“Is This Really Necessary Now?”

The day after the massacre in downtown Munich — which happened on Friday, but seems a lot longer ago — local citizens gathered in the area of the murders to pay respect to the victims. Their memorial was disrupted by interlopers shouting “Allahu Akhbar!”, as you can see from the cell phone video below.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:02   They are doing this here on purpose! These bastards! — Akbar! Akbar!
00:08   They are doing this on purpose here!
00:11   Damned crap! — You bastards!
00:18   Damned wanker!
00:22   (unintelligible)
00:31   Watch out, keep your eyes open.
00:41   The whole time, the whole time, and no one said anything!
00:46   (screaming)
00:52   (Are they saying Allahu Akbar in the distance repeatedly at this point?)
01:07   Allahu Akbar! — The dude who began screaming, I saw him on Facebook.
01:13   He published the video.
01:16   Is this really necessary now? Wasn’t yesterday enough?
01:21   Everyone’s putting their oar in.
01:34   I am a Muslim too, man, but that is my personal business! I do not have to take it to the streets!
01:39   Look, he is a Muslim too.
01:43   He is totally contrary, hey. — Go home and do whatever you please there, but NOT HERE!
02:13   Look at the guy in the white shirt. — Yeah.
02:23   Leave our beliefs alone!
02:40   Watch, watch.
03:03   What’s going on there man? — Watch out for the bald guy.
03:09   The guy in the white shirt? — Yeah.
03:13   Look at the police; I guess they will be separating everyone.
03:24   There is a helicopter arriving, can you hear it?
03:28   Did you hear what he said?

16 thoughts on ““Is This Really Necessary Now?”

  1. In answer to the rhetorical question “wasn’t yesterday enough” evidently not!

    The utter distain and the confidence in which it is displayed shows graphically how utterly unafraid of any retribution or consequences these Neanderthals are.

    Feeble response from the police as per usual!

    • Unbelievable that someone could go to this and start shouting Alluhu Akbar and not have at least a third of the crowd even raise their voices in protest. Oh wait, I know what’s wrong, this is the teddy bear, candles, and flowers crowd. How are those things working out for you? I especially liked the one guy (muslim?) who said you should do this at home. Notice he did not say those beliefs are wrong here, just a statement that you don’t let everyone know what you are actually thinking out of politeness.

  2. All muslims are racists, murderers of christians and all other peoples.

    Germans are living in fear of these muslim nazis.

    German people, must rise up, and kick out all muslim rats from germany,
    Dismantle all mosques, bann islam, ban the koran!’

    Muslims, all of them and their racist cult fake religeon must be kicked out of germany and europe. Quickly.

    • The Germans have been so brainwashed they are unable to react. That whole conversation reminds me of a bunch of sheep milling around in a pen as the killers wipe them out one by one. Who can just stand there and not react to this violence and pretend that they are just an uninvolved outside observer like this?

    • The lefty and liberal west is convinced it’s the other way round. Turning consumers back into citizens and promoting straight sex is a tough call.

    • That is very true. Islam and Islamic people caused the most problems and most wars in the world. They caused nonbeliever like myself to feel homeless and alienated in their majority Islamic hellhole.

  3. My daughter, who lives in Munich, was quick to tell me it wasn’t terrorism, just a troubled young man. In other words, parroting the government line. I didn’t have the heart to tell her, “Get used to it.” If mass murder isn’t terrorism I don’t know what it.

    • Peace was present so long in western societies, people behave like a deer who first time sees a human with a strange metal stick in hand. She is not running away, she does not know what is that.

      • I wonder if it could be just this?–too long without existential stress– …as a reason so many folks are not thinking properly?

        I.e. we have not needed or practiced our survival skills in a hundred years. We have all the physiology–the epinephrine, the cortisol, the fight or flight nervous system, the testosterone–all the equipment to put up a ferocious defense of our lives, but we and our families haven’t really used these resources for a long time. Probably the last time was when hundreds of thousands of us came to the west on the Oregon trail.

        Without use or practice, maybe our defenses actually wither away. Not because we have mutations in our genes, but because our brains keep telling us that we are safe and to go back to the TV and the couch.

        Maybe people need wars every so often? What a horrible thought!

        • “Maybe people need wars every so often? What a horrible thought!”

          Interesting idea. It may be one of the reasons dominant civilizations fall. After running out of enemies, war readiness and training may decline leaving a nation or civilization wealthy but weak to defend itself or protect it’s borders. The “barbarian” culture wins in the end.

          • I suggest looking at the book by Emmett Scott on our sidebar. Excellent historiography, archeology, and he shows how the more barbaric Islam was driven out of Spain.

            One of the things sports competitions does is channel natural aggression. Without the experience of competing, one can’t also experience compassion. They develop together.

            In today’s schools, where games with winners and losers are frowned upon, the very hard-wiring in the brain (especially the male brain) is suppressed. It isn’t ending well, this feminizing of our Western culture…as any mother of boys with a grain of common sense can tell you.

            War isn’t necessary, but competition is. We need level playing fields where opportunities are equal, but the outcomes are in question. Not just sports, but academics, arts, music. The competition for audiences in music is fierce. As it ought to be.

            In the old days (don’t know about now) the B described the deep level of study needed to pass one’s A levels. Funny how all that “useless knowledge” would assist him in writing about current events in Europe these many years later. Or how the rigorous maths classes he took back then allowed him to make a living part time as a tutor here while he was an artist. Kids in high school – even the private schools – weren’t given the basic tools he got in Yorkshire…parents paying many thousands of dollars a year to send their kids to these schools had to hire him so these hapless children could pass their college boards…

  4. No, Mr. Palmer.
    People need to sit up on their couches and start paying attention to what’s happening and do some serious thinking. That may be something many people are not accustomed to do — THINK.

    Speaking for myself, I do not need existential threats to force me to think. I think all the time. I read websites like this so I can know what is going on, since the MSM doesn’t like to disturb us with the truth.

    So it takes awhile, and you have to go around to various sites to find “most” of the truth — God only knows what all of the truth is. I am fortunate to live in the middle of nowhere but I worry about my children who do not live in the middle of nowhere and are far more at risk. I also think people who live in large cities are more at risk, people who live in Europe are yet more at risk and I truly pity the peaceful people who live in the middle-east, which is kind of ground zero of all the mayhen and violence. They are in the caldron and our wimp of a president does nothing but tut-tut and say there, there, everything will be fine if we can just conquer this black-on-black violence. While thousands die daily “over there” but he doesn’t care.

    Sorry, Baron — I got carried away.

  5. I don’t know if the situation is the same in the rest of Europe but in Britain hundreds of thousands of children and adults play competitive football and rugby every weekend. Emphasis on the word competitive. We know how to fight.

  6. The police do nothing and where are the ‘antifas’ ?

    In an undisclosed location in Germany: Muslims scream “Adolf Hitler” and “Allahu akbar,” several make make Nazi salutes.


    In Holland two public rallies, featured the black flag of ISIS and chants of “death to the Jews”.
    The police were nowhere to be seen, organise a counter-demo however and the police step in to stop it, citing security concerns.
    The antifas were nowhere to be seen either.
    They didn’t confront Turkish nationalists in Germany who chanted “With Allah’s help, we shall conquer you” because it was “too dangerous” apparently;
    Cowardly jihadist murderer Michael Adebolajo was speaker at UAF Harrow rally in 2009;
    that well known UAF chant ‘alluh akbar’;
    antifas morph into the very thing they say they oppose-
    their irony-proofing must’ve been done in a sheep-dip.

    ‘police can do nothing’
    The police do nothing in Munich, to ISIS supporters goading mourners, in Londonstan, wearing the black flag of ISIS while walking past parliament, is not police said, “considered to be unlawful.”

    Meanwhile odious individuals like Moazem Begg are allowed to tour universities selling the offensive lie, that Muslims are the new Jews and that life in Europe, in this case Britain, “is akin to what Jews experienced under the Nazis before the holocaust.”

    Until such stinking lies and the insanity of political correctness are discarded and Islamic-fascism confronted, we will be staring into the abyss while being told mass-immigration/ Islamification are progress and essential for future prosperity.

    We live in absurd and increasingly dangerous times.

    • Until such stinking lies and the insanity of political correctness are discarded and Islamic-fascism confronted, we will be staring into the abyss while being told mass-immigration/ Islamification are progress and essential for future prosperity.

      Political correctness is a Marxist meme, and its worst iteration – “racism” – is responsible for the ignorant (but useful) idiots who climb aboard the Grievance Train and whine about the unfairness of America. It is also responsible for Obama’s unabashed pushing into our small towns of all those Syrian ‘refugees’ – of which a grand total of twenty-seven are Christians. (I’ll find the source)

      We live in increasingly Marxist times. The Berlin wall came down and the virus promptly spread. Merkel is merely the most virulent example, but all the other Leftists in the West are similar, including those who are in the US.

      We realized how deep-seated it was when the attacks against Diana West’s chronicle of Communism in this country started and then continued on into the present- four years now. Built on one lie after another. Vicious attacks putting words in her mouth (or book) that she never said.

      The attempted cordon sanitaire of West and her book, the repeated character assassinations, the refusal by the so-called right wing fora – Pajamas Media, American Thinker, National Review, etc – to let her point of view be heard, was a wake-up call for this now-former conservative. The old story of ‘I didn’t leave conservatism; it left me’ means that I make pragmatic choices now. One of them is to not bother with any of them, including Gatestone Institute, who battled against the truth of the matter.

      If we do not take on the Marxist rot in our culture, then fighting against Islam – the first cousin to Marxism – is quixotic at best.

      • Here are the stats on refugees coming in:


        I mention the paucity of Christians because they are among the groups picked out for elimination by ISIS – and there is a Christian infrastructure in this country that could take care of them…and because they are part of my own faith, though I’m sure the expression of their beliefs is quite different and just as culturally expressive of their history as is ours. American Christianity is much newer and probably far more diverse. I doubt they’d find themselves to have much in common with their fellow-believers here.

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