all the others, all these children …”

“A Guy Took the Dead Girl’s Doll, I Fought Him …”

“We gave a blanket to a wounded little kid. He was alive. In the arms of his father,” recalls Nadia. “Occasionally, I came and I stroked his back. It was cold. His father lay down against him to warm him up. He was lying against his son a long time after the little one was dead …” Daniel adds:” It was one of those silences … Dead silence …”

But the worst, exclaims Daniel: “It was not that. All this death, all this pain. It was the scavengers. People walked among the corpses. They lifted the bodies with their feet … They came like flies …”

That devastated him; he struggles to find the words: “This little girl was dead. She only had her doll. A pink doll beside her. A guy came and took the doll, I fought him to retrieve it.” He’s crying.

So, Nadia continues, “I took the little doll and I slipped it under the blanket, all against the girl, for it to stay with her.”

Daniel “fought several times. A guy took a cell phone lying next to a body. I told him: Drop it. There were five of them. They threw my beret on the ground and took the phone. I wasn’t scared, I was enraged.”

Nadia also tried to stop them.

“Sometimes they were three or four … I told them: ‘I was flag bearer, if you hit me, you hit France …” There were also “people who came to see. Sometimes with their children.” […]

17 thoughts on “Fighting Off the Vultures on the Promenade des Anglais

  1. That is beyond disgusting.

    In some ways more disgusting than the original act of terrorism.

  2. There exist no words to describe the kind of rage I would have felt if that was my daughter under one of those blankets.
    To the guy that tried to get the doll as some sick trophy (smashing fist in hand) 1 minute to midnight [epithet].

  3. Proof there are heros in France. I find WRSA to be Gov on steroids, more masculine less cerebral.{sorry Dymphna ]

    • No proof needed, all cultures have heroes. During WW2 the French heroes were called the ‘underground’ and heroic SOBs they were. The Vichy government betrayed the people just like today’s governments in Europe, America, etc. betray their citizenry. You’d think history would have provided enough lessons like the French Revolution but I guess enough heads didn’t roll.

    • Yes, there are heroes and noble people. Sadly, it feels like they are a dwindling minority. I’m no longer shocked. I’m just sad.

  4. Well, when you are not a bird of a feather, I guess the victims did not seem human to them. Sad, sad, sad. Such a difference from the little town in which my Oma (German for grandmother) grew up. People would always greet each other in the street with a blessing, and were always willing to help.

  5. Buddhists in Northern Myanmar provide an example of what’s working for them in dealing with their islam problem. Nation’s already overrun by muslims would be wise to take note.

  6. Years ago I would think this would be impossible, but after working in Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa it does not surprise me. For the U.K. and France are done and this is the norm. The same will happen in the U.S.A. unless Trump is elected.

    • Bubba-

      I am currently in North Africa, and my time here has certainly red-pilled me as well.

      The Maghrebis are doing quite the job of colonizing Europe and dragging it down to their level.

    • This is the same sick ‘civilization’ that these ‘refugees’ were fleeing from in Africa . . . and they brought it with them to Europe. Soon their numbers and – by extension – their ‘culture’ will dominate by outbreeding the European natives, because that is what the anointed rulers want. The state school graduates will keep voting for this.

      • The reality is, you cannot flee yourself.
        As someone once said, “Wherever you go, there you are”.

        It would be helpful for the open border types out there to understand that most of these refugees are not victims, they are the same as the people they are fleeing from. The only difference is that they were on the losing side.

        It would likewise be helpful to note that people who quit their own lands for the promise of free stuff are not likely to be the best quality immigrants; quite the opposite. The lazy, high expectation immigrant that these refugees often are, mirrors the same personality type you see amongst criminals.
        “I’m owed” “I deserve” “You can’t expect ME to do that!”

        To top it off, the authorities bestow greater rights on these people than the local population. They get more lenient treatment from the police and social services, their critics are silenced, they are championed as the future of the country.

        Ignoring immigrants/refugees, imagine the same model being applied to criminals. Imagine if gangs, crime syndicates, criminal families were treated like royalty and law abiding people were constantly feed the mantra that these people are just like us, have the same values, are the future. That people who spoke out against those groups committing crime were themselves targeted by the police and media. Members of criminal gangs got preferential treatment to job placement in government, even had entire new departments set up to represent them collectively.

        Not everyone in a gang or their associates actually commits crime afterall, only a minority do right?
        That the rest turn a blind eye is only a matter of education, they should not be considered criminals themselves right?

        If you take Rotherham for example, 1400 known victims must have meant a huge chunk of the Pakistani community knew what was going on but were not actively involved. They will never be censured, I don’t think anyone has even criticised that community for such widespread abuse and that is something that is ignored from crime stats – all the enablers involved.
        All those victims, and not one man from the offending community rang the police to say what was going on. The abusers felt free to bring in anyone from their own group to molest underage girls knowing that they were safe from someone blowing the whistle on them.

        That mindset is what is being brought into Europe by the boatload, not tired people looking for a safe place to raise families.

        • Very well said. The “refugees” are not blank slate noble savages when they arrive. These losers – as you point out – arrive with experiences and attitudes that the “Refugees Welcome” types cannot begin to imagine.

  7. You can bet your bottom dollar that the scavengers where Arabs and sub-Saharan Africans. They’re teeming like maggots in the south of France and it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened in Europe.

  8. It would have helped to have a comment by the witness as to ethnicity/culture of these parasites

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